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Your Thoughts Our World

By John Blenkin

We get more information about what happens in the rest of the world than at any other time in our history. This information is collected and transformed by the media into gross negative forms so it can be sold to the public. Our thoughts become based on screwed-up versions of facts ideas and information. There is a universal law going round the web which states:

If you think what you want you get what you want. If you think what you don't want you get what you don't want.

Our world is the manifestation of our thoughts! As our thoughts are mainly formed by misinformation about what we don't want we get what we don't want.

A news item is given equal pro and con weight despite their merit. Some "but poltroon view often follows a presidential comment.

Historically invasions speeches sermons tracts and books governed thought. Ideas were slow in spreading because travel was slow. Response to ideas too was slow. Now the speed of information transfer is equal to the speed of light. Our thoughts are created in an instant.

Ideas today take the form of information. The media gathers facts worldwide and prepares them to feed what has become a worldwide industry. It includes newspapers and magazines press and photo agencies television radio films books advertising education rallies marches public-speeches pressure-groups charities and the Internet.

Information is given a precise spin by the media calculated to evoke a negative response by its public. If public emotions can be aroused the media will have changed raw facts and information into marketable negative newsworthy items. The universal law transforms these public negative thoughts into the world we see each day.

How has this principle manifested American foreign policy?

The principle was not observable during World Wars one and two. Neither was it seen in Korea. Nor was it evident in the Cold War with Russia. These four wars were victorious for the US and too for the West. A slightly bemused media was mute in its celebration of these victories.

The media industry then began to expand then explode. Its economics forced it to be preoccupied with its own interest. The media began to see everyone as a member of some minority group. This formed their marketing philosophy. It set people against government and policy.

The Vietnamese War fed the media with information suited to the treatment of negative spin and transformed into cash income. A negative climate of public opinion was created. The media used the war to market its product and justify the media's existence. These self-defeating negatives lost the war for the US with the Vietcong.

We did not see the principle of media negative spin much in the wars in Yugoslavia. These wars were successful for the US before the media had time to affect its outcome.

The principle was not evident in Congo or in Dafur. The US Government was glad to leave this fight between black races to the untouchable UN. The wars were not newsworthy without US involvement in spite of the hundreds of thousands of deaths.

911 for the media was manna from heaven.

This situation was like that of "Job 3 - v 25. "For the thing I greatly feared has come upon me, and that which I was afraid of has come unto me."

At 911 negative spins were already built into its news by its very nature. There was drama disbelief secrets enemies deaths live-footage plots terrorists Islam impudence outrage defense security secret services emergency services tears heroism sacrifice pathos misery happiness survival loss of liberties all concentrated at the center of American financial power. What a gift for the media!

To some extent we saw the principle operating in Afghanistan.

We see the principle on a grand scale in Iraq.

We see it in the media's take on global warming floods and forest fires. We see it in post Wilma and racism. We see it in Aids in stigma Sars and in Bird Flue. We see it in Third World debt in Al-Quaida and terrorism. We see it in the black uprisings in France.

If you think what you want you get what you want. If you think what you don't want you get what you don't want.

We must guard our thoughts. These automatically become reality in the physical world.

In this context war is the effect of collective thought not its origin. If we think thoughts about stopping war we will give encouragement to war.

Thoughts about prosperity will bring prosperity.

Copyright 2005 John Blenkin

About The Author
John Blenkin is a retired architect and is now a watercolor painter and article writer. His interests are wide covering both technical and philosophical subjects. He also writes online articles on the technique of watercolor painting.


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