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Ten Of The Best Supplements That Men Need For Optimum Nutrition

There are many nutrition supplements at your local health food
store. So many to choose from so confusing which ones are the
right ones. How many should you take? Here you will learn what
you need to take for the best health benefits. A word of warning
here although these products are convenient getting some of your
nutrition in liquid form or capsules is only recommended when
you can't eat properly or you feel you are not getting your
proper daily nutrients. The companies that make the products
themselves mostly fund the studies of meal replacements, and the
manufactures usually test their supplements against similar
supplements not the benefits of whole foods. BORON WILL AID IN
THE DEFENSE OF PROSTATE CANCER A high level of this mineral will
help reduce the chances of getting prostate cancer by 65%. US
males have a one of the lowest boron levels compared to other

Only 3 milligrams daily help fight cancer and studies show also
improve memory and concentration.

Boron is not in stock at all health food stores. It is also
naturally found in raisins and almonds.

getting the daily allowance of 1,000 mg. A cup of milk has only
300 mg. It has been found that men with high calcium levels
weigh less than men with low levels of calcium.

A dosage of 1,200 mg is preferred. Make sure you have calcium
citrate it is the purist form. Take half dose in the morning and
half at night. Avoid coral calcium it has some impurities.

If you get your 3 servings of calcium daily you won't need any
more. You could exceed your maximum daily intake 2,500 mg.

in muscle-building, but now research has revealed that chromium
can help overweight people control insulin levels. Chromium
helps the body's response to insulin, this makes it better to
keep the levels of blood-sugar in check.

The most effective form of this supplement is chromium
picolinate. A 35-microgram dose daily is sufficient. Check with
your doctor to see if you need to increase the dosage to 200
mcg, if you have a diabetic condition.

COENZYME Q10 FOR A SURE ENERGY SPIKE Coenzyme Q10 is produced in
the body it assists the cells by directing your body's energy
supply. As men get older the production levels diminishes. One
way to revitalize these levels is by taking this supplement.
Current research proves coenzyme Q10 can possibly aid in the
fight against cancer, Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease,
and could help prevent heart disease by thinning the blood. Q10
also can be used as an antioxidant that helps slow the aging
process by fighting free radicals.

A dose of 100mg daily is suggested. If you are taking statin
drug for cholesterol or high blood pressure you can increase the
dosage to 200mg.

University of Wisconsin have shown a boost in men's bench press
on the average of 15 lbs and also increase in the squat exercise
weight by 21 lbs just by taking over a 2-3 month period. Aussie
studies have also suggested that tests with memory and
intelligence scores increased after 6 weeks of creatine use.

A recommended dosage of 5 mg daily mixed with a whey protein
supplement to get highest possible advantage.

It is possible you won't respond to creatine alone. You can mix
in a sugar substitute a see if this will help get a response.

increase blood flow to the brain by preventing clotting of
arteries. Folic acid will also lower the levels of an amino acid
called (homocysteine) that can cause blood clots. A warning sign
of Alzheimer's is high homocysteine levels. Sweden studies have
shown low levels of folic acid were found in Alzheimer's

A 500 mg dose if preferred daily. This dose should decrease
homocysteine by almost 18% or more. You can get folic acid from
these foods citrus fruit, beans, and breads and cereals that are

cartilage in the joints decreases. You can turn back the hands
of time by using gloucosamine to repair and rebuild any harm to
the cartilage you may have received over time. Crab and lobster
shells are the main ingredients in gloucosamine. Lancet
published a 3-year research study that showed 200 people that
had joint conditions had reduced stiffness and pain by 25% by
using gloucosamine. A12 week treatment program by The British
Journal of Sports Medicine reported an 88% reduction of joint
related problems by using gloucosamine on patients. A 1,500 dose
daily is sufficient for a good response. A combination of
gloucosamine with chondroitin will bring that cartilage right
back to those early days. A study from Australia showed that
spreading a gloucosamine cream of painful joints could relieve
some pain.

OMEGA-3S YOUR HEART HEALER This supplement will aid in keeping
high blood pressure and low triglycerides in check. Omega-3
fatty acids make the blood flow better, thus lower the chances
of blood clots that could block the arteries. A high omega-3
count has shown to lower the some conditions related to heart

If you in good health a dose of 1,000 mg is fine. For those in
the high-risk heart disease group you may need 2,000-4,000 mg. A
doctor will know what dosage is best. A side effect of to much
omega-3 is a greater chance of catching a cold.

A 500 mg gelcap twice daily with meals will keep that ticker
beating too the right tune.

best choice for the fight against cancer. This nutrient has
caused most cancer cells to tear down by them selves. Some
studies have shown that selenium has lower some risk of cancers
related to the colon, lungs, and prostate.

A dose of 200 mg daily is recommended. If you're sick taking
more possibly will reduce the length of your sickness. Some
research has shown that deceased levels of selenium have made
some virus change, making symptoms worse for the flu and for

In nature certain nuts like The Brazil nut, contain as much as
100 mcg per nut.

best antioxidant around today. This vitamin has been linked to
lower cases of heart disease, some eye conditions, and some
cancers. Some research has lead nutrition specialists to
recommend Vitamin E after exercise because of its ability to
lower muscle problems related to exercising. A dose of at least
400 IU is preferred daily. Most people only receive a portion of
this dose about 45 IU by way of a multivitamin. To get more
Vitamin E in your diet increase your intake of nuts and oils.

Try to get natural Vitamin E called (d-alpha tocopherol) this is
easier for the body to absorb.

If you are confused about which type of multivitamin to buy here
are some pointers. A multivitamin helps lower heart disease,
possible stroke, and reduces risks of diabetes. There are
several on the market. Look for multivitamin that has 100% of
daily allowances of the 16 core nutrients. With extra dose of
illness busters -like lutein, lycopene, and selenium. Try and
avoid extra iron this could lead a higher risk of heart

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