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The War on Women

Merovingian/Secret Society Rituals:
One of my fellow researchers on a site I have been involved with for a few years knows a lot more about genetics than I do. He says healthy genes have polarity that is harmonically tuned and this fits with many things I have read in mystical treatises. Sir Laurence Gardner's Genesis of the Grail Kings has a sub-title suggesting they even knew how to clone people a very long time ago. I have addressed Gardner's work in great detail and I have pointed out many disturbing and questionable things. The Druids or Shining Ones and Heliopolitans are the origin of Gardner's Rosicrucianity and I assure you they could affect the elements and thus make genetic changes. I must give the reader a little of the debate before this kind of thing can be even remotely accepted as a possibility, I know.

Having no likelihood of concern for people not gaining insight to things some call dangerous, and being stubborn enough not to cater to ignorance, I am including much of these things in my writings. The next quote is from the Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology, 2nd. Edition by Leslie Shepard (pg. 215): It is of interest that Rhys mentions an Iberian origin that would relate to the Basque who are also linguistically connected to the Mayan, Vietnamese and Denhe of Northwestern America. One of the Kennewick Man scholars thinks he may be Ainu (of Japanese white-skinned people) and I see the possibility of a Mu/Atlantis group who went to Japan and the Jomon pottery therefrom is in Ecuador. I think the Basque fit the type of people who would be Druidic trained and fiercely independent with a possible original input to Druidism.


According to Lewis Spence, magic among the Celtic peoples in ancient times was so closely identified with Druidism that its origin may be said to have been Druidic. That Druidism was of Celtic origin, however, is a question upon which much discussion has been lavished, some authorities, among them Sir John Rhys, believing it to have been non-Celtic and even non-Aryan origin. This is to say that the earliest non-Aryan or so- called Iberian or Megalithic people of Britain introduced the immigrant Celts to the Druidic religion. An argument in favour of this theory is that the continental Celts sent their neophyte Druid priests to Britain to undergo a special training at the hands of the Druids there, {He isn't being specific about dates and if he were talking pre-Ice Age he might be right. If he is talking about early Roman times Caesar's journals make it clear there were many Druidic schools in Gaul. If he were talking about after the fall of Rome he would be talking about Ireland or Scotland where the Druids recaptured territory from England. Since he said Britain it seems likely he is talking about a time when Tartessus in Spain was flourishing and the Celts were re-joining their Phoenician brothers there. The Tarshis boats of Biblical record that could travel the oceans are a most important part of the history. The Veneti who we saw in Gaul fighting Caesar were related to the people of Venice who came from Hallstatt across the Alps in 2,000 A.D. I do not think these people were without Druids because they had them in Genoa in 2000 BC; but if that were the case then the Basque might be the original Druids and Mu might be the original cultural developer of all languages. I try to keep an open mind, to alternatives, but there are too many facts that point me another direction.} and there is little doubt that this island was regarded as the headquarters of the Cult {There is much doubt unless he is incorporating Eire as part of Britain, which would be a time when the Emerald Isles were without any Brutus offspring or the name Britain.}. The people of Cisalpine Gaul, for instance, had no Druidic priesthood. (See T. Rice Holmes, 'Caesar's Conquest of Gaul', 1899). Caesar stated that in Gaul, Druidic seminaries were very numerous, and that severe study and discipline were entailed upon the neophytes, the principle business of whom was to commit to memory countless verses enshrining Druidic knowledge and tradition. There is some evidence that this instruction was astrological and magical.'

But the Druids were in Cisalpine Gaul, in Genoa with the Legurians. Here it becomes clear we are dealing with extremely poor scholarship on the matter of Druidism: when he says 'women and the poetic craft'. He does not know that women were a vital and equal part of the Druidic order and the Dryads may have been the first priestesses according to many. The poets or bards (Bairds) were a stage in this training and in secular matters the equal of the Druids. There were perhaps more than three divisions of the order at early times but there were always bards in the Druidic order. The Sibylls and oracles of the classical civilizations to whom we owe all the war and misogyny to, were also Druidic trained and motivated. This is well documented in many other places. Perhaps the person he is quoting is at fault because Rhys even clarifies the importance of women later in this description.

"The Druids were magi as they were hierophants in the same sense that; the American-Indian medicine-man was both magus and priest. That is, they were medicine men on a higher scale, and possessed a larger share of transcendental knowledge than the shamans of more barbarous races. Thus they may be said to be a link between the shaman and the magus of medieval times."

I am sorry to have to butt in again but medieval times were the most barbarous and disgusting times; I wonder if this author ever heard of the Dark Ages? They are called that because they spread darkness over the mind and soul of all people. They destroyed knowledge and technology with the Church and the feudal lackeys seeking ever more power. Sure, some of them pranced around in lace and padded powders on their faces. Some even had the occasional bath, every month after they went out and raped a few new brides among their serfs. The idea of medieval times and all the gallant knights is pure unadulterated fiction and they spread the Grail legends as a major part of their propaganda. We will deal with this more later but it truly speaks volumes when one reads this kind of accepted and apparently acceptable 'conventional' thinking (?).

"Many of their practices were purely shamanistic, whilst others were more closely connected with medieval magical rite. But they were not the only magicians among the Celts, for we find that magic power was frequently the possession of women and the poetic craft. The art magic of Druidism had many points of comparison with other magical systems, and may be said to have approximated more to that black magic which desires power for the sake of power alone, than to any more transcendental type. Thus it included the power to render oneself invisible, to change the bodily shape, to produce an enchanted sleep, to induce lunacy {Their foes were obviously already quite there. The fact is that the communion is a blood ritual of a type Dracula or Count Dracul of the Rosicrucian order that de Vere belongs to, practice.}, and the utterance of spells and charms which caused death. Power over the elements was also claimed...

A manuscript preserved in the Monastery of St. Gall and dating from the eighth or ninth century, has preserved magical formulae for the preservation of butter and the healing of certain diseases in the name of the Irish god Diancecht. These and others bear a close resemblance to Babylonian and Etruscan spells, and this goes to strengthen the hypothesis often put forward with more or less ability that Druidism had an eastern origin."

Your mother wears army boots! This is such great academic insight! Did it cross this feeble-minded nitwit's brain that the reverse is true? The Etruscans weren't even in existence when Fell showed the Druids in New England with the Maltese style of buildings that pre-date Babylon. It obviously is not written by a Druid and there are those like D. J. Conway who we saw in 'CtIC' who would cast a spell on the craziness of such an author. This image of Druidism is unfortunately the norm just as the Hermetic Gnostics and other heretics have been savaged by purely selfish power-trippers seeking to destroy mankind's souls and make everyone equally in their power hungry grasp. I left out the story he told of a Druid who lost a battle over the elements with St. Columba who learned a lot in Iona about the spiritual side of reality. I did so because I don't really want to prove that Christianity is a black magic driven cult and that they are projecting their own weaknesses onto others. That is a matter for other books to deal with. My comment about de Vere may not make sense to any who haven't read 'CtIC'. He wrote the foreword to Genesis of the Grail Kings by Gardner and his own book was quoted in it as well. The Sarkeny Rend Rosicrucians of the Masonic 'octopus' was a large part of the Templarist regime that funded and maintained the Columbus discovery of America for so long.

"..Druids often accompanied an army to assist by their magical art in confounding the enemy.

There is little doubt that the conception of a Druidic priesthood has descended down to our time in a more or less debased condition in British Celtic areas. Thus the existence of guardians and keepers of wells, said to possess magical properties, and the fact that certain familiar magical spells and formulae are handed down from one generation to another is a proof of the survival of Druidic tradition, however feeble. Females are generally the conservators of these mysteries, but that there were Druid priestesses is fairly certain..."

The Ostrogoth leader Totila was such a barbarian in the sixth century that he freed the slaves. Didn't he know that slaves are a symbol of status and cultural refinement? 'Ostro' means 'light' as in the 'white light' and spiritual adepthoods of the Druidic 'kapnobatai' who taught Orpheus and Pythagoras. Did the Druids have concubines in their celibate priesthood? Who was screwing the children in the monasteries of Roman Domain? It is impossible to capture 'the deceit of the psychopomps and priests who hide in temples. The Druids still conduct their ceremonies in the open, and perhaps the starting point of all mans' problems can be traced to the building of Temples and the resultant buying of favorable divinations in the Mediterranean. Here are a few words from a woman who has a different perspective if for no other reason than that fact.

"In the most popular myth, Ariadne's story has been rewritten, her voice almost obliterated. Yet she was the legitimate head of church and state regarded as the cradle of European civilization. Ancient Crete in its prime ruled the Mediterranean, thriving on the export of its crafts and the exploitation of relatively uncivilized tribes in the Aegean area. Among those 'barbarians' were the ancestors of Plato and Aristotle {A major 'woman-hater' and part of the reason why Aquinas and the Catholic Church worked his 'science' into their dogma.}... Some time between 1800 and 1400 B.C., the last matriarchies in the western world were crushed...

She devours the Manuscripts as if after a long famine. And yet she continues in the ceremony as if untouched by thought. A battle rages between her and Minos for control of the worship. He has inserted a prayer and expanded it, and he is having scribes record on tablets the story of his receiving the laws from Zeus on the mountaintop {Moses is not the first to come up with this idea and neither was Minos.}. It is remarkably like a Babylonian tale I once heard. Only there the king's name was Hammurabi.' (3)

Hammurabi (1792-1750 B.C.) was a great MAN who had the vision and wisdom to pronounce and codify that a girl is the legal property of her father until sold by him to her husband. In Athens women were brought up to be ignorant so that men could feel important and manlier as they abused and lorded it over 'the weaker sex' during the time of Socrates. He felt differently and it probably contributed to his being forced to drink hemlock. He said: "If the difference consists only in women bearing and men begetting children, this does not amount to a proof that a woman differs from a man in respect of the sort of education she should receive."

Author of Diverse Druids
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