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Conqer allergies

CONQUER ALLERGIES/ THRUSH/ CANDIDA * * * * * Do you experience sneezing, watery eyes, and itching 'sinus congestion, aches and pains 'lethargy & inflammation 'irritable bowel and digestive upsets? If you do, then you maybe allergic to certain foods or substances. - Allergies are becoming more prevalent due to increased levels of stress and chemical additives in food and drink. An allergy is a hyper-reaction of the immune system caused by foods and substances that trigger an extreme reaction, resulting in inflammation, which is one of the symptoms of an allergy. - Antibiotic medication alters the delicate balance of digestive bacteria in the gut, leading to medical conditions such as Thrush and Candidiasis, where a common digestive yeast overgrows to the point that it becomes a medical problem. Thrush is a fungal infection in the mouth or genitals 'more later..... - In this article you will learn about the nature of allergies, thrush and candida and the ultimate cure..... - Introducing Brenda 'a member of the Natural Health Council. "After 15 years as a clinical naturopath treating digestive ailments, I know that Allergies, Thrush and Candida overgrowth are serious health issues that should not be ignored. These conditions are symptoms of an underlying cause." - If you have tried and failed to recover your health 'either by conventional or alternative methods, then the root cause and remedy for your ailments may have been overlooked. Both conventional and alternative medicine is dominated by practitioners who treat the symptoms, but rarely the root cause. By learning how your body works you can take control of your recovery and escape the 'Sickness Treadmill'. - Members of the Natural Health Council know from experience that there are lesser-known health hazards that are often overlooked. There are general guidelines that you will find in health magazines and clinics, however we are all individuals 'different ages and constitutional types, with specific circumstances that need to be taken into account '(your age and occupation 'your constitutional type and genetic inheritance). - However, these guidelines do not take into account those who have unwittingly accumulated heavy metals or chemical toxins that give rise to severe immune deficiency and complex health problems that are difficult to resolve 'ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and MS 'infertility, miscarriage, still-born, deformed and mentally retarded children 'early dementia and cancers. - Very often people have the right MOTIVATION but the wrong INFORMATION. A lot of busy people want better health, more time and energy, but they don't have the right information that will enable them to get quick and long lasting results. - There are three basic steps to achieving your goals, whether it is: - Better health - Financial independence - More leisure time or anything else - 1 Get the right information '2 Make the right plan '3 Take the right action - The right information will enable you to: - - Conquer food allergies by normalising your immune system - Resolve acne, eczema and psoriasis 'colitis and shingles - Beat candida, thrush, haemorrhoids and bowel infections - Prevent indigestion, heartburn and hot flushes - Prevent bloating, constipation, colds and flu - Resolve ME (chronic fatigue), osteoporosis and arthritis..... - Better manage stress and anger - Improve your self-confidence - If this sounds too good to be true then read on! * * * * * Because of the misinformation put about by clever advertising, we are going to tell it like it is. There are many overlooked facts that you need to know if you want to be well and avoid the 'Sickness Treadmill'. - The myth about disease: It appears that most people believe that illness can strike anyone at any time and there is nothing they can do about it. It has been proved that disease can only take hold when the conditions are right and most of those conditions are under your control. - Most doctors are trained to intervene by declaring war on germs and viruses using expensive high-tech radiation machines and drugs to vanquish the enemy. This is as futile as trying to kill all the rats in a trash-infested city like London or New York. Surely the best solution would be to remove the trash. - It is this backwards teaching about health and disease that creates the confusion in people's minds. The only reason why those germs and viruses ever invade our body is because we have unwittingly created the conditions that allow them to thrive. - Initially, most health seekers are concerned with overcoming a specific health problem, using a quick fix remedy. However, in the long-run and as we get older, more health problems arise and become increasingly difficult to overcome by just using a 'magic potion'. This then makes the idea of 'alternative' forms of healing more attractive, because they give us a much better chance of becoming and remaining healthy into old age. - Although there are no easy answers, there are solutions that will empower, not mystify the individual who sincerely wants to be well. Reliable information is the most effective tool for those seeking to improve the quality of their life. - This information is presented for the educational and free exchange of ideas and information in relation to health and wellness. It is not intended to diagnose any physical or mental condition, or to prescribe any medicines. There is no copywrite on the published articles so you can copy and paste on to a word document for your own purposes. - * * * * * The standard treatment for most allergies is avoidance and drug therapy to suppress the immune system. Unfortunately, this does not remove the underlying cause and the patient may experience complications and serious, long-term side effects, which can predispose the onset of chronic ill health and multiple allergies. - In the body of an allergic person, the immune system reacts abnormally when an allergen is brought into contact or absorbed by their body. The immune system treats the allergen as a dangerous invader 'the same reaction that normally helps protect us from infectious diseases. - As a result, your body's white blood cells produce antibodies, which trigger the release of histamine (also found in stinging nettles) and causes inflammation. - The skin is the largest organ of the body and the lungs are second. All organs assist the elimination of toxins, so when the skin or lungs become congested from a toxic overload, breathing becomes laboured and the skin breaks out in a rash. Your skin is a living, breathing barrier against contamination by toxins. The practice of using chemical detergent on the skin neutralises the protective acid barrier 'see toxic toiletries article. - Substances such as dust, pollen and noxious vapours can irritate the lungs, and toxins in cosmetics, toiletries and household cleaners can irritate the skin. - * * * * * Common allergens include melon, peanuts, eggs, Soya and shellfish 'dust mite, animal fur and insect stings 'latex rubber, nickel and mercury amalgam leakage in damaged tooth fillings 'see related article. - Some allergic reactions work quickly to release large doses of histamine, while others work slowly to increase sensitivity, resulting in digestive upsets with long-term adverse consequences such as dysbiosis and candida 'conditions that are often overlooked by conventional medics 'see below. - Common sensitivities include intolerance to wheat, onions, dairy, caffeine, sugar and various food additives such as artificial sweeteners, flavour enhancer (mono sodium glutamate), tartarzine and preservatives (E numbers). Also certain medications 'antibiotics and synthetic hormones. - Children can develop digestive upsets and hyperactive behaviour due to additives in their food and drink. New research has found that preservatives and colouring (E numbers) in food and drink can predispose illness and changes in children's behaviour and temperament 'see link below. - Sometimes 'as in hayfever 'an allergen produces a similar response every time. The results may be unpleasant 'whereas in times of stress it may trigger a response that can be dangerous. - Anaphylaxis is an extreme and sometimes fatal reaction to extreme stress in an allergic person. New research shows that this is on the increase and that a large part of this reaction is usually an asthmatic or heart attack. - Avoiding allergens can limit your freedom of choice of food items in your diet and incur extra expense in buying gluten free bread or removing allergy causing substances from the air, carpets and bedding in your home. So the best course of action is to desensitise and normalise your immune system so that the presence of these substances does not compromise your health. - * * * * * Thrush and Candida overgrowth are serious health issues that should not be ignored. These conditions are symptoms of an underlying cause. Recent medical research shows that the increased levels of allergies among the population are partly due to digestive upsets caused by stress, broad-spectrum antibiotics and an unwholesome diet. - Antibiotic medication alters the delicate balance of digestive bacteria in the gut, leading to medical conditions such as Thrush and Candidiasis, where a common digestive yeast overgrows to the point that it becomes a medical problem. Thrush is a fungal infection in the mouth or genitals 'see candida article. - Medications may ease your condition for a while, but they are not a cure. They only suppress the symptoms and compound the problem 'and may lead to a more serious condition later on. Any Holistic health recovery program should get to the root of your problem, which may be the result of unresolved stress, toxins, allergies and/ or dehydration, that may be upsetting the digestion and absorption of vitamin and minerals 'ask about our Health Quiz.. - * * * * * Heal the ROOT problem: According to Dr. Ronald Drucker, "If you suffer from chronic poor health, your choices of action are essentially limited to just two": - 1. You may take steps to heal the problem naturally after detecting the root cause and in turn receive an array of health benefits stemming from proper digestion, assimilation and the essential fuelling of every cell, tissue and organ in your body...or... - 2. You may follow the 'gilded-path' laid by the pharmaceutical industry and supported by conventional medics who would have you believe that these symptoms can only be treated with drugs to mask or hide the problem for the rest of your life. The pharmaceutical industries motto is: "A patient cured is a customer lost". - The best course of action is to desensitise and normalise your immune system so that the presence of noxious substances does not compromise your health. Conventional medical practitioners specialise in intervention medicine and surgery, which can be dangerous and expensive. However 'Alternative Holistic Healthcare' is relatively harmless and inexpensive. For those who want to recover their health by natural means, we have compiled a unique self-help recovery program 'ask about our Health Quiz. -

* * * * * I welcome your questions and comments. - Brenda, C/o The Natural Health Council ' - * * * * * Further reading: 'Resolving Hayfever 'Resolving Acne, Eczema and Psoriasis 'Overcoming Fears and Phobias 'Improve Self-confidence 'Laughter Medicine 'Why is my Doctor against Alternative Therapies? 'Stress Facts 'A Good Nights Sleep 'A Healthy House 'Infertility and Impotence 'Asthma 'Diabetes 'High Blood Pressure & Cholesterol 'Natural Weight Loss 'Chronic Pain & Fatigue 'Removing Parasites 'see full catalog -

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Introducing Brenda 'a member of the Natural Health Council. "After 15 years as a clinical naturopath treating digestive ailments, I know that Allergies, Thrush and Candida overgrowth are serious health issues that should not be ignored. These conditions are symptoms of an underlying cause."


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