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Your Home and Your Heart

By Dr GW Graham

Do you get warm feelings in your heart when you think about your home? Is it emotions or the onset of a heart attack?

Research is now pointing a finger at our houses as the leading cause of heart disease.

Time magazine recently did an article on inflammation (Feb 23, 2004) and its affect on the human body. These effects include a wide range of problems, including:

  • Alzheimer's

  • Cardio vascular issues

  • Arthritis

  • Colon cancer.

Our inflammatory systems are there for a reason - to prevent disease and injury. It is the body's response to invasion by little creatures that want to do us harm.

But sometimes, like a juvenile delinquent, our systems go bad.

Sometimes, the army we sent to the site of an injury or infected area, mistake our body parts for invaders. Instead of this army destroying bad guys, it focuses on destroying us.

Old Ideas

For many years, researchers thought of heart and vascular disease as a "plumbing problem." The patient just consumed too many steaks and the fat clogged their arteries.

The solution therefore was to take a bunch of pills to "unclog the pipes." Or, if the doctor was old fashioned, they might recommend lowering the consumption of fatty foods. After all, a modern doctor uses pills to make people well.

But how do they explain the heart patient with a low level of fats in their blood? It's like trying to explain away the AIDS patient with NO HIV virus. "Er, ah, ah er well take the pills anyway. And don't forget to pay the receptionist on the way out."

New Ideas

It seems the medicines that work the best for stopping heart disease also fight inflammation.


We have been spending so much time finding better pills to fight the problem of heart disease that we have overlooked the cause. Its INFAMMATION!


And what is the prime cause of inflammation in the body? Household mold toxins. We breathe them in and they absorb into our blood stream. Our bodies overreact to their presence and attack us, punching holes in our blood vessels and eating away at our heart tissue. The body lays down fatty deposits (cholesterol) in our blood vessels to plug the holes.

These fatty plugs restrict blood flow through small vessels. Sometimes they break loose and trap in the heart tissue (heart attack) or they get stuck in small blood vessels in the brain (stroke).

Conclusion: We don't need more pills that cause side effects requiring MORE pills. What we need to do is prevent the inflammation. Kill the mold for a start. But only use all natural methods. Most of the mold killers on the market will cause inflammation. Here we go again.

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For 30 years, Dr Graham has been helping people treat and prevent disease by showing them how to live in a clean environment. s for free newsletter


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