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Easy Does It

By Beca Lewis

"To attain knowledge, add things every day. To attain wisdom, remove things every day." --Lao Tzu

Once I was riding a little metro bus to my destination while daydreaming about doing a charcoal drawing. Since this was not something I usually did, charcoal drawing not day dreaming, it briefly passed through my thinking that if I were going to do the drawing it would be good to have a charcoal pencil.

I reached my destination and stepped off the bus. As the door began to close one of the other passengers stopped it and leaning out said to me, "Is this your pencil?" She held out the exact charcoal pencil I was thinking I would need to buy. "No," I said marveling at what she held in her hand. "Well," she said, "I think it is because it was on your seat."

Of course, I took the offered pencil thinking that is was perfect evidence of the Truth that all we need is always present, as clearly seen this time in the form of a charcoal pencil.

Thinking back on this I wondered, "Why was this so easy?"

Here's another story. I was having a technical problem with our phone system. I had an idea what would work to fix it, but didn't feel like doing it. Why? Because for some reason the idea seemed hard even though it involved only one-step.

I think I was irritated that I even had to stop and fix it. The company should fix it not me.

So instead of doing the simple thing, I spent time writing to the company and trying out their very complicated ways of trying to fix it. I answered lots of questions, unplugged things, rebooted computers; it was a many step process for every idea. None worked. Finally, one of technicians suggested the very idea I first had, I tried it, the one-step process, and yes, it worked.

Hello - why did I make it so hard?

Have you ever had someone ask you a question you answered in a message to them, and you could tell they never read the message to the end so it involved many more minutes of both your time to get the information to them that you had already provided?

On the other hand, have you ever done this yourself?

Have you ever called a company saying what you ordered was never delivered, argued with them, and then cleaned off your desk and found it there?

Or, have you ever looked for something like your glasses to find them perched on your head, or your pen and found it tucked in your hair, or your keys and found them where you left them?

Making the simple complicated. This is the human habit. It's the worldview training. Let's give it up for lent and never take it back.

I have an idea why the charcoal pencil appeared so quickly. There was nothing complicated about it.

I didn't get caught up in the details of ideas like this, "I have to go buy it, or I need a whole set of pencils just in case, or where will I get the money, or what's the best place to buy it, or should I actually bother to do the drawing, or I don't have enough time" ... ok, I could go on but I am sure you get the picture.

It was a simple idea, I felt complete with it, and in this case, the pencil appeared as the perfect symbol of what is always present, everything we need.

I'm thinking we could all get a good idea of what "Easy Does It" feels like if we stepped outside and did something basic and simple. Breathed in, breathed out, and watched what is already present without any work on our part, everything. What more is there to want?

Maybe we should give up something everyday until we are back to the easy living we remember as children as we lay on our back in the grass and watched the clouds go by.

Maybe we should make it a law that everyone does this. Naw, then we would be back to complicated. Let's live as an example instead.

About Beca Lewis
As an author and guide Beca Lewis is dedicated to bringing Universal Spiritual Principles and Laws into clear focus, to shift material perception to spiritual perception, which following the law “what you perceive to be reality magnifies™”, adjusts lives with practical and measurable results.

Beca developed an easy system to do this called The Shift and has been sharing how to use this system to expand lives, and bring people back to the Truth of themselves for over 40 years.

Beca and her husband Del Piper are constantly working to develop new ways to support and reach out to others. Much of what they have been developed can be found for free at their membership site Perception They also founded The Women’s Council with the intent of “strengthening the connection to yourself, to others, and to the Divine.”

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