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Start From Where You Are

By Geoffrey J. Canavan

In this crazy world of perception we so often demand that our own truth, our own success and our own happiness just goes away because then we're left with the illusion of what we are and it can be easier to believe in the illusion.

Fear of success is one of our greatest obstacles to growth and development.

Sometimes, on top of this, we fear losing that perceived identity in finding the truth of who we are. And some of us believe that success and happiness come with a very high price tag attached and involve some degree of compromise. We cannot accept that having everything we ever wanted is not only possible, but our natural state. It is almost as if we make a decision not to take the easy path but use instead a much more difficult route.

But success, happiness or personal truth will not ask you to give up anything of your self.

However, fear will demand that you surrender some aspect of success, happiness or personal truth because, in the presence of true success, happiness and personal truth, fear cannot exist.

The darkness of the world cannot make the decision to stay if we have already made the decision that the light within us will illuminate the past. Now we will start to see the world that for so long we wanted to see but only witnessed in fleeting glances.

Diminish any sense of failure, disillusionment and separation by dealing with your fear of having everything you ever dreamed of.

Sometimes we are aware of success and sometime we really feel like it's gone. As we play out this story the sense of our own achievement and the sense of our own success is nearly seen as dangerous because it seems like it is there one day and then it's not there. It feels uncertain so we start to view our own sense of purpose as being without stability. We never see how sad or how diminishing our ability to align our selves with failure is.

Success is our real identity. It is where we can release our selves to a world where freedom awaits and truth will always shine.

Real success does not involve sacrifice or loss of any kind.

Success and happiness manifest when we start to realize that we are relinquishing nothing. Instead, we are finding our true selves and reconnecting with what we thought we had lost.

Look Within
Always remember that the truth of who you are lies within. The real power of what you can be has to come from inside your self.

It's a futile exercise to look for success out side your self when true success, true happiness can only come from inside.

The world we live in is full of perceptions and is full of ideas of our own limitation. We can go through life constantly looking outside ourselves, constantly trying to find what we can never take ownership of. Yet the true realization of what we are must teach us that everything we need to be is already and firmly in our hearts awaiting the small change in perception, the small willingness to no longer see our selves as outsiders in our own personal world.

We all believe in lack, we've all experienced lack but our greatest lack is the non-realization of our own true self and the life that we can afford our selves through that knowledge. We must learn to let go of the purposes we may have assigned to the past. If we don't, the future will just be a continuation of the past in which failure and disappointment thrive. We need to engage on a course whereby we change all this and where we can in essence release our selves from continuous disappointment and failure.

We have taught our selves to preserve our identity even in failure and so the things that can save us will often appear to threaten us or threaten the identity we have become so attached to.

This need not be so if we all learn to look at life in a different manner and if we can find our hope within every fiber that we are, all based in truth, all based on the realization that we are, in essence, our own hero -- just waiting to reconnect with the world of truth and harmony.

Take Three Steps
Reconnecting with that truth and harmony starts with the recognition and acknowledgment of our feelings of being 'One Step From Meltdown' -- that last vestige of hope in a world that teaches hopelessness.

From there we have the potential to find a better perspective and move to the First Floor of our new experience of life.

The final step involves making the necessary changes as we move to the Ignition stage and create the perfect life we were born to live.

By going through One Step From Meltdown (recognizing and acknowledging the truth), First Floor (looking from a better perspective) and Ignition (making changes) you undertake the process of reconnection to the true You; the You who deserves the happiness and success you crave.

You make your self more complete and successful. You return to the person you always were. You simply re-engage with your true self.

It is here that you find all freedom and all the perfection of the perfect You you were born as. You are in tune with your own life, your own success and your own self.

In finding your self you open a world where you are seen in the truth of who You really are.

You see a different world and the world sees a different You.

It Could be You!
Alan is a salesman struggling to meet his targets every month. With every perceived 'failure' to measure up his confidence in his selling ability diminishes and falling short becomes his trademark.

Barbara thought she married the love of her life, only to discover that he was a controlling bully. At first she did her best to please him but now her main aim is not to upset him or give him any reason to launch yet another brutal verbal attack and list the many reasons that she is such a bad wife and mother.

Chris has never had any problem earning money but is always broke. No matter how much income he generates, his expenditure always exceeds it, as life seems to throw up expensive crises that swallow up all the cash and credit he can lay his hands on. He is now deeply in debt and has run out places and people from whom he can borrow money.

Alan, Barbara and Chris are all now feeling 'one step from meltdown' and thinking that there must be another way.

They each believe that they are trapped by their circumstances and can't see a way out and yet, for these fictitious characters and for every one of us, the beginning of change for the better is no more than a thought away.

There is no time, no place or no situation where success is absent, as long as we believe in our own truth and as long as we do not take ownership of fear.

Make Change Happen
We can do much more than just cherish a choice for change or cherish a longing to do things differently and better. We can actually start to see our selves in a whole new light.

We can start to accommodate what we know we are and we can tap into the resourceful wealth that is inherent in our make up and nature, often obscured but never, never lost.

Looking at the purpose of the position you find yourself in is a real benefit to the enactment of change. In other words, ask your self 'what purpose does my current situation fulfill and how is this purpose impacting on my own self-belief and my own integrity? What am I getting out of being broke/alone/afraid/sick? Who am I without my story of being broke/alone/afraid/sick?'

This process requires a depth of honesty that many people are not ready, willing or able to give.

If there's a reason you are in a situation that you are not happy with (and there is always a reason) then equally there is a reason and a way you can change. The choice for change is all-important in the course of achieving our own success.

Recognize and acknowledge that you are 'one step from meltdown' and be willing to believe that life can be better. Then actively look for better ways to live, think and act.

There is another way. There are choices. There is always a solution.

Crucial Questions
Before Alan goes to his next sales meeting, he admits that he is not happy with what's happening and decides to have a willingness to look at his life differently and in doing so, to look at himself and the role he is playing within his current situation. He simply asks himself 'Am I happy? Am I sad? Am I able to continue? Do I want to continue? Are there any positives to focus on?'

The next time Barbara's husband decides to verbally attack her she can choose not to accept his version of who she is. In doing this she begins to examine the purpose of this relationship -- for better for worse, good or bad. She looks at the reasoning behind her staying or leaving or changing this relationship. What's in it for her? When she honestly examines what purpose this situation serves then she can focus on her desire for difference.

Chris can break the cycle of lack by looking at the history of his lack, studying his non-abundance and being aware of his right for choice.

History -- including the history of lack -- has a tendency to repeat itself.

By deciding to openly acknowledge himself and his situation Chris can now begin the reconciliation of a life where abundance has failed him. The simple steps of looking at where he is and in truth deciding for difference become his passport to a whole new world which does not include not having enough or being without.

Chris learns about deciding for change and through this he will see how lack and non-abundance have been his prison.

A Better Perspective
Think about what happens when you move from the ground floor to the first floor of any structure. The perspective changes!

Once we have looked at and acknowledged the real truth of our situation 'on the ground' we can make the decision to move up to the first floor. This is where we can see any situation from a different perspective.

From our new vantage point, we can decide 'I can change; I can move on, I can explain my position to people in the context of re-evaluating a need for change. I can do nothing and even though I look at what surrounds me I have an option to stay as I am.'

At First Floor level there are always options and opportunities.

The question is now 'how do I transform what I see as a difficulty into an opportunity?' There is no point in engaging in a process without the determination for difference in ones' life and that difference must be apparent in the form of improved circumstances.

If we take the example of Alan the salesman his 'one step from meltdown' moments were those many meetings where the sales didn't happen, where he questioned his career direction and where his ability to deliver results was under threat. He is now recognizing some of the issues associated with his career and the feelings that these issues give rise to in his daily life.

By moving to a First Floor thought process he can now focus on simple things such as the product he sells, the market, the demand, the company he works for, why he continues working in this field and any other issues that may be relevant. It is here, at First Floor level, that he can unveil an honest assessment of himself and his circumstances and create a profile of his life/work relationship.

In this process he can focus on the difference between an unsuccessful sales meeting and an unsuccessful self.

Within the truth of starting from that point where he sees himself as successful Alan can begin to honestly evaluate the situations around him, make appropriate decisions and take appropriate action for change.

In practical terms, the product he sells might need to be updated. Maybe its failure is a reflection on the marketplace? The company he works for might be working off a system not appropriate for the current financial circumstance. There are endless reasons to examine but with his emphasis on his own successfulness these reasons will soon become apparent as he learns that success in any area is not about self-blame.

It's all about self-awareness.
From First Floor level Barbara learns about healthy self-love and realizes that she does not have to accept her husband's version of who she is. She views her situation from a better perspective. She can see where she has compromised her self and what she can do to develop her Self-respect. She accepts that she does not have to take ownership of or responsibility for her husband's opinion of her. She starts to recognize that she is doing her best and to acknowledge her personal right to success and happiness.

Moving to the First Floor Chris begins the empowerment of his own future and sees that it is just as easy to embrace abundance as it is to embrace lack and just as easy to embrace success, as it is failure. By looking from the First Floor, regardless of present circumstances, Chris now has the opportunity to focus differently on the world.

Through this different focus new opportunities will become apparent and hence a new abundance can be found.

All of this will come from Chris' willingness to see the world differently and fundamentally accept his birthright of success, his birthright of fullness and his birthright of completion.

The world teaches us separation. The heart teaches us that even what may have seemed like a changeless destiny can now be afforded an opportunity to change.

Within your heart lies your true identity.

This is your passport to freedom as you start to realize that in truth you will never be content with anything less than the real you.

It is here you find completion. It is here you find truth, honesty and happiness. There is a real alternative and there is a real escape. It all emanates from realizing your self worth and your self value.

The realization that the choice is yours is often the hardest thing for us to do but it's in that realization that we can then make the choice for change, difference, and enlightenment and the experience of living in the true fashion and in the true sense of what we are.

Light Up!
Every situation has a point of Ignition. Ignition is where the interaction begins. So in the context of change -- a change of direction in lifestyle, thinking, working or living -- we also find a point of Ignition.

Igniting the process for change is the beginning of real ownership of your own destiny.

Ignition involves making decisions based on your determination for a better way of living. Your historic 'failures' are no longer your future influences.

With the full knowledge of where they really are and the truth of the situations that surround them, Alan, Barbara and Chris can now look towards the phase of Ignition for change. They can decide on the most appropriate action they can take while maintaining the integrity of their own successful Self.

This integrity and this willingness for change become the map to guide and direct their choice for a future of difference. They can break past patterns and old habits and embrace a future determined by the honesty and direction that comes from the belief in their own self-success.

Armed with that feeling, which is probably the most powerful and abundant feeling you can have, they can now commence the phase of Ignition. The awareness of this newfound sense of personal integrity and success will lift their experience of the world.

Success loves success and so the attraction of this honesty will bring opportunities as they separate their sense of self from the old world of underachievement, victimhood and lack.

One Real And Perfect You
Don't confuse a failed situation with a failed person. Remember that there is no place for a substitute in your own life.

There is only one real and perfect You.

We all put on different faces in different situations but there is a core perfect You that doesn't change. Within that core you find and nourish the successful and complete Self that you may have compromised by circumstances or situations of difficulty.

Never give up on yourself -- because you don't have to.

At the point of Ignition we begin a journey whereupon interaction has a focus coming from that core of self-expression, honesty and truth. We have nothing to hide, nothing to apologies for and nothing to fear. Ignition is the beginning of the end of intimidation and a sense of loss.

Hope is restored through a deep understanding and a total acceptance of 'I am okay'.

This is the truth about real success is the realization that, regardless of circumstances, history, health, race, financial situation, education, gender, age, religion, social status or any other external influence, you are perfect and everything is okay.

The above is the first chapter from See You On Venus by Geoffrey J. Canavan

Geoffrey J. Canavan is an Author, Business and Personal advisor, working with mid-sized, owner-managed and large corporate enterprises. The focus of Geoffrey's work is about letting go of your investment in limitation. Geoffrey's work is also about hope, observation, integrity and the power of realism.

Geoffrey's vast business experience has led to a deep understanding of the nature of success and to the belief that, regardless of circumstances, education, social status, history or any other outside influence, success is an inside job, inherent in, available to and attainable by everybody.

Jerry Flynn, MD Sony Pictures:
See You On Venus is a book about learning to let go of your investment in self-imposed limitations so that you can dismantle the blocks you have created to your innate freedom, success, choice, happiness and completion.

It is also a book about hope, observation and reconnecting with your lost self -- the self of perfect success, happiness and harmony. Like a half-remembered song, each one of us carries a distant memory of how that perfection feels, but this memory is clouded by what we have learned on our journey through life.

The message is simple: you have the power to bring together the parts of your self that have become fragmented and to become one daring and truthful realization of the perfect star you truly are.

See You On Venus shows that you can stop undermining yourself and that you can hold the belief of the truth of what you can be. Remember, never lose moments in your own time when a decision to make a new choice or to see the world in a new way can be so freeing.

Whatever aspect of your life you want to focus on, however you define 'success' or 'happiness', wherever you want to take that inner perfection, it's really only a matter of realizing the unlimited resource that you already are (and always were) and reconnecting with what you have forgotten about your perfect self.

We all start perfectly successful. We all start complete. We acquire failure.

Real success is based on who we are within rather than anything we come by externally. The willingness to look at ourselves in a light of perfection, success, inclusion and completion provides a real opportunity to move forward in the true meaning of peace and happiness.

In this book Geoffrey Canavan explores the intrinsic nature of success and produces a universal road map for real life that can be tailored to corporate or individual needs. A must read for business and individual decision-making.

Tom Carpenter, Author and founder of The Forgiveness Project:
There is a way of thinking that will bring peace and happiness into our life; that will free us to the memory of a perfectly whole, completely loving and forgotten Self. It is an awareness that mystics and philosophers through the ages have tried to explain and teach how to access. Geoffrey Canavan is a modern mystic with the unique ability of explaining why and how our lives function the way they do and-- most importantly--in concepts we can relate to and using language we understand, showing us how to make choices that will change our self perception, and then the world that it has made for us.

In a world made from the belief that there is "something wrong with me," See You On Venus offers a refreshing and needed alternative to the beliefs that have made the ego's perception seem true. In a world given to finding better ways to defend ourselves and maintain the "distance" between us, it offers a way to find real healing through forgiveness and joining. For anyone willing to be truly happy or to "risk" finding the truth of who and what they really are, See You On Venus will be a blessing and a joy!

Robert Holden Ph.D is author of Shift Happens, Happiness Now, Success Intelligence and Be Happy:
More than ever, individuals, families, organizations, and governments need to create a vision for success that helps to deliver true happiness, abundance and freedom. Geoffrey Canavan shows us the way.

See You on Venus is available in Kindle format at Amazon.

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