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A Guide to the Process of Adaptation

By Jahiel Yasha Kamhi

Every year, people get new jobs, become new immigrants and enter into the matrimony, just to mention a few of life's major adaptations.

But are they ready for the journey?

It depends on their attitude, their personality and their perception.

A person's ability to achieve satisfaction with adaptation to a new chapter in life is a function of a number of things, including flexible skills, strong system of beliefs, positive feelings about the transition and solid set of values.

Everybody has their own expectations and fears. It is a part of being a human, after all, to possess a collection of beliefs and feelings that is unique to each of us. But it's tricky business, for one reason: Beliefs and feelings are not always accurate.

Maybe one person walks around convinced that "It's impossible to find a decent job" or "Nobody wants to hire me" or "My spouse is ..." But these statements are just perceptions--not absolute truths.

What do we need to know about perceptions?

Are they always true?

Each person needs to understand the importance of perceptions, since success depends on them.

What is a perception, anyway?

A perception is a personal opinion about an event, good or bad. It is the product of a range of personal characteristics, including self- respect, self-acceptance and self-confidence, just to name a few. We, as individuals, colour an event with our perceptions about it.

Usually, any process of adaptation comes with emotional pressure. It's important to acknowledge that a stressed-out mental state may encourage an individual to misrepresent fact, and to render perception of an event even more complicated than it is.

Each person has own mental filter through which interprets the events with which comes into contact. We cannot help but regard those things around us through that filter, positive or negative. A stressed-out person has a stressed-out mental filter. Under such duress, he will naturally focus on any detail of an event that proves that things are, in fact, as he perceives them.

Now you know why it is so important to have a positive approach to any life situation.

Surviving any adaptation is a challenge.

Generally speaking, human beings don't like change. We prefer to play safe, and stay in our own comfort zones. But change can be good, and staying close to home where it feels the most comfortable is not always the best solution.

What do we need, then, to endure the challenge of life's adaptations?

Above all, we need the right attitude and perception. These essentials will ultimately determine whether our journey of adaptation is a success or a failure.

Practically speaking, a person will choose to respond to influences according to own system of beliefs and perceptions. If he sees an event as positive, his response will be positive. If he sees it as negative, so will his response be.

When a person changes perception, he also changes mental filter, and this change will determine the final result.

The process of successfully adapting to some life change requires a certain amount of mental and emotional preparation. This is crucial for overall success.

Viewing the whole thing with a positive perspective is a healthy way to live. As such, changing negative perceptions is a must do for everybody if they want to enjoy success with their journey. By doing that, they will save their mental energy, health, relationships and maybe even their job.

But who is going to teach them?

Jahiel Yasha Kamhi holds a degree in Medical Biochemistry and a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry. Jahiel writes regularly for and other magazines. He also delivers presentations that inspire others to find more meaning and balance in their lives. He is passionate about writing, and conveying positive ideas that help people live life with more passion and purpose. Jahiel's mission is to promote a good mental and physical health. Email at:

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