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Discover Right Now What's Keeping Money, Love and Success Away

By Melissa Quiter

This is going to be the most direct article you have read in a long time about getting real with yourself. The reason it is direct is two-fold. One, the bottom line is pretty simple when you go there first, and two, there is no reason to continue creating what you don't want in your life when you can just as easily create what you do want.

Knowing what you are doing - meaning what you are creating - is the first step in figuring out what is working for you and what isn't. The following assessment is designed to show you how you are currently creating your wealth, relationships and career status right now. This is not an exhaustive list by any means. And, as all assessments are, is based on averages. That said, though, more often than not, a snapshot view often is a very accurate picture of the whole. What you find yourself doing in some parts of your life, you are often doing in other parts of your life. And, when you become aware of what you are doing that isn't working, you have access to the next step, which is getting rid of the blocks that are keeping you there. Then and only then can you get on with living the life you want to be living. So, let's get started.

How to take this assessment: Choose the number that is closest to the statement most prevalent when you think about the specific topic the question refers to. You are given a range because you don't normally see or think about only one side of a situation. However, you do normally spend more time on one versus the other. And remember, the wording of how you think about something is very important. Be sure to read the full statement and think about how you usually hear these statements in your head.

For Example: Topic: Money

Statement 1: I am so tired of being in this financial struggle. Scale: [ a---B---c--- ---d---e---f ] Statement 2: I love money.

By choosing "b, you are saying that between those two thoughts, you spend more of your time usually thinking statement 1 over statement 2. If you chose "a, you would be saying that you almost always think statement 1. If you chose "c, you would be saying that, although you often think statement 1, you also do once in a while think statement 2. The same is true of d, e and f. If you tend to almost always think statement 2, choose "f." If you tend to think statement 2 most of the time, but have fleeting thoughts close to statement 1, choose "e, and if you usually think statement 2, but still worry once in a while and think statement 1, choose "d.".


Topic: Money

1. I am so tired of being in this financial struggle. [ a---b---c--- ---d---e---f ] I love money.

2. Why do I always have money problems? [ a---b---c--- ---d---e---f ] Money is my opportunity to have a better life.

3. There are always more bills than dollars at the end of the month. [ a---b---c--- ---d---e---f ] I always have money to pay for all my needs.

4. I am so underpaid. [ a---b---c--- ---d---e---f ] I make more than I need in order to have everything I really want.

5. I will never get ahead. [ a---b---c--- ---d---e---f ] Tomorrow is going to be even better than today.

6.I am not going to be in debt for the rest of my life. [ a---b---c--- ---d---e---f ] I love that I am working toward financial freedom.

7. Only the rich get richer. [ a---b---c--- ---d---e---f ] I get richer every day.

8. I have always had to work hard for everything I have. [ a---b---c--- ---d---e---f ] I just seem to get the things I want and I love it.

Topic: Relationships

1. No one wants to date me. [ a---b---c--- ---d---e---f ] I love my personality.

2. I am not going to be lonely any more. [ a---b---c--- ---d---e---f ] I love giving my time to others.

3. I only attract losers. [ a---b---c--- ---d---e---f ] I know exactly who I am looking for.

4. I will never get married at this rate. [ a---b---c--- ---d---e---f ] My wedding is going to be the most beautiful/fun event of my life.

5. Why do I have such a hard time finding the right person? [ a---b---c--- ---d---e---f ] There are so many wonderful people to choose from.

6. It doesn't matter what I do or where I go, I won't meet anyone anyway. [ a---b---c--- ---d---e---f ] Every time I go out is a new and different experience.

7. I hope the new person I met doesn't blow me off. [ a---b---c--- ---d---e---f ] I cannot wait to see that new person I met again.

Topic: Career

1. This is not the job I thought I would have. [ a---b---c--- ---d---e---f ] I am learning so much in this job that I can use later on.

2. I am never given credit for all the work I do. [ a---b---c--- ---d---e---f ] I am such a dedicated and tenacious person.

3. I am not going to screw up this project. [ a---b---c--- ---d---e---f ] I am going to do so great on this project.

4. I hop I am not passed over for that bonus. [ a---b---c--- ---d---e---f ] I know exactly what I am going to spend my bonus on this year.

5. I better not have to stay late tonight. [ a---b---c--- ---d---e---f ] I am leaving at 5:00 because I am really looking forward to seeing my family when I get home.

How to score your answers:

a = 1 point; b = 2 points; c = 3 points; d = 4 points; e = 5 points; f = 6 points

This is where is gets very simple. The higher your score the more you are focusing on what you want. The lower your score the more you are focusing on what you don't want.

Based on the universal Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics, that which you focus on is what you attract to you. As everything in the universe is made up of varying speeds of energy, which includes your thoughts and feelings as well as what you can see, hear, touch, taste and smell, where you focus your attention and energetically vibrate is what you pull back to you. So, if you are focusing your energy and your vibration more on the a, b, and c side, you are creating a life filled with those events. If you are focusing your energy and attention more on the d, e, and f side, you are creating more of those circumstances in your life. Whatever you think about and send out energetically is exactly what the universe gives you. There is no judgment on good or bad. It is all based on where you focus your attention.

So, if you are creating what you don't want, there is great news. You have the ability to create because you are doing it. Now, you simply have to use those same skills to create what you do want. It is the same process, just different thoughts and ultimately different vibrations and different results.

Now, I totally understand that "just changing what you think is not as easy as it sounds. You may have tried positive affirmations in the past and had minimal results. You may already know about the Law of Attraction and still not have mastered HOW to actually make it work. The how is the critical piece.

What I have discovered in my own study of the Law of Attraction is that there are three critical elements that must be present to change the process by which you are creating your experiences. Which leads directly to the other imperative thing I learned "you create through process; an organized system that goes from conscious awareness to subconscious manifesting. If you don't learn the system of turning a knowing into a behavior into a habit (when you no longer have to consciously think about it) into a belief, you will easily fall back into your old behaviors, habits and beliefs and end up with the same dismal results. Learn the new system, follow it and you on your way.

The first element of the system is you must know where you are starting. There is a reason you are where you are right now. Without embracing where you are, you may tend to resist it and that is when you start putting your attention on not wanting what you have. That which you resist persists because that is where all of your attention and focus is placed. Thus, you create what you don't want and not what you do want.

The second element is you must know where you want to go. If you have not articulated clearly what you do want and not just what you don't want, you have no chance of ever getting there. NO CHANCE. Again, what you focus on is what you create. If you don't know, with absolute clarity, what you do want, you cannot put your attention and focus on it.

When you know what you want (have your destination) and you know where you are starting from, all the possible roads, paths and routes begin to appear. However, like on any journey, there are always roads that lead to dead ends and routes that take you way off course. So, the third imperative element is a process by which to tackle any and all blocks that will appear after you begin your directed and purposeful journey. These blocks are the beliefs and behaviors that live deep in the subconscious until uncovered and understood. These blocks actually represent intentions that are meant to keep you safe and alive. Unfortunately, they may have been created when you had limited resources or were in extreme situations. The bottom line is that they no longer serve you and must be removed to clear your path to where you want to go.

Creating what you want and not what you don't want is an on-going process. It isn't something you do one day and then you slip back into focusing on all your negative, limiting thoughts and fears again. Focus is accumulative. Every day that you send out positive vibrations, you get them back. Like any habit, it is about consistency. The more you do it consciously, the more you engrain that behavior and belief subconsciously.

In order to make the process easier, there are many exercises and techniques (that I teach in my program or you can find through other Law of Attraction resources) for keeping you on track every day. The secret is that is it an every day process. Just like you were focusing on what you didn't want every day, now you will focus on what you do want every day. This is not adding to what you did before, only changing what you are focused on.

The key is to become aware of what you are doing. You cannot change what you don't acknowledge. Once you know what you are creating, how that differs from what you want to be creating, and how you are going to move from here to there, it simply becomes a matter of daily practice.

What you want to experience is only a thought away. The sooner you learn how to create what you want, the sooner you will have unbelievable wealth, deep and connected love relationships and an amazing career worthy of every dream you ever envisioned.

Here is to your eventful journey ahead!

Copyright 2006 Melissa Quiter

About The Author
Melissa Jean Quiter authors the 4-phase, life and business-changing program for taking full control now. "Being Spiritual Doesn't Mean Being Poor! How to remove what blocks you from making money & creating happiness, is a timeless program based on the Law of Attraction, universal laws, deliberate creation, NLP and environmental design. E-mail: for more articles.

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