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The Benefits Of Having An Open Mind

By Ryan Round

The benefits of maintaining an open mind are many and life expanding. The only way that a person can learn new and interesting things is to have an open mind. This doesn't mean, of course, to accept and believe everything that one hears, but rather to listen to new information, and to consider and evaluate its merit and its source, and whether it feels right.

Thanks in large part to the Internet, as well as exciting advances in every field of knowledge imaginable, the world is abundantly rich today with an explosion of information. It is coming at us so fast that it is easy to become overwhelmed. It seems as though so much of what we learned in school is now out of date and that it would be beneficial for everyone to start our education all over again.

For instance, we now know that the Newtonian Rules describing the nature of matter have been greatly expanded on by exciting discoveries made by open minded quantum physicists. We have now learned that there are much smaller particles than atoms and that everything is in constant motion. The idea that everything is energy and vibrating, though being described to us as factual, and while we may accept it intellectually, is very difficult to comprehend. Our training and early learning that matter is only solid has been thoroughly indoctrinated into our understanding and knowledge base of reality.

Because of such limiting "rules of the road" the expectations for average humans have been severely curtailed. We have no idea of who we really are or what we are capable of. We are mystified, stumped and suspicious of any concept that does not fall within the thoroughly ingrained knowledge that has been burned into our heads describing solid matter as rigid and obedient only to Newtonian Rules. The idea that matter is anything but solid and unmoving is impossible for a closed minded person to even begin to comprehend. This is true to the extent that some people refuse to accept proven scientific evidence of such incredulously exciting information, even though it has been thoroughly proven. Such knowledge has served as a launch pad of astounding discoveries changing lives everywhere through new technologies and a greater understanding of paranormal experiences.

However, some people, no matter their background as a highly educated scientist or a high school graduate construction worker, remain deadlocked into fixed and restrictive old school notions that prevent them from accepting new information. This is unfortunate because there is so much to learn, and much of this new information contains concepts that can improve our lives individually and collectively. The possible improvements are not solely related to material advancement, but to our spiritual evolvement as well.

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