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Your Heart Is the Compass for Your Soul

By Anne Hartley

Imagine if there was an easier way to navigate through life that changed your perception of the way life could be. How much easier could your life be if it came with a map which showed you how to get from where you are to where you want to be? And what if that map showed you how to easily change decisions and choices you made in the past which limit you?

I believe that life really does come with a map, it's just that most people get so caught up in their judgements about life, themselves and other people that sometimes they can't see what is right in front of them. Your heart is the compass for your soul. Your heart's desires are your soul's way of motivating you to follow the path that will make you happiest and I want to clarify what I mean by heart's desires before we go any further. We live in a society where we have been conditioned by the corporate giants and the media to want more, more, more and sometimes it's easy to confuse accumulation with your heart's desires.

Your heart's desires are about personal fulfilment, not accumulation. America has one the highest standards of living in the world yet on a 'happiness index' scale 1, which was carried out in one hundred and forty eight countries. America ranked forth sixth out of fifty on this scale, proving that simply having more possessions, or a better standard of living, doesn't necessarily make you any happier. Australia ranked quite high coming in around eleventh and New Zealand ranked eighteenth.

Passion and fulfilment result from trusting your heart and choosing goals that you feel are your personal calling. You may dream about being happily married, having happy well-adjusted children, writing a book, climbing a mountain, being a life coach or starting a business. Dreams from the heart are not about accumulation. There is nothing wrong with wanting money or possessions, as long as they don't own you and they do not represent your self-worth. Goals which come from the heart have a lot more positive energy behind them therefore making them easier to achieve.

I believe the reason we have become a society which is so stressed is because we have allowed our intellect to govern our life choices and the consequences of not trusting your heart is that you often miss the signs that could make your life easier, happier and more prosperous.

I had a conversation one day with a man who was trying to convince me that it's not good for us to have desires. He said that we all have emotional needs, as defined by Maslow's hierarchy of needs e.g. food, shelter, love and so on but desires take us away from inner peace. This viewpoint may appear to be in conflict with my statement that your emotional needs are the compass for the soul, it doesn't have to be. There is nothing wrong with emotional needs or wanting material possessions, it is only our attachment to them that can take us away from inner peace. I believe that our emotional needs guide the soul as to the direction and choices that best serve our spiritual evolution.

I often say that there is an epidemic of confusion in our society today and confusion occurs when you stop listening to your heart and you allow your intellect to rule your life. You also disconnect whenever you make a judgment of any kind, particularly when you make a judgment about your needs. That judgment could be that you shouldn't have such needs because they aren't altruistic enough or they are beneath you. Or, you shouldn't need something or someone because you should be stronger.

Wayne Dyer said at one of his seminars that he became a teacher because it was a job that promised to give him a degree of freedom, something that was really important to him. However, once he worked as a teacher he found that his time was still quite regimented and he noticed that school counsellors had more freedom, so he became a counsellor. Each career move was motivated by his need for freedom, which eventually led him to give up paid employment to become a full time author. Wayne's books have sold tens of million of copies and his talks have inspired countless people around the world. This would not have happened if Wayne had ignored this need.

You only have to look at your life to see if you are listening to your heart and following the path most suited to you, because when you are your life flows, it's easy and you feel happy.

Anne Hartley is an author and the creator of the Heart Process, a model for happiness based on trusting your heart and living by your values.

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