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Qi Gong Is Not Complicated

By Franklin Fick

A big myth about Qi Gong is that it is complicated. This just is not the case. In fact it is the complete opposite. Qi Gong is simple. If you find someone that is trying to promote it as being complicated then it is probably best to keep looking.

Qi Gong is based on nature. Ancient people observed nature. They noticed natural rhythms and patterns. These natural laws form the basis for the energy practices that we have today.

Ancient people noticed that flowing water does not get stagnant and dirty. They devised exercises that move the body and circulate the energy in the body imitating the flowing water they observed in nature. Other systems of exercise are based on the movements of different animals. A good example would be the Five Animal Frolics. Animals know how to keep themselves healthy. Just watch a cat stretch when it wakes up from a nap.

So why do some people promote Qi Gong as being complicated? I feel it is because they need to differentiate themselves- maybe from other teachers or maybe to differentiate their system from other systems. Sometimes this can be more about the business aspect of teaching and attracting students then anything else.

Some of these teachers try to impress students with theories. Now the theory can be very complicated and intricate but the practice always starts form the basics and works up. The practice is what gives the benefits. The theory is to guide you as you advance and continued practice helps you understand the theory.

Now there are systems that do have very complicated practice methods. These systems often contain forced practice methods. The more complicated and forceful the training methods means that there are more things that can go wrong with the training. This type of training needs careful guidance and supervision. Other then this type of system, many styles of Qi Gong can be easy to learn and safe to practice.

Remember, nature is simple. It is not contrived. Qi Gong should be the same.

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