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Journey of Healing

By Kathy Keel

When I speak of healing I speak from my own experience. My personal search for healing has been an epic journey of hit and miss. I have experimented with dozens of different techniques. I have worked with more healers and spiritualist that I wish to mention. Some have helped, some have not, and some have contributed just pieces of the puzzle. I've spent much time, energy, tears and money on my long search for the elusive sense of feeling at peace within.

What I have found is my process is that there was never just one thing that did the trick. It was the actual collection of the successes and failures. Sure, there were some things that helped more than others. Obviously those are the techniques I chose to learn and practice. However, even those modalities were not a magic pill that just made it all better in and by themselves.

I dreamt and prayed of the day I'd finally reach my destination. Ironically, it was exactly my never ending search that kept failing me. I was looking for this type of "ending". The end of emotional and mental baggage with no worries, no anxiety, no fears. I desperately anticipated the day I would wake up and be this total enlightened being.

Eventually I came to the realization that there could be no end. How could there be when life itself is an ever changing progression? Everything that I was, am and ever will be are all very important contributions to the growth of my soul. Every single situation, relationship and person that has ever been in my life, has contributed to who I am today, and who I am becoming in the future. Very precise and intricate pieces to my puzzle.

Reaching this conclusion allowed me to finally stop looking and start living. Bringing with it the ability for me to "JUST BE ME". To forgive myself, forgive others even to forgive God for those painful experiences I had once viewed with the "why me" attitude. When I understood and found appreciation for the tough times and situations as well as the good times is when I sincerely came to a sense of peace.

During your own pursuit of healing its very important for you to remember that everyone's healing process is not the same. My path to healing may not be your path to healing. There are different lessons that each soul must experience and go through. There are many "Spiritualist" that will try to convince you that their way is the ONLY way to peace and healing. You have to follow what resonates with YOU. I invite and urge you to learn, explore, experiment with yourself. Keep what works for YOU, and toss the rest out. This life and the lessons it contains is about your own journey of what works for you in the never ending progression of self discovery.

Kathy (a.k.a. brigitwhispers) is an Intuitive Empathic Spiritual Reader, Healer/Teacher and Lightworker. Her goal is to help others on their journey of their own Awakening.  If you've found your way to this site, we are certain its because you have either experienced or are in the process of your own Awakening.  This can be a very confusing, painful and scary time for you if you don't understand exactly what it is you're experiencing.   Below, we've listed some of the symptoms that you may be experiencing as a result of your Awakening.

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