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Seven Tips to Keep You Going...

By Gabriella Kortsch

We all have difficult moments. It doesn't really matter how wealthy we are, how beautiful we are, how professionally expert we are, how young we are, how successful we are, or how healthy we are. Despite that, moments come when life really feels like it is disintegrating. You just don't know how to continue. And of course if those moments come and we have not previously spent some time practicing what to do at bad times, then at those moments we might really believe we are falling apart. At such times we all need some tools, just to get us through the day.

If only they would teach us these tools at school! When I worked with inner city kids in Miami, and when I was a guardian ad litem with abused children there as well, we actually worked at giving these young people some tools to help them circumvent the often deplorable conditions of their lives. But we don't seem to consider it necessary - the educational system doesn't seem to consider it necessary to offer such tools as part of a regular curriculum to regular students.

But we can make use of and practice these tools at any point in our lives. As I've mentioned in previous articles, neuroplasticity (the flexibility of the brain to learn new behaviors and new things at any age) allows us to create new neural pathways as long as we practice something - anything - with awareness.

Gabriella Kortsch has written a highly-anticipated new book Rewiring The Soul: Finding The Possible Self that is now available globally in over 100 countries. This book can be critical in helping you make the positive changes you want in your life. Gabriella is so well respected by her peers that myself and numerous other authors and experts are joining in to spread the word. It's that important!

If it's your wish to walk through this world with a heart filled with love -- not only for others, but specifically for yourself, in the knowledge that love for yourself is the first step in attaining your own higher possibilities -- this is your chance to learn EXACTLY how, and to get numerous valuable bonus gifts to boot.

When you have read Gabriella's book, 'Soul' is no longer just a dogma, nor hypothesis, it is made real and as much a part of your being as your toes. We usually shut off our inner voice, yet by recognizing this aspect of ourselves we begin to discover our essential nature, our intuitive truth, and that becomes our loving guide. The author illustrates the limitations of living only as the mind's Ego, and demonstrates in practical terms how we can transcend this by awakening a conscious viewpoint, following the path of our intuition and feelings, no longer separated from our body and the reality around us, and integrating at last our Soul's inner guidance and wellspring of love. The implications are profound.

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