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We are Energy Beings!

Excerpt from Sleep Well, Be Healthy, by John Living

The Human Being
We believe what we can see. When we see another human being we see their face, their clothes, and other parts of the body that are not hidden. We see movements and expressions which we can interpret as signals.

But our sight is limited to a small range of the electro-magnetic spectrum, that which includes the colors of the rainbow; we cannot see infra red or ultra violet light, although the effects of light in these colors can be observed.

Some people can see more - and they report that our bodies are surrounded by auras, and that there are flows and patterns of different colors in the various parts of our auras.

Western medicine considers the body to be a bio-electro-chemical system, with various organs that can be dissected and sometimes exchanged, like using spare parts to repair an automobile or computer.

Eastern wisdom accepts that there are systems that cannot be seen, but are crucial to a person’s health and well-being.

Both are correct - but the body is more than even the combination of these views. Life force is recognized as existing, but has never been examined; and many religions believe that we ‘have a Soul’ without being able to describe it completely. Perhaps it is more correct to know that we are Souls that are having experiences in human bodies.

We are Energy Beings!
Physicists have shown that each atom is made of sub-atomic particles, all of which are forms of energy; and the nucleus seems to be surrounded by electrons, which are the basic form of electricity with its associated magnetism.

Such atoms combine to form molecules - and the properties of molecules differ from that of their components.

For example, hydrogen and oxygen are gases - they combine to form water which has different freezing and boiling points from the constituent elements, and can be drunk and used for cooking. When combined with other elements the properties can change to be acidic or alkaline.

The cells of our body are made from molecules - and controlled by the molecular structures that form our DNA; viruses are tiny sub-sets of DNA portions that can interfere with our own DNA in cells and cause sickness.

It seems that for animate life to exist, a form of DNA is required; conversely the DNA structure itself has a form of life - and this is so for even the submicroscopic sized virusesOur body cells form all our bones, flesh, organs, nerves, neurons, and blood - our physical Being is all made of these energies doing different jobs, like teams of dancers making different dance patterns at varying speeds.

A body may have its full complement of DNA and cellular structures, but may not be alive - so there is more to life than just energy cells and electro-magnetism. This is confirmed by the auras of people; a person whose aura is badly damaged, misshapen, extremely dark, or missing probably has little ‘life force’.

Edgar Cayce was about to enter an elevator, when he noticed that he could not see any aura around any of the other people waiting to descend. He stood back, and so did not get killed with those who rode the elevator to their death when it crashed. Cayce’s record in Distant Healing of people that he had never met personally also proves (to all except those who rely totally on the ‘must be repeatable’ proofs of non-spiritual science) that energies are involved that are not of the physical dimension, although they may operate in it.

Some people, such as Cayce, may be able to see some of these energies some of the time. Most of us do not have this ability - but we cannot see radio waves either, yet know that they exist, because we can hear their effect on a radio receiver.

Currently people know much more than those who lived a hundred years ago about the cosmos, this earth, health, and how electro-magnetic energies work.

But we do not know it all! And the biggest gap in our knowledge concerns other dimensions of existence.

We have a choice - we can believe that the physical dimension is the total of all creation, or we can accept that other dimensions exist - perhaps with life forms unknown to the physical world.

If we choose to have an open mind, we can endeavor to improve our knowledge and understanding of such other dimensions, and find ways to work with the various energies that operate in them.

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