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Divine Intentions

By Douglas E. Holzmeier

“Great Intentions begin with Great Comprehensions.”

We all have intentions. It’s the comprehensions that trip us up. Those born into wealthy families can comprehend what wealth is, what it looks like, what it feels like, even what it smells like. No wonder we have the term old money. A person who knows abundance can easily see themselves remaining abundant.

The reverse is true as well. If you know poor, poor knows you. This is why it is imperative that you get to know some wealth, if being wealthy is your intention. Get to know the wealth and abundance that flows from the divinity that is within. Abundance flows from within just as Mozart’s music flowed from within. Elton John writes the melodies of his hit songs, but the music lover is the one who buys the records and the music company is the entity that writes the royalty checks. Elton is expressing his divinity, and that is what we connect with and embrace.

God’s good is everywhere. Open your eyes and your heart. Everything good you see started as a divine idea before it became a reality. Appearances are the major hang-up to progress. For all the talk about people living in the past and worrying about the future, the problem of only seeing what is, instead of imagining what could be, can be just as paralyzing. When I was having great success with my weight reduction a few years ago, one of the things I did was plan and prepare my meals several days in advance.

I didn’t waste time and energy contemplating every meal. When you plan in advance you prepare the way. My friend, Meg Chaffin, uses the term riding the brake. Without a vision we are hunting and pecking our way through life.

“Without clear intentions you will receive mixed signals, like trying to listen to several radio stations at once.”

Do you ever listen to an AM radio station and hear more than one station at a time? It usually happens if you are trying to tune in a distant station, mixed signals, hard to enjoy. Sounds fuzzy if the antenna is broken or there’s a storm, and all you hear is static. Are you experiencing static cling? Do you have clear intentions? If answering a simple question like What do you want gives you chills instead of thrills, then you are going to have a problem

attracting and manifesting your goals and intentions because you are not clear. The trivial matters of life are clinging to the important matters; while you’re attending to the trivial you neglect the consequential.

There is a way to attend to all things that is productive and divine. It is to simply look at everything as sacred. This is a powerful way of living. I admit it has been a problem for me. If the mundane things in life that must be done are frowned upon as meaningless and time wasting, then that will be the vibration you are in while doing them. Remaining in a higher vibration of gratitude is essential to realizing objectives. Getting upset about minor annoyances lowers your vibration and detracts from life’s peace and joy and slows the manifesting process. Proverbs 17:22 reads, “A cheerful heart is good medicine but, a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” How many of our hearts become as brittle as bones because of a lack of gratitude? The Bible suggests that the heart withers before the body. Life is sacred. Work and play with reverence for life and Life responds in kind.

“You externalize what you internalize.”

Try this little exercise. Pretend you are an interviewer on television and you are interviewing the richer, more abundant and happy you. Let the fully realized and sacred you tell all about how you became so successful and happy. You will be surprised just how clear and direct this already successful and sacred you is in telling your story. You become the story you tell yourself. Tell yourself a beautiful story! You are a beautiful story. You Are God’s Best Idea!

What’s coming out is already within. If your intentions, as well as comprehensions, are fully focused and the picture clearly imagined in Mind, you are well on your way.

Book of Love
The realization of my book, You Are God’s Best Idea!, has been my dominant thought and intention for nearly two years. Every time the question has been posed, regarding what I am going to do, the answer is always, “Write a book with my original epigrams in order to help people see and realize their inner and inherent divinity.” No hesitation whatsoever. This is something I wanted to give to my son on his high school graduation day. You allow time for what you love. I wanted to write this book. I knew it was going to take real time and attention. The Universe gave me what I needed, time in the form of my lay off from my radio position .

“As people move through life they choose to get better or be bitter.”

You don’t want to be the bitter person nearing the end of life wondering if you could have. Of course you could have. We all can! The thing that keeps people from following through on intentions is they fear they will fail. Who cares! Seriously, I’m writing the very best book I can, having never written one before. I know that my son will enjoy it and have it for evermore. I know that this is my way of expressing God’s Divinity within me. Any success beyond this realization is a bonus. Just writing the book is an exercise in success. I like that.

Become a practitioner of success. This book is not about encouraging you to spend more time wishing and hoping. I’m here to tell you that you are inherently divine and worthy of all that you can conceive. But your conception must be followed by intention and action in order for the blueprint to take form.

“The ways and means are as unlimited as God. Intend and begin.”

Whatever good you intend, know that the ways and means will be revealed once the clear intention is expressed. That means taking steps toward the ultimate finish line. If man can send a probe to Pluto, you can get a new job, lose a few pounds, and start a new career or Life. Intend and Begin! I have two additional thoughts about the ultimate finish line. You probably will find that the journey and the process toward the goal will be what you cherish. Also, if you accept the idea of Eternity and Infinity, finish lines are really going to be launching points to new and greater adventures and enlightenment.

“Things have never been better, but they can be.”

Don’t look at what’s now as bad. Bad is a poor jumping off point. Things just are. Think, instead, we’re getting even better! You need to appreciate where you are and the power that went into creating it. You’ll need this same appreciation and power to intend something new.

At this point I want to pause and reflect. As I write these words, Spirit is suggesting that I make sure I am reaching all the different readers who have picked up this book. For some, this is a book to reinforce what you already know, a book to set alongside other books on success and inspiration. For others, it is far more personal and immediate. You are hurting, confused, and in pain. So I will repeat: I wrote this book to tell those who did not know and to remind those who do know, you are Divine! You are beautiful and necessary. You Are God’s Best Idea! You matter--right here and right now—just as you are! It doesn’t matter what you ultimately acquire or achieve. Your divinity is assured. You are not obligated to do anything other than love God and your neighbor as yourself. All the rest is a bonus. If you want to give yourself a bigger bonus while uplifting the world, great--but it won’t make you anymore divine.

“Life is a dance to progress or a chance to regress. One leads to discovery and the other to another’s history.”

It’s Possible
This chapter began with one of the last epigrams I wrote for the book: “I would rather set sail upon the uncharted seas of possibility than row across a pond of probability.” I was inspired to write this while reading a book by author Raymond Charles Barker titled, You Are Invisible. In chapter eight, he writes about possibility and probability. There is a huge difference between the two. Ironically, we inadvertently encourage our children to pursue the probable instead of the possible. It seems that the path of least resistance is a pursuit of

the probable. It seems more probable that one will land the $50,000-a-year job instead of the $100,000-a-year position. That is the conventional thinking. You believe you are over qualified for the lower paying position and under-qualified for the higher paying position so you apply for the probable instead of the possible. What is missed in this equation, however, is that since most people think this way, the lower paying jobs receive the highest number of applicants while the higher paying jobs receive the lowest number of applications. The odds are in your favor if you go for the biggest prize: The Possible.

The biggest prize, whether it is a job or some great new scientific discovery, isn’t found on the other side of the easy-to-cross pond. It awaits the bold, the adventurer, the person who believes they are great enough to sail the uncharted seas of possibility to receive the treasure sought. You don’t need to look the part of hero to play the part of hero. Great looks matter most in high school and the modeling industry. High school is in the past and most fashion models have short careers. The person who has recognized and accepted their inner divinity, their inner beauty, is just this kind of being, the one who believes all things are possible with God, instead of the one who settles for the mediocrity of probability. As Raymond Charles Barker suggested, possibility is of the spirit, probability is of the human mind.

Your intentions become your reality when you express and accept your divinity and live the Undeniable Life.

“Life is a correspondence course where success is determined by your correspondence with God.”

You Are God’s Best Idea!
Have you ever heard a more ridiculous thing? Have you ever heard a more beautiful idea? Come along as contemporary mystic, Douglas E. Holzmeier (aka Doug Daniels), explains why You Are God’s Best Idea! and what the acceptance of your inherent inner divinity means in living the Undeniable Life. This book will tell you how to make the Law of Attraction work for you, with and through your divinity. Discover the Divine Ideas and the Divine Acceptations that lead to living the Undeniable Life. Experience the inspirational stories of manifestation and triumph from the author’s life in the radio and music industry and those of his family and friends. Through the epigrammatic writing style of Douglas Edward Holzmeier, you will understand, maybe for the first time, just how amazing, important, and divine you are.

Doug Daniels Media is Douglas Holzmeier's multimedia company. Doug is available as a Life Coach; Motivational Speaker; Voice Over talent and programming consultant.

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