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Where to Begin?

By Joseph Ghabi

Every couple of years another new healing alternative appears in our lives and takes off as if no other alternatives had ever existed! We all believe that this is the one. The one which will change our lives once and for all yet, no one tells us that this new method is just another old alternative which can help by introducing those who choose to use it to a new level of awareness.

For some of us, getting into something new can help in terms of handling our personal issues. I would like to make sure that I am being clear from the beginning all these healing 'tools' we seek to try to improve our lives are all good in their own ways, however, but there is a catch to this!

Very few of the people who introduced us to these tools have had the guts to inform us of our own responsibility when it comes to working on healing ourselves with any method. Maybe this is a marketing scam because, as we know, many people like to have this happen in the easiest way possible and of course, when it comes to working on ourselves, this is the things we are most afraid of!

The people who created these healing methods are probably aware of people's resistance when it comes to them working on themselves and know that their product will not be attractive if people know that before trying it, they must put their own to input into the healing process. Maybe this is so, or perhaps the people who create new types of healing alternatives simply are not aware of our own personal responsibility when it comes to handling our issues, you decide.

The truth is YOU still have to do a lot of the work when dealing with your issues. This is so the changes can be physically made to manifest in both you as a person and then in your life as a result. This is the only way in which these healing alternatives can ever produce long term results. This is not an easy catch especially you turned to trying any healing alternative as an escape from not handling the work which you need to do on yourself in the first place. Let me put it to you simply! Healing alternatives are not magic, in a sense that no, the entirety of your problems will not disappear in a magical 'puff of smoke'! You still have to do the necessary work on yourself.

What do we have as tools to work with? I will list just a few examples of what is available for you to try 'Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Healing, Therapeutic Touch, Spiritual Healing, Yoga, Gems and Stones, Body Work, Reiki, meditation and much more! There are so many different types and styles that is not impossible for me to list them all here! I just wanted to give you some examples to get your attention here.

Many of us keep going working on ourselves according to what is 'trendy' at the time, and that's all great. But, ask yourself the question, did you have the right intention towards yourself when you did decide it was time to something new? If your answer is it is about time to rearrange your priorities towards YOURSELF by trying to really you as yourself and what it is that you need to heal or improve in your life.

Someone is bound to argue by stating that we usually try healing alternatives in order to discover ourselves first. That is fine of course, so long as we do not make it a belief that the healing alternatives will do the job completely for you because it just won't happen. For the simple reason that in life we can not skip steps in growth. In order for us to move forward, to progress and grow out of our experiences and lessons, we must first be consciously aware of our past and we must understand why we had to go through the experiences that we did.

This is a great ideal. However, we have the next problem of handling our ego and pride. When it comes to growing in life, it is not usually the experiences themselves which cause us to become stuck. In reality it is pride and ego which does not allow us to accept humility. Humility is one of the single most important aspects of being able to both grow and heal ourselves in order that we keep moving on our path of growth in this life time.

How many of us try healing alternatives only when we got stuck on working on ourselves and in many ways those can enlighten us to a new way or a new vision.

Since the beginning of time we have used healing alternatives. When we are in trouble and we pray, for those moments God, if you like that name, becomes our healing alternative. Likewise, churches and temples are other healing alternatives we've used to search for answers. This is all very well, but, unfortunately GOD has nothing to do with our problems and the experiences we have in life when we made the decisions of what direction we would take. GOD has always respected our Free Will and even if we do ask for help, GOD will not interfere unless WE make the first step towards helping ourselves, and I don't mean by just praying!

You see, even though you are praying, in reality you are still not trying to do anything from your side to understand your life circumstances. Nothing seems to be moving in your life, you are stuck and everything is stagnating. Why? The reason is very simple because YOU need to take the first step in what direction you want to go even if you are not really aware of what is or what will happen in the bigger picture of your life.

Having a clear intention toward what you wish to do and achieve for yourself is a very important aspect for change to take place. After you are sure of your intention, you can be sure that help will come your way in one way or another. Please try to remember that regardless of what you have experienced, it is NOT the experience or lesson itself which is tough, it is our attitude and the way in which we choose to handle it which defines how easy or difficult it will be for us to go through. Think about it!

If you ever find yourself in the midst of any problem, before beginning to look outside of world for assistance just step outside of your situation and look at it from that perspective, not from the way you programmed yourself to believe is the right way. You will be surprised at what can discover about yourself in the light of what is really your own reality!

From my experience of working with people, I have come to the conclusion that we are a lazy species and that in reality we do not want to work or do anything which seems like hard work to improve our own lives. I'll bet that if someone invented a remote control which would zap all of our issues and make them disappear would make good money! No one wants to work on, or even simply understand the source of their problems.

What we will do for you here is introduce many different healing alternatives to you, regardless of what you chose to do with them. But always keep in mind will also remind you of your own responsibility towards your work in the end and we can give you some guidance of how to begin doing it.

In the end, whatever healing tool you chose to use, a proper investment of yourself is necessary to bring the changes you desire to life and to the lives of the people around you. If YOU are not happy with yourself, how do you expect to make someone else happy? If YOU do not love yourself properly then how you ever give real love to someone else?

If you are or are considering using any form of healing alternatives as a means of looking cool or to 'show-off' to other people then you will soon see that no real benefit will ever come out of that. As I mentioned before, you need to watch your intention and have an open mind when it comes to deciding upon which healing alternative you feel most drawn to using.

We are all here working in our own process of growth and evolution in order to reach a higher attainment at the level of our souls growth. Whichever tool it may be that you feel attracted to trying, just go with it. Always remember that whatever you do, you are only doing it for yourself in the end. You are the most important person in your life always should come first will just remember that!

So from here on, we will discover together some healing alternative tools and how we can apply them into our lives. My first introduction will be in numerology. This is a tool which is very effective and simple to use. I will go onto explain more of this in my next article. Until then, I wish you all love and peace.

Copyright 'Joseph Ghabi

About the Author
Joseph Ghabi is an author, lecturer, and healer. Joseph provides Intuitive Numerology Consultation, Healing Childhood Experiences Consultation.
At the age of eight Joseph discovered his clairvoyance. Joseph is natural medium. His website is
Joseph task is in bringing Souls back to realization of their own personal power and into alignment with their own soul purpose and path of evolution.

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