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The Complicated Human Existence

By Frank DeMarco

"We are confronted, at every new stage in the differentiation of consciousness to which civilization attains, with the task of finding a new interpretation appropriate to this stage, in order to connect the life of the past that still exists in us with the life of the present, which threatens to slip away from it." --C.G. Jung, The Archetypes And The Collective Unconscious, p. 157

"And of course the inner processes are very patient. The puzzle of humanness is apparently not meant to be a simple affair to be easily mastered. Whatever deals with human lives is naturally patient." --Wilson van Dusen, The Natural Depth in Man

A human being is very complicated. It is a temporary collaboration of many forms of energy, all of which have to work together more or less harmoniously. You shouldn't be surprised when something goes wrong. You should be surprised and grateful that so much goes and remains so right, so long, with so little attention needed from the person for whom the work is done.

You are a part of nature, remember. Your body is of the earth--that is, it exists subject to physical laws. It exists only because of the interplay of vast physical forces usually unnoticed. This is not merely a matter of genetics or food and drink and exercise, or a balance of rest and activity. It is not even as simple as proper interplay of electrical and chemical signaling systems, though these are essential. It is not at all the automatically functioning mechanism you experience it to be, any more than Star Trek's Enterprise is an automatically functioning mechanism. The control systems, the active monitoring intelligences, function behind the scenes or below decks, or however you want to put it. But the active, functioning, unresting intelligences that run your bodies are of a different order of being than the person-mind recognizes, so it all happens "auto-magically."

The intelligences that coordinate activity to run your bodies are of a different order, because they are shaped for a different order of task. They don't watch Star Trek with you; they monitor the glucose level moment by moment, instead, or they regulate adrenaline, or seek out unwanted presences in your bloodstream and seek to destroy them. At this level your body is run by intelligences very similar to the level of mind that enables a tree root to seek minerals or go around a rock.

So when you do your healing work, on yourselves or on others, this is a layer of intelligence that must be accessed, but obviously you and it do not have a common language. You do not in fact inhabit the same mental world, if you will forgive us describing the intelligence that processes blood sugars as having a mental world. We know that sounds strange to you, but how else would you put it?

At the other end of the scale of cooperating intelligences are minds more like what you are accustomed to, but functioning in a different way because in a different environment and on a different scale. Us, in fact. We see wider, longer, we have vastly more foresight, better perspective, uninterrupted consciousness, if of lower intensity.

And in the middle, still several layers. You as person-mind, living in the moment, coordinating or at any rate surviving the interplay of various strand-minds that are of the complexity to have previously been person-minds themselves. But also you as ultimate coordinator of hidden and uncomprehended forces, more abstract than tangible, in a way. Chakra energies. The organs. Groupings or conceptions you use in addressing your body's intelligences--talking to a shoulder, for instance, finding the underlying cause of a trauma. These concepts you use work, but they are only epicycles. And there are all your innumerable past selves of this lifetime--you 10 years ago, you on March 12, 1956, etc. (Yes, yes; many of you weren't even alive in 1956; it's just an example.) All this needs to be sorted out into various levels of mind, each with its own characteristics.

It's too much to expect to sketch in all the detail at once. The crucial point was, and is, that the human body-mind is a vast intersection of many types of energy, each of which has its own characteristic intelligence, its characteristic qualities and the defects of those qualities. Nothing is dead, or mentally dead, not your fingernails, not your red corpuscles. But you must not expect your red corpuscles to read Milton or do algebra or understand speech or the concept of people. What it does, it does well, and it can only do it well by being designed for it--which means being designed to be unable to do things of a nature different from its own. The same may be said of anything, from the simplest kind of mind to the most complex.

Remember this. Just as you came to realize that everything in the world is alive, realize that everything partakes in some form of intelligence characteristic to it. A rock's intelligence will not resemble yours any more than its life is even recognizable to you. Nonetheless, if you think any corner of physical creation is without life and without intelligence, you are thinking there is some absolute separation in reality, and there is not. Is not. How could there be?

The above excerpt from, The Cosmic Internet: Explanations from the Other Side by Frank Demarco, is courtesy Rainbow Ridge Books.
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Frank DeMarco holds an M.A. in History from the University of Iowa and a B.A. in History from George Washington University.

His work as Co-Founder and (for 15 years) chief editor of Hampton Roads Publishing Company brought him into close association with many brilliant and insightful minds, including psychics, remote viewers, channelers and mystics, and showed him the human side of extraordinary abilities.

In 1992, his psychic abilities opened up at a Gateway Voyage at The Monroe Institute in central Virginia. Since then he has been engaged in first-hand exploration of the nature and limits of all things psychic, especially including such areas as healing and guidance, direct access to knowledge, communication with past lives, and the integration of the spiritual dimension into everyday life.

His autobiographical work Muddy Tracks: Exploring an Unsuspected Reality describes the first stages of his discovery of the key to expanded awareness, and offers pointers for those just beginning their quest. In his weblog he shares the journey and the results of continuing explorations. His blog, "I of my own knowledge..." investigates what individuals can know first-hand about the purpose and conduct of life.

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