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Firstly, here are 5 great ebooks from Dynamic Techniques of Conscious Transformation...
Dynamic Techniques of Conscious Transformation 1 I Just Want To Be Happy - Transforming De-Motivation (66 pages)
This e-book module is aimed at helping you to cultivate the energies and forces of motivation using dynamic Techniques that will produce uplifting and magnetically positive outcomes.
Dynamic Techniques of Conscious Transformation 2 Transform De-Motivated Staff into Self-Motivated Achievers (63 pages)
This e-book module tackles de-motivation, transforming de-motivation into self-motivated using dynamic techniques of conscious transformation.
Dynamic Techniques of Conscious Transformation 3 I Can't Do It - Yes You Can - Transforming Fear (63 pages)
This e-book module tackles all hidden fears. It is a practical step by step DIY process using dynamic techniques of conscious transformation of how to identify, unearth & dissolve inner fears.
Dynamic Techniques of Conscious Transformation 4 Getting What You Want NOW! - Transforming Resistance (33 pages)
This e-book module tackles core issues facing all individuals who want, yet never seem to get what it is they truly desire. This module is referred to as "the magical module."
Dynamic Techniques of Conscious Transformation 5 When Things Keep Going Wrong - Transform Adversity (42 pages)
Adversity is where real life events, situations and circumstances give the initial appearance of going wrong, when, in fact they are of unfolding bigger picture positivity.
download-pics/Project Powerful and Positive  Nancy Boyd & Bonnie Boots: Project Powerful and Positive (39 pages)
There are many things going on in the economy and in the world today that you and I cannot control. The only thing we really have control over is our thoughts. When your thoughts are focused on your purpose in life and your strengths, you won't be swayed by fear mongers. The sea may be rough. The boat may be rocking. But those of us who know and trust ourselves will sail past these troubled waters and even find ways to help those who are floundering.
A New YOU Year  Debra Thompson: "A New YOU Year" (42 pages)
All the reasons most people fail at their resolutions boil down to only a few causes, most of them very simple, self-inflicted and familiar. We're going to discuss these main reasons why people fail at their New Year's resolutions, and you're going to learn how to be among the 10% of people who actually succeed at achieving them.
Break Free Now  Mohammed Latiff: Break Free Now! (32 pages)
How to wipe out all your limits and achieve your inherent unlimited potential for wealth, success and happiness. Mohammed provides a simple process that will help you to let go of your inner demons, overcome your obstacles and get rid of the monsters standing in your way. Then you will be able to move swiftly and smoothly towards your destination.
50 Ways To Reach Your Goals  Soni Pitts: 50 Ways To Reach Your Goals (29 pages)
In the pages that follow, you will find fifty thought-provoking, effective and just plain fun techniques to help you succeed in capturing the spirit of adventure and success for your own individualized pursuit of happiness. Take what you can use right now, save the rest for a rainy day and get ready to live the life you dream of...
Straight From The Heart  Kim Loftis: Straight From The Heart: Collected Articles to Uplift, Inspire and Transform Your Life (35 pages)
This is a compilation of articles from the first 20 issues of Heartsong magazine.
50 Power Questions  SolutionBox: 50 Power Questions (2 pages)
Coaches: Enjoy using these questions with your clients! Non-Coaches: Ask yourself these questions to take control of your life!
Inspirational Quotes  Matthew Roberts: 70 of the Most Inspirational Quotes You Will Ever Find (9 pages)
A collection of quotes that will inspire you to action.
Build Constant Momentum  Marcus Ingemann: How To Build Constant Momentum - and be persistent in the pursuit of your Success! (25 pages)
This powerful ebook reveals the fundamental process of how to keep your resolutions. You will be able to build a constant momentum that will take you all the way to fulfillement and success.
Achieve Your Goals  Paul Myers: A Simple System to Achieve Your Goals (29 pages) | Worksheet (34 pages)
This is not leisure reading. This is a workbook. Unfortunately, that means you may have to do some work if you plan to get any benefit from it. I assure you that, even if you just do the exercises and never follow through, you'll get significant benefit from it. Someone once remarked that people spend more time planning a two- week vacation than they do planning their futures. From what I've seen, this is almost universally true. The exceptions are the true successes in life.
Earn Twice as Much  Paul Lemberg & Tom Matzen: Earn Twice as Much with Half the Stress (201 pages)
My partner and I have started more than two dozen businesses over the last couple of decades. We have helped literally thousands of business owners start, grow, expand, and turn-key their businesses. And in looking for the secrets to why some did so well, some struggled for years, and some failed, we concluded their were eight areas each business owner needs to have working well. If all eight areas work smoothly, delivering consistent, predictable, ever-increasing results, you will have the business of your dreams. And you can literally save years of effort, struggle and expense this way.
Become RICH!  Joe Jutrisa: How DUMB People Become RICH! (52 pages)
Every choice you've made until now has got you where you are today, whether conscious or unconscious. You may not realize this or you may disagree fervently but it's a fact. People can achieve the life of their dreams or better their circumstance in life in spite of the hand they were dealt. The evidence is all around us. It simply boils down to a series of consecutive choices and the willingness to take inspired action.
Setting Goals Workbook  Paul Smithson: Setting Goals Workbook (15 pages)
Setting goals is so easy that it's crazy not to set aside the small amount of time needed to sort out an appropriate plan of action. In this short report, Paul Smithson shows how you can quickly and easily set effective goals that are guaranteed to help you achieve more than you possibly could have done otherwise.
Increase Focus, Energy and Success  Jon Gordon: A 10-Day Plan to Increase Focus, Energy and Success (20 pages)
You create your life every day and where you apply your energy depends on what you want to create. You, and only you, are in control of the actions you take and the choices you make. The purpose of having a plan is to help you make choices, decide where to focus your energy, incorporate positive rituals, routines and habits into your life and turn chaos into concrete. Chaos is often the result when you allow your energy to be wasted and scattered. Concrete results when you create a plan, focus your mind and actions, follow the plan and create your life.
Spice Up Your Life  Chris Green: Fifty Ways To Spice Up Your Life (16 pages)
50 exciting ideas for you to bring more happiness, adventure and rich experience into your life.
Articles of Success  Ed. James Middleton & Patrick Chen: Articles of Success (69 pages)
The fastest path to success in your chosen field is to seek out a mentor, coach, or "guru" in the area you wish to change/succeed at. Chances are, your expert will have a plethora of tool, techniques and strategies to propel you forward - faster than you would have believed possible. So if you want to succeed faster, find yourself a mentor, coach, therapist or expert who can guide you through those stormy waters with alacrity, compassion and skill. Enjoy the articles, and I hope sincerely that they guide you and inspire you to make more of yourself.
Getting Started  Alex Mandossian: Practical Tips to Start More Projects (30 pages)
This ebook will reveal how to refine and zero in on your topic—zero in on what it is that you are going to cover and how to get started. We are also going to get into a lot of other things that deal with product development.
Three Letter Word  Kacper M. Postawski: How A Three Letter Word Can Change Your Life Forever (6 pages)
I've read and listened to more self help material in my life than I can remember, and if I were to be on my dying bed right now with only one thing to share with you from everything I’ve ever learned it would be this one concept: the power of "why." With it you can move mountains in your life and accomplish anything you set your heart on.
The Game of Life  Florence Scovel Shinn: The Game of Life & How to Play It (50 pages)
By sharing true stories the author explains how positive attitudes and affirmations invariably succeed, so that we are able to control life's conditions and attract abundance through the knowledge of spiritual law. For generations, this manual of easy-to-use ideas and techniques has taught how we can create the happiness we want by aligning our thoughts and words with the perfect good that resides divinely within us.
Positive Attitude  Dan Auito: A Positive Attitude (19 pages)
We can all use a little sunshine. Dan's caught a few rays and made them into a manifesto you can take with you wherever you go. He hopes it makes you smile.
Born to Win  Boris Vene: Born to Win: Ideas for Winning the Game of Life (45 pages) & Reverse Engineering: The Best Process Available to Effectively Identify & Achieve Your Goals (11 pages)
No matter where you are in life right now, what your goals are and what you experienced in life before, today is a new day - and you are a new person. And this means you have a new opportunity today. If you want your future to be different, you need to start doing something differently. If you keep on doing what you have been doing up to now, nothing can help you achieve better results. Everything can be changed for the better... to the way you want it to be changed!
Life Mentors  The Two Greatest Life Mentors of All Time (49 pages)
Mentors of integrity do not try to cover over their tottering systems and unproven principles or theories in order to wrap themselves in a cloak of self-importance. But the honest mentor will always be prepared to accept truth, no matter from where it comes. Therefore, when we find a mentor of truth in any field of endeavor, we can be open and receptive to all that he/she shares in knowledge, principles and hidden treasures of wisdom, which we have not yet learned and desire to incorporate into our life.

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