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When They Think of You, What Will They Remember?

By Jahiel Yasha Kamhi

Are you disgusted with yourself because you believe people should have a better opinion of you? Yes, sometimes we are afraid of judgment. We are afraid of failure, and sometimes of success, but most often we’re afraid of our own depressing thoughts.

To make you feel better, I have a proposal for you: sit down and write what you would like people to say about you when they think of you.

Do not be afraid. I am not asking you to write your eulogy. No, imagine at this moment you are an “important person” and someone is giving a speech in your honour. What do you expect to hear?

This could be very good therapy for anyone who depends on other people’s approval.

I asked a couple of friends of mine to write about their friends. Read what they have to say...

Friend 1
Despite your constant fear and anxiety, you were brave enough to do what your family expected you to do for them. I know you haven’t achieved your goal, what you wanted, and because of that, you suffered. But, you didn’t ask for another relationship or better circumstances. You received what you requested and you were satisfied, more or less, with your role. I believe you are a great person for one reason: you never ask what you can get, but what you can give, and I have liked you since day one.

Friend 2
When I met you the first time, I was so stupid as to say, “Everything I have heard about you is so good.” You were so honest as to answer, “If everything is so good about me, why do I feel so bad?”

Since our first encounter I have felt that the more I know about you, the better I feel. You are still my best friend and I am so proud of you and lucky to know you. In an inexplicable way, your spiritual search made you feel bad, and I still do not have any reasonable explanation for your feelings. Maybe, in your search for yourself, you just paradoxically wanted to help me. Thank you, Helen.

Friend 3
You always taught me about the human mind, which is the best gift I have received from you. You taught me that what the mind focuses on will expand into life, for good or bad. I chose love. And because I chose love, not just personal love, but love for people, I am here today to say, “Thank you.” I know, I sound like an idealist, and I have paid the price, but I still believe in the power of love and the power of the mind, as you have mentioned many times, my friend.

Friend 4 (the shortest story)
When I was totally down, Chuck, you told me, “Nothing in the world created your misery. Your response and state of mind created it.” Now, I understand life differently and better.

What is your story?

Jahiel Yasha Kamhi holds a degree in Medical Biochemistry and a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry. Jahiel writes regularly for and other magazines. He also delivers presentations that inspire others to find more meaning and balance in their lives. He is passionate about writing, and conveying positive ideas that help people live life with more passion and purpose. Jahiel's mission is to promote a good mental and physical health. Email at:

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