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Are We Running out of Time?

By Arthur Buchanan

What is time? Do we need more of it? Can time be your greatest asset and your greatest liability? Will time ever end? Is there an end and a beginning? If there is no beginning how can we have an end, and if there is no end how can there be a beginning? End, beginning, beginning, end, when will this madness end? We as humans believe in the birth of our selves as spiritual beings and that we have a soul.

I'll go one step father and say that we all came from the one source and that source is the reason we can say that time only exist in the now here and not in the ever after were our soul or the part of us that leaves our body when our life is over in the now here and resides in that place that is changeless and timeless and goes on for evermore. What do you mean evermore isn't there a place where time started and a time where it all ends?

I say that we are all energy that goes on forever and ever and since our conception from the creator we shall always exist in one form or another, we shall never cease to exist. I am not here to debate the fact of the matter of were you spend this time at, or how you spend that time, What I am saying is once we are created we shall change our present energy form and go on into eternity and never cease to not be there in the ever present world of spirit. Were it is in this matter we are always going to be in the energy form that which we were born into creation and that form is endless and eternal.

kingdom of God is within you", you will notice that he didn't say some of us, or this one and that one, He said the Kingdom of God is within YOU, now who does that leave out? That's right no one! So just as our creator is endless and eternal so too are we endless and eternal and shall go on forever more so too can we expect to go on forever and ever. He did not create us then say to us, one day you will cease to exist. Look at the common religion here in the west we see that it is thought that you either go to Heaven or Hell; it doesn't say any where that I am aware of, that you cease to exist.

I am not aware of any religion that teaches we shall one day cease to exist and then be no more, all gone, done, over, finished, never to be to be found. I am not trying to plant any certain religion in your mind, yet I am simply pointing out that in the Christian religion you either go to heaven or hell, that God doesn't just snap his or her fingers and its lights out for you. I am by no means saying that if he really wanted to he couldn't, this is not the case, so if God so chooses that One day you cease to exist then you would certainly cease to exist! What I am saying is this, I can't find anywhere that I am aware of the fact that we one day you cease to be and that we are just here for a trial run and if he is not satisfied then poof we are gone.

Know that you were created changeless and eternal and that you go on forever more and that should relive you to know that you have an endless amount of time, yet it doesn't give you the right to waste the time you have in the world of form and that you shouldn't make the most of it and try to find out what your purpose in this life is, and build from there, because you have a higher calling and when you figure out what it is then you can get to work to make that dream a reality, to become the best that you can possibly become and this shall indeed make the one true God happy and feel the love that your life brought forth and this is the reason behind your being. So relax to an extent as you have all the time in the world and for that matter all the time not in this world also, as they will all someday be the same for that energy mass that makes up what we are used to calling yourselves will suddenly change in a twinkling of an eye to spirit and the truth shall set you free!

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