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The Secret of Good Health

By Roseanna Leaton

Can you remember your mother saying to you as a child "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy and wealthy and wise"? Or perhaps somebody may have suggested that if you ate all of your "greens" you would grow up to be big and strong? These "old fashioned" sayings are clearly based on fact. To get a sufficient amount of sleep is important for good health, and to sleep when the sun has set as opposed to when the sun is high in the sky suits most people's physiology best. There is also abundant evidence to prove the importance of nutritious green vegetables in our diet.

We are proffered endless dietary and lifestyle tips, each aimed at promoting a state of good health. Few of us however are aware of how our thoughts and attitudes impact upon our physical health. We tend to think of our minds and bodies as completely separate parts of our reality, and yet this could not be further from the truth. Every single thought you have starts off a chain reaction within your body. Each thought creates an emotion, a feeling, and this in turn triggers a chemical reaction within our body. And so each thought has the capacity to trigger neuro-transmitters and hormones which send messages to every cell in your body.

Michael Bernard Beckwith has been quoted as saying :- "The question frequently asked is "when a person has manifested a disease in the body, can it be turned around through the power of right thinking?" and the answer is absolutely, yes". This implies that not only can your thoughts help promote a constant state of good health, but your thoughts can also promote healing within your body. Many people who have experienced serious illnesses, such as cancer, have learned the power of visualization and positive thought in fighting and mastering disease.

All of your thoughts have energy, which vibrates at a particular frequency. Positive emotions vibrate in a positive manner and have a relaxing, soothing and healing effect upon our physiology. Negative emotions have the opposite effect and research has shown the part they play in the promotion of illness and disease. According to the principles of vibration, all you need to do is to emit the emotion that is opposite to the negative emotion which you don't want to experience, and one vibration will negate the other. Thus the negative emotion disappears and soothing emotions can be experienced instead and these will be a salve to your physiology. In this way you are providing your body with the emotional environment which allows self-healing to take place.

Research using brain imaging techniques has shown that your brain does not know the difference between something that's real and something that's vividly imagined - this is fact. Research has also shown that you can use your imagination creatively to release endorphins which give a feeling of well being whenever you want to. Once again, the effect is to provide your body with the environment in which self healing is actively promoted. Your mind can be used to boost your immune system, to produce an endorphin release and to maintain a state of good health in general. It is truly amazing how powerful your mind is, once you learn to direct and focus upon good health and well being.

The key which opens the door to your mind and this type of self-healing is hypnosis. Hypnosis is a state of relaxation, and it also allows your creative mind to come to the fore. Hypnosis allows mental thoughts and images to have greater clarity and focus, and it allows feelings such as self-confidence, well-being and harmony to be more easily evoked. These emotions in turn promote self healing and good health. You don't even have to visit a hypnotherapist in person to set this ball rolling. You can get a self hypnosis download instantly in your own home and try it for yourself.

As you learn to focus on images of good health and wellbeing this is what you will be attracting into your reality. You can use hypnosis downloads to help re-train your brain to focus on good health and well being and feel fantastic in every way. This really is the top tip for the promotion of good health.

Roseanna Leaton is a specialist in hypnosis downloads for health, balance and well-being. With a degree in psychology and qualifications in hypnotherapy, NLP and sports psychology, Roseanna Leaton is one of the leading practitioners of self-improvement. Grab a free hypnosis mp3 from and peruse her extensive library of hypnotherapy health downloads for well-being.

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