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Goal Setting 'The Facts Behind The Fiction

To have hopes and dreams for the future is a wonderful idea. If you want to call them 'goals' that's fine also but do learn to get things in perspective. They are NOT achieved in the way you have been led to believe.

The much talked about conscious mind, subconscious mind, the will, belief patterns, etc. are simply descriptions of mental procedures and do not exist in isolation, as many people believe.

They are all part of the same 'mental cooperative'.

Ah, there lies the rub!

The moment you set a goal you instantly cause an 'inner conflict' to take place between various departments of this mental cooperative.

This is unavoidable due to the way we were brought up, our parents, how we were educated, where we grew up, our religious beliefs or lack of them. The list is almost endless.

All these factors make up our core beliefs. These beliefs give rise to our very own particular and personal creative patterns of thought which dictate our own individual realities which, in turn, give life to our very own set of 'Living Laws'.

'Living Laws' means laws that we follow, in other words, adhered to, for the sake of leading a 'normal' acceptable life. But it also means that they have a life of their own and can be changed, amended or completely abolished to make way for new ones.

Each one of us has a set of these laws. Some of the laws you live by are similar to other people's but never 100% 'that's what makes us individuals.

Sure, we are all human beings 'but we are NOT the same. We are all different, albeit only slightly, but we all differ.

The inner conflict arises when what I call 'The Judge' evaluates, compares and checks out your goal to see if it is valid. That is to say, if it complies with your current set of internal laws.

When your goal is found to be contravening these laws, for whatever reason, and reasons you are very rarely aware of, it is immediately and unceremoniously overruled and thrown out of court with no hope of appeal.

The secret to achieving our goals, therefore, is to cause a new creative pattern of thought and thereby amend our current set of Living Laws.

We must become an active and willing member of the cooperate. We must, in fact, cooperate with the cooperative!

The modern day idea that you can use visualization techniques or repeat endless affirmations in order to change these laws and therefore The Judge's mind is totally erroneous 'it will not make the slightest difference.

This is totally misguided thinking.

Sure, after many years of constant repetition of your affirmations/visualizations you may eventually get some reaction from The Judge even if it takes a lifetime, that's if they don't lock you away in a funny farm first!

Meme machines

Before we go any further let's just take a look at these beliefs and where they come from and see why they are so darn difficult to change.

It's all very well being told to change our beliefs and we will change our lives but just how do we do it?

We know from experience that simple visualization doesn't work, nor do affirmations or anything else for that matter. So, what's the answer?

The DNA of beliefs are MEMES (pronounced as in cream). Memes are a relatively new discovery and seldom, if ever, talked about in books or courses about personal success and achievement.

Why? If memes are the very foundation of our personality why are they never mentioned?

The main reason is that few people actually understand how they work or the significance they have in our everyday lives.

The dictionary defines a meme as "a unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another."

Memes have been likened to viruses and the comparison is indeed very apt. The Oxford zoologist Richard Dawkins defines memes as a set of ideas that can replicate itself like a virus and spread from one brain to another.

For example, it took only 300 years for the meme of Christianity to overrun the Roman Empire and less than 130 years for the meme of communism to "infect" 1.8 billion people across the face of the Earth.

So you can imagine that memes such as: "life's a constant struggle", "there ain't no free meals in this life", "money doesn't grow on trees" etc. etc. and all that these silly memes represent (that life is not easy and you have to constantly struggle to make ends meet) have had many generations to set up home in our psyches and become part of our everyday lives. Besides, it's got to be true 'our parents said so!

Memes come in all shapes and sizes. Some are relatively innocent, such as the 'hula-hoop meme', 'the pet rock meme' and 'music memes' normally associated with a particular race or creed.

But some are extremely dangerous and far from innocent.

I don't wish to enter into the religio-political arena, so, suffice it to say that the 'religion memes' and the 'political memes' are particularly virulent and in some cases deadly!


Memes then form what are known as PARADIGMS.

A paradigm is "a set of assumptions, concepts, values and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality for the community that shares them."

We must be very clear on the understanding of the power of paradigms and how they affect us in order be able to exercise our right of free choice.

For, whatever paradigms we choose to accept determine the form or our perceptions, which in turn shape our decisions, actions, experiences, social systems, worlds and futures.

If you don't understand just how much of a grip paradigms have on your life and shaping your experiences then you will be under the impression that you and the world are set in stone and there's nothing you can ever do to change that.

Paradigm shifts

Whenever we shift paradigms all sorts of new possibilities are suddenly available to us.

Not only that but we also find that we discover new potentials within ourselves that the old paradigms had assured us were impossible or even nonexistent. We need to be liberated from these self-imposed restrictions and outdated paradigms and have the freedom to see ourselves in the big picture of life 'our very essence.

This is our true God-given freedom 'one that frees us from the numerous cultural expectations that are constantly causing us so much unhappiness.

These cultural expectations cause us to become the competitive, insecure, obedient and brain dead creatures that our social systems require of us. So how do we cast off these 'paradigm chains' that keep us prisoners of our own silly, nonsensical belief patterns and from achieving our true potential?

For example, do you honestly believe in the power of the mind?

Mind Power 'Fact or Fiction?

Everybody and their aunt talks about it but do they really believe that the mind does indeed have any power?

If someone where to prove it to you beyond a shadow of a doubt you would believe 'after all, seeing is believing, right?

Well, here at last is the proof you have been seeking all your life!

The mind does indeed have power 'here's the proof!

The Secret Of The Shaolin Monks

This exercise is has been known for thousands of years and is just as valid today as ever.

1) Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.

2) Raise an arm to the side of your body (your left or right, whichever is more comfortable for you) so it is at the height of your shoulder with the palm facing upwards and the fingers outstretched. Slightly bend your arm at the elbow.

3) Breathe deeply through your nose taking about 6 seconds to complete the inhalation.

4) Imagine a point about two and a half inches below your navel (called seika no iten in Japanese). This is the center of gravity of your body.

5) As you take in subsequent breaths imagine this point getting brighter and brighter until it has the power of the sun.

6) Now, imagine power emanating from this 'sun'. See it travelling through your body and up into your outstretched arm.

7) See this energy pouring along your arm and bursting out of your finger tips 'to the ends of the universe'.

8) Now get somebody (or several people to try and bend your arm naturally 'not against the joint, this isn't a judo lock!)

9) They should apply pressure slowly at first and then gradually increase the intensity of the force applied. Do not use your muscle power or you will fail miserably. Only use your imagination 'the power of your mind 'nothing else.

You will find, to your utter amazement, and theirs, that they are completely unable to bend your arm even if they are physically much stronger than you! Why should this be so?

You tell me! This is not a cheap magician's trick 'this is 100% proof of the power of the mind.

There are various alternatives to this fascinating exercise including the ability to change your body weight at will. This is a truly awesome experience and a real eye-opener as to how the mind can indeed do wonders and really does have power!

You are not a passive observer of a randomly created world 'you are the active creator of the world you observe.

Stop believing what you see and start seeing what you believe 'using the power of your own mind 'the power to create anything you could possibly imagine!

About the author:
Ian S.N. Randall is a Reiki Triple Master and healer. He has degrees in Education and Psychology. He is also the author of the highly acclaimed Accelerated Goal Manifestation which has changed the lives of people all over the globe and received glowing testimonials from such eminent figures as Dr. Joe Vitale and Charles Burke.

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