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The Journey to Discover the Divine

By Guy Finley

Self-Realization Author Guy Finley Talks About the One Journey Project and

Dr. Ellen Dickstein: Today we're going to talk about something truly exciting called the One Journey Project. Guy, please tell us about this project and the message you're trying to share with the world.

Guy Finley: We have created the One Journey Project to help the whole world remember something that's been forgotten: that even though we all are different people, living in different places – captured by different purposes relative to our culture – that underlying all of that, there isn't one of us who doesn't hurt, who doesn’t fear uncertainty. And, at the same time, who doesn’t share in something celestial that’s capable of answering all our heartaches. 

The One Journey Project makes evident an amazing, mostly unseen fact: using a chronological presentation of spiritual knowledge, handed down since the beginning of time – and repeated in beautiful ways – depending on the time and culture –it makes evident that there has always been only one divine life, and that all human beings everywhere are a part of it.

ED: Religions have so many varied forms, but you see a common thread running through all of them. What is that common thread?

GF: Have you ever met anybody who didn't want to be loved? Even from infancy, we're reaching out. We don't just want to hold something; we want to be held. Now, you can't be attracted to something, you can't want the love of something, without the love of something being in you for what you're attracted to. 

If you want to find love, it wouldn't even dawn on you to search for it if love weren't already in you. So the journey is discovering that what you’re looking for, you are being set out to find by Love itself. Divine love is looking for you. 

ED: Since religions have developed to help people find that connection to Divine love, why is there so much dissension between religions?

GF: First, real religion has nothing to do with what people see today. The word "religion" itself, the ancient meaning of it, was that a human being was intended to reconnect with that which is divine. So now, the process of the idea of finding something is replaced with the idea of realizing something. 

If I only have to realize something, then the real purpose of religion is to remind me that I have to realize something – not to send me out searching for something and then have authorities telling me, "No. You're doing this wrong." And that's where you have war between religious groups – my idea of where to find and how to do and receive is different from your idea. But all of those ideas are predicated on a mistaken understanding of the true nature of religion.

ED: Let's talk about the One Journey Project. It has associated with it this amazing new website,, which is an interactive website that has some wonderful features. One feature is an amazing, inspiring three-minute video montage on the home page. Another is The Living Book. Could you talk about that?

GF: All of our individual stories make up an incredible drama. But as individuals mature, we begin to grow weary of the drama. We recognize that it is produced by a certain dependency on things outside of ourselves. In that understanding we are weaned away from the drama. 

Now you go back five thousand years, and you have an individual who one day awakens to the fact that there is a completely different kind of life they're meant to have. They begin to make notes – to write down ideas. From those notes traditions and religions, spiritual paths and disciplines are created. 

You take all those ideas, from the beginning all the way through the present time, and you look at them all at once, and you realize: "Wait a minute. Everyone is saying the same thing! I thought there was this story and that story. But it’s all one story." 

Over time a “living book” has been created, but no one has ever seen the whole book at once. presents the whole book at once, and then invites everyone who sees it to submit from their own discipline or religious background, that which corresponds to this one great story. The result is a perpetual book that will move through time – electronically now – in which individuals can collectively and individually share in the new understanding that it is one story, and that we are individual tellers of it.

ED: It is so powerful when you look at all of these quotations from five thousand years ago until today from all over the world, and you begin to realize they're all sharing the same message. You realize it is my story too, and I can go on the same inner journey that all of these people have, and make the discoveries for myself.

GF: Because it's one journey.

ED: If enough people began to realize this, do you think it really is possible for the world to change?

GF: If just you or I change, the world changes. How much more so when you can introduce an idea that challenges the nonsensical, fanatical distinctions that people hold between different groups? And every little degree to which something is changed, changes the whole. The true butterfly effect. That's the hope.

Guy Finley is the bestselling author of The Secret of Letting Go, The Courage to Be Free, and 40 other works that have sold over a million copies in 20 languages worldwide. His newest book, The Seeker, The Search, The Sacred (2011, Weiser Books) reveals the common thread that runs through every human heart: the wish to unite with the Divine. The book is part of a larger project to share this healing message with the world. Visit to learn how you can help change the world.

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