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Is There a Special Trick for Law of Attraction?

By Joyce Shafer

Surely there is one technique that, if you knew it, would make Law of Attraction work every time. Do you believe that?

An ad for a Law of Attraction system arrived in my inbox and got my attention with its promise: a way to make LOA work every time. That promise gave me pause and prompted me to mull over my thoughts and experiences.

The school of thought is that LOA is always working. I accept this, particularly because I liken it to the hidden life force that operates our bodily systems like heartbeat, breathing, brainwaves, digestion, and so on. We don't have to consciously manage these things; something else does this for us--in our best interest--so we can focus on other matters of living. And, if we decide to get involved with how our body functions, we can be deliberate about using our brain power, diet, exercise, meditation, how much sleep we get, and more.

So, the first thing I want to consider about the ad's promise is Best Interest. To say you can make LOA work every time prompts several questions in my mind:

I believe our LOA experiences are tailored to our unique selves and experiences to help us gain conscious awareness, especially about our interconnectedness with all in existence and with the conscious, intelligent creative energy--not just to get something we want or need. We do want to be able to be deliberate about it at times (like eating a certain way to improve digestion, etc.), which is why I suggest looking at your own experiences of LOA in your life, whether or not you choose to use a system.

It's my opinion that Law of Attraction isn't as much a technique as it is a label used for the result of a State of Being, which I'll explain. And, that state isn't lived in 24/7 (it would be tedious to consciously operate your bodily systems along with every other part of your life 24/7). But, it is a state we find happens naturally at times--without deliberate thought to be in that state--and at other times deliberately, when we apply conscious awareness and thought about something specific. The rest of the time, we do day-to-day life--having the experience of being a human with simplicities and complexities, challenges and wins, voids and fulfillment, frustration and accomplishment.

When LOA has been natural for me, what happened was I had a thought that was actually a decision more than a desire--with no discord attached to it. No massive amount of description and planning was engaged. In fact, it was more a general idea, concept, or image that came to mind for a very brief moment. No attachment to attainment was present because, as I said, it was decided on--a done deal, before its arrival--more than it was felt as a desire. I love these moments, but for me they just happen, with no conscious intrusion or influence on my part.

No energy of fear or need is attached to these natural moments either; and neither do I attempt to amp up faith or the absence of doubt--I'm just "one" with the decision. No time limit or "by this date" is involved. Arrival into my life of what is a decided desire has varied from minutes to years--however long it takes for the timing to be right for me--in my best interest.

And, the word "want" is used. It's been said that the word "want" should be avoided because LOA will then work to keep you in a state of wanting. That hasn't been my experience, because I've found it's the energy supporting the word that influences what happens. When I said, "I want a lamp for that corner," the word was imbued with the energy of a decision with no discord (the perfect lamp was found less than two hours later in the basement of my apartment building--and it was free to take).

When I've said "I want...," and the energy was fear-based need, I had a very different experience. I think the need for deliberate times come my way to help me learn to apply what I described in my "natural" paragraph above, to matters that have sticky or entrenched fearful energy attached. The deliberate ones make me pay attention differently so I can figure out how to be in a natural state of being about something that's held me in its grip in a negative or limiting way, which may require more than one "visit".

I've also noticed the "deliberate" moments, when my energy is fear- or need-based, allow me to see that there isn't one trick to use at these times, but it is a good time to see what works for me at a particular moment. Here are a few ways that work when I'm not feeling as "natural" about LOA as I would like:

Do you see what those two bulleted items have in common? Letting go. It almost seems too easy. Letting go helps me move into a this-or-something-even-better frame of mind, which lets me slide into a more open, relaxed state of being--the LOA Natural State, you might call it--where "magic" happens.

Think back to times when LOA worked for you naturally, deliberately, or not at all. What was going on at the inner level when it worked effortlessly? What did you do or not do? What about when you felt you had to be deliberate (because you sure weren't feeling "natural")--what did you do that created results? And, what about when it didn't work--did you later (even if much later) realize that your best interests were being attended to, perhaps in ways that amazed you (once you got over thoughts like "Why me?" and "I'm such a failure")?

It amazes me to use this "rearview mirror" on my life to see that where I am in life at a particular moment is where I belong (like it or not, at times), and that if XYZ hadn't happened, even if emotionally painful, I don't know how I would have arrived where I belonged with the same cleverness the hidden life force employed. For me, this builds and expands trust in the hidden force that looks out for my best interests and the highest good of all involved, and assists or propels me, when I'm resistant, to my next destinations and life phases.

I don't see LOA as something that fits into the "One size fits all" category. The one-size-fits-all items never fit the same, look the same, or perform the same--because we're all different. Play with or try any system that grabs your fancy, but give some thought to what I've mentioned here.

The crux of what I ask you to consider is whether or not you've attuned to what your personal LOA experiences involve and feel like for you. You tap into true personal power if you grasp what this is for you as an individual and follow it--repeat and perhaps tweak--as needed. And that, my friend, is likely the most significant "trick" of Law of Attraction: you, your conscious awareness, and state of being drive it.

Practice makes progress.

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