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Listening to the Binaural Beat  Listening to the Binaural Beat (31 pages)
For most of us we need a short cut, a simple method of getting our brain trained to think and act to its fullest capacity. That's where Binaural Beats come in. These sounds stimulate your brain without you needing to think, move or do anything. While you listen, these beats stimulate your brain and lead you to deeper levels of relaxation.
Subjective Communication  Jim Francis: How to Influence People: Subjective Communication (38 pages)
The human mind is an amazing thing and we are only just beginning to understand how, and why, it works as well as it does! Part of this understanding comes from our knowledge of how the mind and brain integrate as a complete unit. Jim Francis extends our understanding of what our minds can accomplish, and offers exercises to train these expanded abilities.
Break Free Now  Mohammed Latiff: Break Free Now! (32 pages)
How to wipe out all your limits and achieve your inherent unlimited potential for wealth, success and happiness. Mohammed provides a simple process that wil help you to let go of your inner demons, overcome your obstacles and get rid of the monsters standing in your way. Then you will be able to move swiftly and smoothly towards your destination.
Ken Ward  Ken Ward: Mind Changing Techniques (49 pages)
Ken Ward is an NLP practitioner and author. Here he presents you with a host of short exercises that aim to make your life much improved.
Develop Your Child's Genius  Esther Andrews: Develop Your Child's Genius (17 pages)
Here is the shocking truth: children can learn much more than what we have learned in our childhood. For many years, parents were not aware of children’s capacity to learn, so they did not provide their children with the opportunity and the materials to learn all that they can. Moreover, parents weren’t aware that if you teach your child early enough, and provide for them the opportunity to learn, their brain will develop faster and better.
Emotional Intelligence  Irene Becker: Smart and Fast Are Not Enough: The Importance of Increased Emotional Intelligence (9 pages)
We believe that awareness is the most important of EQ competencies because it is the building block upon which our emotional intelligence can grow and thrive, as such this article is divided into four parts that will help you become more aware of: 1) What EQ is. 2) How the human brain is constructed to be emotionally intelligent. 3) The basic components or competencies of EQ. 4) The critical importance of EQ to building a successful mediation/dispute resolution practice and a successful life at the speed of change.
The Power of Concentration  Theron Q. Dumont: The Power of Concentration (138 pages)
We all know that in order to accomplish something we must concentrate. It is of the utmost value to learn how to concentrate. To make a success of anything you must be able to concentrate your entire thought upon the idea you are working out. If you will just practice a few concentration exercises a day you will soon develop this wonderful power.
Positive Thinking  The Power of Positive Thinking (127 pages)
At some point in your life, you've probably heard about the power of positive thinking. Basically, this is a theory that contends if you believe good things will happen to you, there will be some sort of cataclysmic shift in the energies surrounding you which will actually cause good things to happen to you. For as many people who believe in the power of positive thinking, there are many more who believe it's all a bunch of New Age pop psychology drivel or sugar-coated Peter Pan platitudes. Here's the kicker: they're all right.
Time Management  Kacper M. Postawski: The Ultimate Time Management Guide (51 pages)
Time cannot be controlled, it can only be managed. And that is what we are going to do. We are going to learn the art of time management. Every person has only twenty four hours in a day and no force on earth can alter that. So in order to get the cutting edge what you have to do is to be able to manage your time in the most effective and efficient way possible.
Knowing Knowledge  George Siemens: Knowing Knowledge (176 pages)
Why does so much of our society look as it did in the past? Our schools, our government, our religious organizations, our media—while more complex, have maintained their general structure and shape. Classroom structure today, with the exception of a computer or an LCD projector, looks remarkably unchanged—teacher at the front, students in rows. Our business processes are still built on theories and viewpoints that existed over a century ago. This book seeks to tackle knowledge—not to provide a definition, but to provide a way of seeing trends developing in the world today.

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