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A Principled Plan


The motivations of those in power must be evident and ethical. That was the case when the ruling body of the Keltic clandoms of Atlantis (NW Europe and islands of the Mediterranean as well as missions in the Americas and at times co-ventures with Phoenicia or Mu) met each day. It was three women and three men of the best training and proven performance. None but the Druidic trained were eligible. This schooling was integrative and complete in all areas of knowledge to the point of understanding enough to have no fear or need of 'expert' influence. The six King/Bairds ruled from their acceptance till their death or 25 years. At the end of that term there was a great celebration or wake. They were the guest of honor along with captured enemies and criminals who did not find favor in ostracism. They all would be placed in a wicker wood enclosure and burned. There was no reason to sell favors or feather any nest eggs. If an administrative Ovate or Bishop was to be found transgressing any law or regulation they would pay four times the dire fine. They could not hide behind their subordinates as the politicians like Nixon and Bush did recently in Watergate and Ollie North, etc. They would be fined the same fine as their lackey or helper who was fined. The Brehon Laws were situational ethical constructs that placed a high awareness on the psychological and spiritual reality in their decisions. A poor man stealing bread might be given more food; but a person of substance who took advantage of the poor would be made significantly less powerful.

Six is a good number for decision making committees. These six people should have different strengths and expertise as well as an irreproachable public persona. With immortality imminent (900 years according to articles in Scientific-American) the term could be a century or more. I would imagine the group might want to replace one member every few years by means of a majority vote. I think a mandatory replacement of two people every 50 years would keep a core group of recognizable motivational wise people. These replacements could be drawn from a clan council (of old) or Advisory Panel of helpers. This panel should be taken from all walks of life and all areas of expertise. It might need to place weight in areas of social import such as the war on women, and thus have more women than men at first.


The mission statement is simple 'improve the quality of life! The means might change over time at the request of duly elected officials of the United Nations. Such requests would not have to be honored by the six members of the head council. They would initially pay a lot of attention to transparency issues such as the oversight of policing and espionage agencies. Their access to information would be total, but their power would come from their message and wisdom NOT by means of force. A lot of public forums such as the U.N. would happen on a regular basis. Encouragement and media exposure combined with ecumenical initiatives would be paramount at first. By telling people about technology that can determine guilt in many crimes through MRI memory scans they would end a lot of legal wrangling and correct a lot of social ills. The money they would receive from estates and charitable donations would be used to create model programs to demonstrate more efficient and humane management of society.

Their web-site would operate as a continuing forum on many issues with worldwide input and access. Countries like China that seek to limit access would find G-7 countries no longer willing to trade with them. Through access to truth people will become empowered! Once empowered, they will demand change. The lack of a moral voice and such access is all that stands in the way of the following:

1) The end of the war on women 'No arranged marriages
'Rights of property and abortion
'Equal voting rights and education
'No exclusions from priesthoods
'Protection from incestuous and ethnic practices like genital disfigurement and being thrown alive on husband's funeral pyres

2) Ending standing armies and secret agencies, over time

3) International Policing of technologies such as biologics or genetics.

4) A World Court with its own policing agency and the necessary means to enforce their decisions, including IMF and World Bank support. It might not use these current names or structures.

5) The end of safe havens and tax incentives or exclusionary practices for international criminals like drug lords and arbitrageurs.

6) The end of ecological predation and destruction.

7) The creation of hope for all with the desire to participate and assistance for them to make a better and more soulful world.

8) Research into possibilities for improvement of all aspects of society that must focus on love as the guiding force.

9) Worldwide access to telomeres and gene therapy to make individuals who live in JUST societies to be nearly immortal.


Expenses would be paid for by the Advisory Panel member's donations. They would put their assets in a blind trust and have no need of any legislated power. The truth and wisdom of their message would be all they need to do these things and more.


Principled people like the Gracchi and Cathars have tried this kind of thing since before the time of Lactantius or Mani. Without authority there is no reason to believe effective and responsible people will want to try to change the world. Goals need to exist and mere principles based on love and other 'airy-fairy' wishful thinking of the bleeding heart variety has no chance of succeeding.

The World Wide Web makes it a different ball game. There is a group of internationally recognized philosophers creating social salons to augment the growing 'critical mass' of RIGHTeous people already. Marianne Williamson and Deepak Chopra along with their friend Wayne Dyer and others are not stupid or solely intent on marketing their message of renewal and soulful purpose. I think the pressure to make this organization take a more active role in government might not be taken on. In some cases they might be able to do some good in these arenas for a short time. It would be essential to never get involved in gutter politics and keep the message clean. Imagine the conflicts over who got to sit on these positions of honor and trust. Would the Catholic and Islamic representatives have to be female? Why have a shaman or a Yamabushi? What expertise does the Green Party or Amnesty International bring that better people can't provide? Who is John Ralston Saul and what gives a monarch any moral standing even if he is different like Prince Hussein of Jordan? Why are there so many Hollywood people or Americans like Oprah Winfrey and Jimmy Carter? The scientists are the culprits and the proselytizers are the worst criminals of all history, why let their voice be heard anymore? Who represents US!!???

The arguments would be extensive as agents of the old order saw what the future held for them. If this organization kept to its principles and told only the truth about its attackers rather than normal politics, it will succeed. There is no need to get anyone's approval or any government either.

Who would be the person to start this organization? Bill Gates and his wife Marilyn could put their $17 Billion Foundation to good use in such a purpose-oriented educational medium. Marshall McLuhan was right when he said give me control of the media and I will control the nation. Let us all encourage each other to take back control of the message, and make sure the messenger is honest!

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