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Wallace Huey's Meetup Talks in Dublin


Passing Through Uncertain Times With Success

Wallace Huey, Co-Founder of Trans4mind, is introducing a series of regular talks in his locality of Dublin, Ireland, focussing on moving successfully through times of transition in your life, mastering challenges that block your way.

Participants have opportunities to put their questions to Wallace in person. These weekly Meetup talks are about "Passing Through Uncertain Times With Success." They empower participants to deal creatively with change, by facing up to and mastering the major transitions in their life. In between Wallace's weekly talks participants are supported by Trans4mind Personal Development Training and Coaching online. These talks are being held in the training room in Trans4mind's Global HQ on the ITT Campus in Tallaght, Dublin.

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About the meetings, Wallace says...

“When I run this group each week I work with what you as individuals bring to the session. All are welcome. I am passionate about empowering every single person who attends to move through their current transition (or the transition they would like to begin) with ease. My workshops are supported by my company which runs one of the world’s biggest personal development websites with half a million visitors per month.

”Your training with me is backed up online with a curriculum of 29 personal development interactive video workshops and my international team of heart-centered Trans4mind Coaches. I promise to be totally committed to your welfare and to empower you with probably the finest online personal development training in the world. I can assure you - if you want to move through transitions in your life with grace, you are in the right place.”

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