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Revealing A View

By Beca Lewis

While writing this I was sitting on a friend's wide and open porch in the Berkshires. In the distance, I could hear Del's chain saw as he worked at a client's home revealing their view.

Their home sits on a hill surrounded by trees. During the winter, while the leaves were off the trees, they noticed that they had a wonderful view of the top of a mountain. Once the leaves returned in the spring, their view was gone.

Enter Del with his artistic expertise with a chain saw and two days later their view emerged again. It is hard work. As he works he must be wise enough to choose which trees to remove and which trees must remain to perfectly frame the view.

The trees are not easy to reach. He has to go into the valley to find them. He can slip on hidden rocks or trip on hidden obstacles. Underbrush has to be cleared. Hundreds of little tree sprouts that grew unnoticed because no one was tending the forest, must be removed.

Most days Del is not in a forest cutting down trees to reveal views. Most days we are helping people reveal the view of their True nature and the possibilities of their lives.

So many things clog the view to each of our true selves. World events, daily activities, past events, current events, busy schedules, stress, planning and maintaining the minutiae of living.

Add to this the underbrush of old habits, points of view and states of mind, and soon we are not only unable to see the view, but we often forget that it exists at all.

What reminds us that the view is there? Sometimes in the winter of a situation when all is laid bare, the view is revealed. Sometimes someone tells us what they have seen. Sometimes in quiet moments the vista clears before us. Sometimes a still small voice speaks and we hear.

In his client's forest, Del can cut down the trees to reveal the view, and even maintain it for them if they wish. However, in the forest of each our minds we must do the work for ourselves.

Each of us has to get to work cutting out those "trees of thought" that block our view. Each of us has to go down into the valley. Each of us has to clear out the underbrush. It's hard work. Sometimes we slip on hidden rocks and sometimes we trip on hidden obstacles.

As hard as the work may be no one can do it for us. The work is ours to do. The work can't be assigned to another. However, the process of the work can be shared. We can ask for guidance. We can seek out those who have been in the forest before to learn which trees should be removed and which ones can remain to frame the view.

Although there is work to be done in clearing our views, it is a glorious work. This work has a purpose, it has a reward, it has meaning, and it has equality. In fact, it is the only work worth doing. Work as defined by the worldview is about survival. Clearing work is about the celebration of Life and its unlimited abundance.

When Del is clearing a view he does not "hang out" in the underbrush he clears, or mourn the loss of the trees, because he knows that they add to forest floor which nurtures the next generation. Instead, he celebrates the view. As we do our own clearing work let's not become bogged down in the mess it initially creates. Instead, let's celebrate together the view of infinite abundant possibilities for all.

About Beca Lewis
As an author and guide Beca Lewis is dedicated to bringing Universal Spiritual Principles and Laws into clear focus, to shift material perception to spiritual perception, which following the law “what you perceive to be reality magnifies™”, adjusts lives with practical and measurable results.

Beca developed an easy system to do this called The Shift and has been sharing how to use this system to expand lives, and bring people back to the Truth of themselves for over 40 years.

Beca and her husband Del Piper are constantly working to develop new ways to support and reach out to others. Much of what they have been developed can be found for free at their membership site Perception They also founded The Women’s Council with the intent of “strengthening the connection to yourself, to others, and to the Divine.”

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