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Peter Shepherd
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Peter Shepherd produces an audio version of the Cultivate Life! Magazine, featuring selected articles. First off this week, Linda Sapadin looks at the positive and negative aspects of being a people-pleaser. Then Chuck Gallozzi disputes that it necessarily takes much time to change habits or behavior and offers some powerful tools for transformation. Finally Owen Waters explains why he believes we are here on Earth to learn how to translate universal love into human form.

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Today we are adding "Resolve to Learn Something New Today!" This book will help you to be geared up, to go out and learn with self-assurance, and to be steady when it comes to setting your learning into motion. We formulate assorted skills, mostly related to subjects however also some life skills. Oddly, however, very few individuals I meet have ever been schooled how to learn. We discuss reading - but what about 'learning'?

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