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Truth or Consequences?

By Karen Wright

Have you stopped listening to and reading the daily news yet? Have you stopped allowing pundits and critics and in-the-know commentators you don't know from filling your head with their truths and their fears? Democrats, Republicans, Tea-Partiers, liberals, moderates, traditionalists, conservatives, fundamentalists, Wall Street analysts, even TV celebrities, for God's sake - everyone has an opinion and an agenda.

I used to believe that listening to those well-rehearsed, educated mouths would help me make sense of this world and give me a chance to make informed decisions. But, all the emotional squabbling and contradictory proclamations simply left me feeling even more ignorant and fearful of making any decision regarding my life and future.

It's like witnessing a car wreck. At first you're shocked, then captivated, finally sickened. In an age of unlimited communication avenues and free speech (in most of the world), we're saturated with biased opinions and starving for truth.

Somewhere, probably everywhere, in our up-bringing we were taught that others knew far more than we did. We were intimidated into deferring to the loudest voice. We stopped offering our own views after having them bashed and dismissed with conceited distain.

Yet, truth lies within each of us - in a voice so faint that it's often unheard among the ear-shattering barrage of non-stop quarreling. It takes no courage or personal honor to hop on someone else's bandwago. Heck, we all want to belong to something. But, beware the spiritual cost of turning your mind over to anyone else. They have their own reasons for believing as they do - are they your reasons?.

When those around you throw their hats into a ring of faith, philosophy or belief, it can be hard to hold out if you remain unmoved. Friendships might end. Rejection is a real possibility. You will either sell your integrity in order to belong, or pay the price of telling yourself the truth about the basis of your relationships. In the long run, which toll can your soul sustain?.

Our world doesn't encourage us to think or act independently. It rewards and supports conformity. Safety in numbers, and all that. But, the seed of Truth (with a big T, not the ephemeral little truth of circumstances) was planted within your heart and soul. It has never changed—no matter the circumstances.

* Truth is Truth always.
* Violence leads to violence.
* Anger comes from fear.
* Worldly power is a sham.
* No one is worth more than another.
* The loudest, most emphatic voice, knows no more than any of us of what really matters.
* Thinking and acting like we always have will guarantee a future that looks like our past.

And even my words and opinions should be scrutinized by your own spiritual wisdom. You'll know Truth when you hear it. Even a kitten knows the difference between Truth and pretense. Intellect does not make a person wise. Wisdom is not learned, it is a gift from our Creator. But, a gift that requires dedication in realizing. Like a diamond in the dirt, we need to recognize it, cherish it, and dedicate ourselves to hearing its message.

A message of Truth, given the chance, will out-ring any boastful proclamation of ego-birthed judgments. Like night and day. Listen closely - it's calling to you in a language clear to your soul.

Karen Wright is author of The Sequoia Seed: Remembering the Truth of Who You Are, a great read for anyone who is seeking understanding or guidance, inspiration or clarity in his or her life.

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