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Peter Shepherd
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Peter Shepherd produces an audio version of the Cultivate Life! Magazine, featuring selected articles. Ever have the feeling that dis-ease was controlling your life? Perhaps it's not even a chronic illness. Do you harbor anger? Resentment? Frustration? Laura Turner offers four creative steps to healing. Then Linda Sapadin looks at the male survival skills of misleading, deceiving, deluding and disengaging are an anathema to women. Finally this week, Annie Burnside explains how we can experience a deeply felt Unity with all. Like a facet of a beautiful diamond, you reflect light in your own individual way while remaining always a purposeful aspect of the whole diamond.

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Today we are adding the ebook, "The Art Of Positive Thinking"...

Do you want to remain centered, motivated and keep a favorable attitude at all time? You understand that feeling that you get and feel once you've just come out of a great seminar, read a terrific book or listened to an awesome audio. You feel like you are able to climb any mountain, float any seas and sell ice to the Intuits. After a few days that feeling fades and finally melts away till the truth of life gets in the way. That's when you tell yourself to believe positively in spite of the challenges that life places with you.

Here is a scheme which will turbo boost your favorable attitude, provide you laser beamed focus and make you combust with motivation. I've utilized this technique to prepare my brain so that all the favorable influences are better..

  • Carry on a 30 day emotional detox. Do not watch television for thirty days. News programs, negative shows, gossip shows and so forth.
  • Do not listen to the radio unless you're listening to awesome songs with favorable lyrics and no radio host with damaging opinions.
  • Study quarter - half-hour daily at the beginning of each day from an uplifting book to boost your favorable mental attitude, no trashy novels.
  • Listen to a personal development compact disc platform daily. Exercise more, park farther away and walk around the block. Walk rather than driving everyplace; walk up the stairway rather than taking the elevator or moving stairway, better still if you are able to, join a gym.
  • Spend less time or confined time with damaging individuals rather than three hours provide them twenty minutes of your time.
  • Enlarge association, get around favorable individuals.
  • Cut down on the paper, disempowering and limiting data.
  • Drink scads of water. If you're dehydrated it lets the nutrients release the toxins.
  • Contemplate 15 - 30 minutes centering on and reading your goals, what you wish to have occur, what you're thankful for.

I guarantee that you'll see a little striking result over the next thirty days. Keep a success diary and enjoy your fresh positive attitude.

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