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How to Stay Calm In Any Situation

By Jon Rhodes

It is often said that how we react when under pressure is the true measure of character. It is all so easy to be calm and efficient when things are going the way we want them to. However it is not always so easy when things are going against us.

We sometimes find ourselves getting 'rattled' by things going wrong, which causes us to make more mistakes, causing even more things to go wrong, causing more mistakes, and so on. We can quickly get into a cycle of mistakes and anger, which feels very unpleasant indeed. This can also have an impact on how successful our lives are.

When we experience these unpleasant feelings, we don't like them. Naturally we try and avoid them in the future. This stops many people from perusing their dreams, and trying new things, and breaking out of their comfort zones. We hear a lot about the fear of failure stopping people from following their dreams. However it is also true that the fear of stress and pressure can also inhibit us.

The most successful entrepreneurs, sportsmen and women, politicians etc are so successful not because they are particularly any more intelligent than the rest of us, but because they can remain calm in almost any given situation. They can carry on calmly and methodically pursuing their goals no matter what is happening around them. The good news is that this is a skill that anyone can be improved by following few simple rules.

People who remain calm in any situation usually accept that things will never go according to plan. They know and expect that things will go wrong whenever they do anything. This acceptance can help us to 'let go', and simply deal with whatever challenge is put in front of us.

They also see what others may call 'problems' more as challenges. Because it is inevitable that things will go wrong, the challenge is to put them right, and a calm mind is far more capable of achieving this.

You can help your mind to remain calm by focusing on your breathing. I once heard a Chinese saying that basically said that it is impossible to feel stressed when breathing slowly and deeply. I was very skeptical about this until I tried it for myself. Several years ago, when I was about to talk in front of a very large group of people for a hypnotherapy conference, I became quite nervous and panicky. I remembered this saying, so started to put it into practice.

I focused on my breathing, making sure I was breathing slowly, deeply, and evenly. Almost immediately I calmed down, and felt completely fine. I now do this in any situation where I am beginning to feel 'rattled' or stressed, and I swear it works every time. You really must try it - it's amazing how well this incredibly simple technique works. Remember - it is impossible to feel stressed when breathing slowly and deeply.

Also by looking after your health more, you will become a calmer person generally. Eating a better balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables will definitely help. Also some regular exercise will also aid you. Our bodies are designed to do some physical work, and most of us don't get enough. If this is the case, we can feel quite frustrated without even knowing it. Regular exercise can help release pent up energy and aggression, helping us to feel far more calm the rest of the time.

When in a stressful situation, it is sometimes advisable to leave the 'challenge' for some time, whilst you calm down. Do something pleasurable to take your mind off it. When you return, you usually find it much easier to spot a solution.

People who regularly participate in meditation or self hypnosis are also much more able to deal with stress. Many of us don't spend hardly any time in the day properly relaxing and 'winding down'. Meditation and self hypnosis can give you that valuable 'time out', and can also help remind you what it feels like to be relaxed. Look at being able to relax as being a skill that can be improved with practice.

From now on, consider yourself as one of those people who can remain calm in stressful situations. Be proud of being this person. People really admire this quality, and it will definitely help you lead a happier and more successful life.

Jon Rhodes is a clinical hypnotherapist, musician, and author from Lancashire England. He is owner and operator of HypnoBusters one of the leading clinical hypnotherapy websites on the internet.
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