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How You Can Be the Light of the World

By Guy Finley

It always seems that in the face of any crisis the best and the worst of humanity is revealed for all to see. On one hand there are thousands who suddenly become aware (perhaps for the first time) of the pain and loss others feel and, foregoing personal interest, dive into the challenging waters of self-sacrifice and other charitable works of selflessness.

At the same time these crises -- especially those of a larger scale -- seem to draw out from under their darkened rocks, bugs in human form. These sub-species systematically prey upon the confused and desperate people who are dragged along in the wake of tragedy. Of these depraved souls that profit from the suffering of others we will speak no more. Cosmic Justice always prevails.

Let us turn our attention to how each of us may, every day, help to lift, heal and brighten the world we share -- so that through our individual spiritual efforts we do the work that first transforms our lives and then the life of the world itself. Is there such a Work? Is there a way to ensure Peace in us and therefore upon earth? Is this vision attainable? The answer is yes!

What is this great power that can change the world, that is entrusted to each of us, but that so few have realized in a meaningful way? Each of us is created to be the Light of the world. Let me amplify this truth: We may each become the Light of the world; and when Light is present what can remain hidden? How can any unseen darkness prevail if its presence is known before it begins its punishing action? Just think of such a power and the freedom from fear it promises. Yet, permit me a needful word of caution:

The truth is that this positive power is but potential in us now. If it were already actualized in us then negative states would not be able to dominate us; their evil effects would be non-events.

So our first step is to awaken to our actual spiritual condition, not accepting this finding as a limitation, but seeing it as an invitation to transcend our current consciousness. Even to suspect it possible that we, as individuals, can work to "positize" the world, ending its pain of being in the dark by becoming instruments of the light, should be all we need to start us on the journey of making it so. And let it be known that to actualize what we can intuitively visualize is the spiritual journey.

How do we awaken the living Light within us? What is required of us to realize this power of Powers that is able to transform one's soul and the soul of the world as well? How can we use our God-given potential to claim this living Light within us? How can we help ourselves to bring this Light to bear in our day-to-day lives?

Here is the Way in which it is possible for each of us -- wherever we are and regardless of our circumstances -- to be the Light of the world: We must cease to be an unconscious part of its darkness. We must stop giving form to dark forces.

How do we give these dark forces a body? You be the judge of the evidence: Has your mouth ever spoken out in a dark or critical rage? Have your eyes ever looked harshly upon someone and judged him in anger? Whose mind hasn't schemed for secretly self-serving purposes? Hasn't your heart ever been the harbor for some dark resentment? Haven't our hands reached out in fear, or our feet raced anxiously to rid ourselves of some stressful worry? The point is clear.

If we will dare to consider the evidence within us, we can't help but see the fact that we have all been unconsciously compromised by a darkness that comes into us and uses us for its dark ends. Well, now we have the light at hand to bring an end to this unseen, unseemly relationship.

We must no longer agree to do the dark will that wants us to be its person. We must want, and put first, the will of what is Light and right for ourselves and everyone else around us. This means we must wake up, come aware, and see what kind of being it is that we express in the moment. And, right then and there, dare to defy and drop any dark state that wants its expression through us.

This higher willingness to drop dark states, coupled with our new awareness that nothing real can stop us from working at this, is the first stirring of the living Light that already dwells within us. But we must give our lives to this Light if we wish for it to become our own.

If we will make it our intention to bring this Light into every corner of ourselves, and not flinch when what is dark reveals it has made a home for itself therein, then we and our world will soon be filled with Light. This is Truth's promise. Make its fulfillment your Aim.

About Guy Finley
Best-selling “Letting Go” author Guy Finley’s encouraging and accessible message is one of the true bright lights in our world today. His ideas cut straight to the heart of our most important personal and social issues – relationships, success, addiction, stress, peace, happiness, freedom – and lead the way to a higher life.

Guy is the acclaimed author of The Secret of Letting Go and more than 37 other books and audio programs that have sold over a million copies in 16 languages worldwide.

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