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These mysterious biorhythms

By Yana Mikheeva

We can hear more and more often such words as "biorhythm", "biologic clock in our life. What does this mean? How do a child's biorhythms form? What do they depend on? Can we speak about future mother's biorhythms influence on future baby's biological clock? According to which biorhythms a baby lives before birth, in mother's belly? How to organize a baby's life after birth, to provide him with harmony with himself, his circle and nature? How to help him to gain a sense of time? Read this article and you'll find answers on these and many other questions.

What are biological rhythms?

We all live according to certain laws. Biological rhythms have a special meaning among other laws.

Saying by scientific words, Biorhythms - are periodically repeated changes of character and activity of biological processes and events in live organism. These are recurrences of events that take place in nature, reflected by organism.

More simple and popular concept - is "biological clock".

How it is expressed?

Any organism can feel and measure time. Really, all living creatures have this ability - from plants to human!

This property helped many organisms to survive in struggle for existence. Certain events repeat both in human's organism and in all living sphere.

Blossoming of plants, seasonal migrations of animals and birds, interchange of sleep and wake, change of seasons and many other cyclical processes in nature - they all are displays of biological rhythms.

A man has biological clock, but not so accurate like some animals have.

Sources of knowledge about biorhythms.

People knew about rhythmic change of human organism long ago.

As long as 300 years B.C. a Greek doctor Gerofil discovered that a healthy man's pulse changed during a day. A man subconsciously chooses time when it's easier to work for him.

About 400-500 years ago, a man began to live according to clock, he had no necessity in clock before, as natural and biological clock worked for him.

Biological clock is a unique mechanism.

Mechanism of "biological clock is situated in hypothalamus (a section of tween-brain) and has complicated structure, where hormonal factors play leading role.

"Clock rate is irregular during a day, it can slow down and quicken, and this influences cells and internals metabolism of a man.

So, 5 upbeats of activity and 5 its falls take place during 24 hours:


from 5 till 6 am,

from 11 till 12 am,

from 4 till 5 pm,

from 8 till 9 pm,

from 0 till 1 am.


from 2 till 3 pm,

from 9 till 10 pm,

from 2 till 3 pm,

from 6 till 7 pm,

from 10 till 11 pm.

These figures are well-known to doctors, teachers and other experts.

So, if you're pregnant and suddenly you want to have some rest, don't try to take a grip on yourself. May be, this is nature itself telling you that it's time to relax now? Treat yourself with such opportunity, and you'll get precious time of communication with a future baby.

According to dynamics of capacity for work, all people can be divided into:

- pigeons (they can easily adapt to any rate of work, i.e. they work well any time, when it's necessary).

- owls (representatives of this type of people work most effectively in evening, and even night time).

- larks (they wake up early, feel better and work more efficiently right in the first half of a day).

You can determine your type, using the following test. In the morning, right after awakening, take your cardiac rate and number of breaths. If ratio of cardiac rate to breaths is about 4:1, then you're a "pigeon", if 5:1 or 6:1, then you're a "lark". Increase in frequency of breaths and decrease of ratio of cardiac rate to number of breaths are typical for "owls".

Biological rhythms of a baby

Secret springs:

Work of a baby's biological clock depends on many "springs":

- date of birth;

periodicity of changes of physical indexes of outward things in a place of birth

(vibrations of light, temperature, humidity, intensity of electromagnetic field of Earth);

- partially on a mother's biological rhythms during pregnancy.

- a child's abilities to adapt to rhythm changes, caused by genetics;

- rhythm of life, imposed on a child etc.

Biological rhythms - are intangible physically, but they play the most important role.

Role of biological clock in a child's life:

- A whole organism work and a child's behavior are connected with them.

- They are expressed in a sense of time. Such display of biorhythms is a child's responsibility to live according to accepted order.

Peculiarities of children's biorhythms lie in the fact that the more accurate they work, the higher is level of a child's health.

Children with stable biorhythms fall ill more seldom. It is also known, that such babies also often surpass their coevals in intellectual development, i.e. they surpass children who don't observe a day routine.

Before and after birth:

Before his birth, in a belly, a baby lives according to his mother's biorhythms and germs of his own "little clock".

A baby's own system, in particular, is formed in a moment of birth.

Really, at first, it is rather unstable and hidden.

At first, especially during first weeks after birth, it's quite difficult to determine which routine suits a baby better.

Biorhythms have great importance in a child's ability to adapt to outer world's events, including negative and aggressive, like:

- various infections

- stresses

- peculiarities of local ecology

- adaptation to new conditions of life (for example, while removal and change of time zone).

Little by little, day after day, a mother can already see her baby's peculiarities: when he falls asleep better, when he wakes up, when he asks food, when he cries less, when he stays awake etc.

And again, little by little, a mother teaches her baby to a certain routine, which is comfortable for her and doesn't conflict with her baby's inclinations.

Sense of time. How to get it?

It's mother who will help a baby to gain sense of time, i.e. learn to orient according to time.


1. Sleep.

It helps to form this original biological clock. It protects nervous system from overloads and exhaustions, helps it to develop.

- A new-born needs 19 hours of sleep a day

- 3-5 months baby needs 17 hours

- 6 months baby - 15 hours

- 9-12 months - 13 hours

- 2-3 years baby needs 12,5 hours

- 4-5 years - 10-11 hours.

2. Nursing.

Order of nursing and observation of rules of supplementary feeding addition perfects a system of biorhythms. It also helps digestion system to put its work right.

3. Tempering.

Adds persistence to organism.

Since the first days, arrange air baths for your baby, since the end of the first week - everyday bathing.

4. Walks on fresh air. If your baby sleeps at home, it's useful to open a window.

5. Massage and some gymnastics.

6. Communication and positive emotions.

In fact, this point is very important. Nervous system development should always be stimulated by harmonious atmosphere in a family.

Biorhythms and seasons.

It's known, that a baby's health and susceptibility to different illnesses depends on a season, when a baby was born.

1. Those that were born in winter or early spring:

These children suffer from lack of vitamins more often. Their underbelly is also immunity.

Spring children have higher risk of having allergy. Sometimes they bear inoculations little worse.

2. Those that were born in autumn:

Such factor, as autumn weather, can work "against tuning of biological rhythms.

Why? The reason is right in unsteadiness of weather. In the afternoon it's rather warm, without precipitations, by the evening a strong wind appears; closer to November - rain with snow, in the night - cold spell. The following day even the scenery is different, like a jump in time.

All this is quite difficult for babies, it's hard for them to tune their inner clock.

3. Those that were born in summer.

Here we have a big advantage in many aspects. For example, such babies gain weight, develop and - grow quicker. Indexes of height of summer children are higher, than others".

Summer is a good time for small children. New-born babies can spend very much time on fresh air.

So, here're basic, most interest moments, concerning children biorhythms and peculiarities of their forming.

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