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Discerning Truth

By Joan Angarano

There is a vast amount of information throughout the Internet claiming to be the TRUTH about Reality, Life - its meaning and purpose. Understanding all of this information is daunting enough, but we also must decipher the truth within it.

The dictionary states that TRUTH: "... Can have a variety of meanings,..from the state of being the case, being in accord with a particular fact or reality.... The term has no single definition about which philosophers and scholars agree."

And so, during these changing times, how does one navigate through and to the truth of things? Who do we believe when truth is not black or white, but a perception formulated from a particular frame of reference?.

The Mayans, an ancient civilization, and their calendar have had as many interpretations as interpreters; Jesus Christ is seen as everything from the Savior, a great prophet, to never having really existed. These are just a few of the bigger disparities on the road to TRUTH. There is just so much information to navigate through!

Having been a seeker of TRUTH for all of my Life, I would often get frustrated when I would read something that sounded true to me only to read something else that countered the first. When each of them held equal intellectual merit in my curious mind perspective, yet were very different in original platform, in their TRUTH, I would find myself sitting back in contemplation of which one was true.

It was here that I began to understand that the TRUTH is not a black/white dynamic, but an ever-changing concept based on a particular frame of reference. In order for me to understand the TRUTH of what I was reading, I would have to know the frame of reference in which it was written. College later proved that to be true to me, when in a science class, my professor's first words on the first day were, "All studies and subsequent scientific theories come from an original bias". Funny, it's one of the few things I remember from college, and the only thing I recall from that class.

So how DO we navigate the massive amounts of information, each proclaiming to know and be the TRUTH?.

Discernment is the answer. For the TRUTH is not a fixed or finite reality frame but instead is based on experience and a perception of that experience. Each one of us must determine what is truth for ourselves, something society and education does not teach us how to do. And yet, it is the solution to navigating through the mountains of thought and theory claiming to know and be the truth.

Discernment partners sensation with thinking, creating a more complete vehicle for gleaning the truth from the theories and philosophies and studies we are inundated with each day. It begins to connect each one of us to the truth of our beingness, that place inside where we not only know our unique truth of all things, but where we can connect to the Absolute Truth of Divine Mind - God or the Source of all things.

The hope of the World and Her people relies on each one of us moving out from under the cloak of established truth - that which someone else tells us is true - and into the power of discerning what is true for ourselves. It is the only way to change the world for ourselves and everyone else living on this planet today.

The truth keeps changing based on the many facets of Life and our perceptions of them. But, until each one of us arrives at the Absolute Truth - that we are all children from the same Source - God, each one of us lives in less than we deserve.

Joan Angarano is the creative director and founder of Lifestreams Healing, an online education and support company. Lifestreams Healing specializes in Soul Navigation, Life Counseling, Meditation, Mastermind Groups, and Audio Downloads.

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