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"The Misunderstood Power that Determines What You Get in Life"

By Dan Klatt

If there were one power which was like a magic wand, and wherever you pointed it, suddenly it shoots out a puff of smoke, and voila, instant riches... would you want to learn how to use that power?

Silly question. Of course you would!

And, in fact, you'd no doubt use it very carefully, right, making sure you point this magic wand only at things you want, and never at things you don't?

Because, sure, point it at a $1 bill, and presto--you've got 1,000 $1 bills!

Yet, if you were pointing it again at the $1,000, and suddenly someone walked through the door to collect money you owe--just as you said the magic words--and by turning to see who walked in, you--voila--turned the $10 you owe into $500...

You'd probably either run away from the magic wand, or you might panic and lose your grip on it, getting scared you'd point it in the wrong direction again and let it spin out of control, as though it were on automatic...

Or, hopefully, you'd put it down and learn from the wizard who first made you aware of this magic wand... very carefully studying from him how to use it, and specifically how to control how you use it.

Because such power can be both awesome and intimidating. You know what I mean?

In fact, because it would give you the power to create, as well as destroy, would you even want to have this much power?

You probably know where we're going with this, because in fact, you already do have this much power, and the magic wand is the power of your mind, pointed through your attention...

Activated through the "magic word we call "feeling".

Actually, it's not any words you say, that triggers the magic wand from blasting it's power on what you're focusing on, it's the intensity of the emotions that you feel that determines the amount of magic charging through your wand.

That's exactly why most people use their magic to get more of the things they don't want, because they spend a lot of time in fear, worry, jealousy, envy, disappointment and other negative things.

And those negative feelings they feel intensely, giving them tons of power, in fact.

Exactly like the magic wand accidentally focusing on the $10 debt instead of the $1,000, and creating $500 more in debt, most people use their great magic opposite of how it's intended to be used.

Each of us has this great power precisely to make magic in our lives, intentionally creating things to make things easier, more enjoyable, more fun, far more fulfilling and of greater service to others.

Because we already know we live in an expanding universe, and yet on this planet, that expansion takes place through us, as individuals deliberately applying our magic.

We do that by controlling what we focus our attention on.

We do that by...

Staying away from "downer or negative people. - Avoiding TV, almost all news sources, garbage e-mails and gossip - Often asking this question, "Does this bring me closer to what I want?

Choosing to associate with positive, uplifting and inspiring people - Offsetting "the bad stuff we accepted or had dumped into our fertile minds as children by consciously putting a lot of great stuff in - Consistent training until it becomes second nature to focus only on things we want

As you can see, controlling what you focus on depends on choosing what influences you allow near you.

For example, you can choose to keep the TV off, leave the newspaper or gossip rag at the grocery store and keep your attention on the tasty, healthy food you're going to feed your body and mind with.

And by asking that question often, you're in fact training yourself to find more things that will support your intentions and help you bring about what you most want.

You also can choose your friends and decide to tune out the negative words of people you may be forced to associate with.

That's also a little mind trick you can play, by pretending they're speaking gibberish (try not to laugh in their faces, as you'll be tempted to, though ;-)

And you already know how powerful personal development tools are, such as my "Rediscover Think and Grow Rich course and InnerWealth Mastery program.

The last bullet point, though, is in fact the missing link that makes all these other things come together and work, in spite of the limiting beliefs and non-supportive programming we"ve all received.

That's the reason very few people have achieved the success in life they"ve wanted.

It's prevented them from even realizing they have this magic wand or how critical it is they control what they focus on.

Through consistently training your mind, you keep the things you want "on the front burner and that's where the magic starts happening.

You can certainly do this on your own, if you're willing to invest a lot of time and energy, to offset in many cases decades of counter-programming that doesn't support or empower you.

Or, there's a much simpler--and faster--way.

Working directly with your subconscious mind, which is where all these old, non-supportive memories and programs are installed and running.

That's the underlying value of my 15 SuccessSubliminal Recordings, yet even more powerful is the Think And Grow Rich Subliminal "Desire", because it adds the timeless-wealth wisdom from Napoleon Hill's book to the power of your magic wand.

Can you imagine how much stronger your magic wand will be with "Think and Grow Rich behind it?

Everything starts with a powerful Burning Desire, as we know from "Think and Grow Rich". And, yet, it all ends with mastering our minds.

And now, through modern technology, we can put that process on auto-pilot...and press "play".

Is that something you "Desire"?

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