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Movement and the Family

By Annie Burnside

When I first contemplated the theme MOVEMENT for this article, I felt certain that I would focus on the importance of physical movement as a portal for direct divine connection. Physical movement can be of great assistance in releasing mental and emotional blocks that leave us stymied and resistant to our own inner knowing. When my children feel anxious or confused as to their next life choice, I often prescribe physical movement such as dancing, walking, or raking as an antidote to clear the head and hear the voice of the soul.

While physical movement is a gateway to introspection and expanded spiritual connection, it is also important to recognize it as a reflection of the energetic movement that is occurring behind the scenes at all times. I am speaking about the movement that creates physical reality. This is the movement that manifests intentions. This is the movement that shapes thoughts, words, and choices into future life experience. I believe that if you offer your children insight into energetic movement, they may begin to understand and utilize the unseen, yet deeply felt divine presence that runs through all things.

In describing energetic movement to your children, water can be a very useful analogy. The ocean is a large body of water that flows at all times and cannot be stopped by anything or anyone. Each wave with its unique subtleties is an integral part of the ocean, but must ebb and flow with the larger aspect of itself just the same. We are also individual aspects of a divine essence that is continually moving and flowing in one direction. We can either be the wave, and crest and wane in unison with the whole, or we can attempt to resist the current and defy natural movement with great effort and manipulation. No matter which course we choose— one of allowing or resistance— just like the water the natural movement cannot ever be completely stopped. The same is true of the energy used to shape physical reality. We can indeed move against the current by refusing to follow deep inner sensings that keep us aligned with divine flow or we can begin to make conscious life choices that mirror our authenticity and move unencumbered by external voices toward a desired future.

In order to harness the ebb and flow of universal energies, I have found that you must become more intimate with your own interior. The energy that you are in is what you offer the world, and ultimately determines your physical reality. It is of utmost importance to be consistently aware of your own state of being. What lies beneath the surface of your exterior persona? A vibration of true joy, appreciation, love, empowerment and freedom feels light, peaceful, fluid, and clear within your body. It is a feeling of well-being, non-resistance, and quickened energetic movement. A heightened state of being signals a time for action. Your vibration reflects alignment with universal energies, and synchronicities should be acted upon at this time with enthusiasm. In other words, you can teach your children to strike while the iron is hot as they quite literally surge with the flow of universal energetic movement and harness the power to create sustainable energy around a desired physical outcome.

On the other hand, when you are moving against divine direction offered as intuition and deep inner knowing, your vibration feels blocked, dense, uneasy, and heavy. The actual cellular movement deep within the body feels slowed down and almost stagnant. At this time, taking a pause and moving into a phase of non-action is the preferable choice. Soul work becomes imperative here; quiet downtime allows for reflection and excavation of underlying beliefs, perceptions, habitual patterns, and overall paradigms that may be creating blocked energy within the whole system. These times of slower movement provide rejuvenation for the soul and are to be viewed as an important part of the process. At this time, children must be encouraged to allow themselves the necessary time for inner work. Alone time coupled with physical movement may be ideal for this leg of the journey; something that they can consistently rely on to tap into inner knowing.

By simply paying closer attention to your own interior rather than outside sources, you create an intimacy with yourself that will permeate and direct life choices. Over time, you will effortlessly feel in your deepest space the divine flow of energy of which you are a multi-faceted part. An inner knowing as to your state of being in relation to universal energetic movement is a hallmark of conscious living that can become the basis for creating the physical reality of choice. It is important to speak openly and consciously to your children of the energetic movement occurring at all times right below the surface of reality. Through your support, sharing, modeling, and daily discussions, your children will gain an expanded perspective of life experiences. Include your family as you uncover the gems hidden in the inner linings of your soul. Share with your family your capacity to determine times of action and non-action. Most importantly, assist your children in making life choices that are in alignment with all that they know to be true for them.

Annie Burnside, M.Ed., is a soul nurturer, author, public speaker and teacher specializing in conscious relationships and spiritual development. Her book Soul to Soul Parenting: A Guide to Raising a Spiritually Conscious Family (Wyatt-MacKenzie, June 2010) offers everyday mediums and universal, life-affirming themes to those families seeking to expand spiritual awareness. Annie resides in Chicago, IL with her husband and three children.

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