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Soul Purpose

By Arthur Buchanan

This step is important, as it is one that will mold and shape the way you think about the things that are going on in this world. Your soul is a different "animal than most of you are thinking. The soul has an agenda that is quite different from what the rest of you are about!

It is my belief that your soul is up to things that are of the common good to all of humanity and that would be considered, nice, kind, friendly, peaceful, happiness and things of that nature. Where we run into trouble is the fact that our "Will is not always the will of our soul and that is scary.

This in turn creates problems for you as a whole, the mind can and does want to be in charge, as does the body want some action also. Please stay with me folks! These three are struggles all your life to see who is going win, but if we where smart, we would try to focus more of our time on staying in touch with our "SOUL PURPOSE." You may say what he is talking about.

Have you ever eaten too much because your body was hungry? I thought so. Now is it in your best interest for you to be over weight? Then why do we over eat and stuff ourselves? The mind tells you to continue and eat. Where does he fit into all this? The point I'm trying to make here is this fact, that we are complex beings and we have many more aspects to us than we think. We may want to consider thinking of the big picture every now and then, while we are "Building The Perfect You."

Once you understand the fact that you are a special person and that you have many facets to your make up, the closer you will become to realizing what I mean when I say "Soul Purpose." You have a higher calling and to not try and understand this calling would be a crime to say the least!

Let's try to understand this Section more in depth. Your soul is up to things that are of the common good to humanity and when you realize this, it is then that your soul can bask in its own glory and shines like the first ray of light that God Created in the beginning.

When you reach this state you shall be a happy person all the way round, and people shall be able to see that you are in the state of your utmost glorying and your life shall shine and you shall by anyone's standards be happy, healthy and people will notice that you are more alive, then they will want to know how you got to the point you are now at!

This gives you an opportunity to share your secret of the way you are living and this is one of the best and most positive things you can do, because you never know how many that person will touch and so on and so on. This is your chance to let your soul shine and shine it shall and that is what I mean by saying your "Soul Purpose!

Now let's look at the mind? What a though thing to do, the mind likes to think that it is in control and will take steps to see that you fully understand that. How does the mind do this you ask? Good question and I shall try to explain in the simplest form possible. When the mind wants to stay on this earth and your soul says it is Time to cash in all the chips, the mind may try to say hay no way, then I no longer exist and this shall not work in its way of thinking.

Instead of letting, you go merrily on to what your fate is, and this may differ depending on what you believe and I am not going to debate this now. Just try to stay with me and listen if you disagree that is your right and I shall never try and take your free will away! Now instead of leaving in a nice easy way, the mind says no way and you come down with a very lengthy and painful illness. The minds attempt to stay for as long as it can, it doesn't care that you may now have to battle cancer for a year or two, when it was your Souls will that you die in your sleep.

Now do you see the conflict here? How the mind a physical part of you has now kept you around against your will! Yet don't be mistaken the Soul will win in the end and your time will soon be up on this earth as the soul has the say in the end this I know! Now how does the body figure in here? That's a very good question. Let's dig in! The body is the weakest of the three as it is under the command of the soul and the mind, now that doesn't sound like very much fun, does it.

The body can have a say in things in its own way also, this is a very hard thing to explain and I shall leave this chapter by saying that, the soul is in charge and the mind is in second. Then the bodies brings up the rear to create a being that we call a human being, this is a very easy concept and try not to complicate this discussion, either you agree or you don't and that's OK it doesn't make this whole article a wash!

Believe me people that when I say Building the Perfect You is the most important thing you can ever do. So listen to your Soul Purpose and you will be well on your way.

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