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Do You Vibrate to a Tune that Serves You Well?

By Gabriella Kortsch, Ph.D.

Recently I drove through horrendous road construction going on in my area. It was still very hot, the traffic was murderous, and due to the fact that cars were stopping and starting, the cooling system did not work as well as possible. Dust abounded. Stopped once again at yet another traffic light, I was overjoyed to see a gorgeously vibrant purple flower arising from the dirt at the side of the road, very close to my window. I actually laughed out loud when I saw it, because it seemed to exemplify a point I try to make so often: do you vibrate to a tune that serves you well?.

How do you vibrate? Is it an inner vibration that only allows you to see the tedium, the dirt, the noise, the delays, and the uncomfortable heat, or is it an inner vibration that allows you to see the flowers arising from the dirt?.

I remember visiting the city of Cordoba with its culturally rich mixture of Roman, Moorish, Jewish, and Spanish architecture, history, and religion in the sweltering heat one August Sunday morning, and overhearing a couple complain loudly about the lack of air conditioning as they visited one of the many sites in the Jewish quarter (la Juder a). What they were vibrating to, was their physical discomfort, as opposed to seeing the immense variety of traditions and inter-mingled history this nearly 2000-year-old city has to offer. It is simply a question of perspective. What are you focusing on … what do you vibrate to?.

These two examples are hugely important analogies applied to everything we do in life. The perspective that we choose to have because of our inner vibration can bring beauty to an outwardly ugly moment or ugliness to an outwardly beautiful moment. You choose.

But to be fair, long before you choose to focus on the purple flower at the side of the road instead of the insufferable traffic and noise, and long before you choose to focus on the lack of air conditioning in Cordoba’s Jewish quarter, you have spent years making tiny choices here and there, over and over again, that eventually led you to such a vibration.

So that is it in a nutshell: choices you make every day, all your life, bring you to this place or that, just as following a specific road on a map, can bring you to New York, or Moscow, or Santiago de Chile. But, let’s say you are well on that road towards NYC, and you realize - due to any number of circumstances – that it would be much better for you if you actually were traveling towards New Orleans, or Cape Town, or Riyadh. Then all you have to do is make minor adjustments in order that bit by bit, you would actually find yourself on the road to the new city.

Again, that’s it in a nutshell: even if the choices you have made every day of your life to this point in time have brought you to an inner vibration that does not allow you to see the magnificent purple flower raising its head above the dust, by making new choices every day from now on, you will find yourself traveling towards a whole new perspective of life.

So: how do you begin to make new choices?.

People who attend my workshops, or come to my speeches, or clients, or those that write to me to make a comment about one of my articles, tell me over and over again (not in so many words, but by how they react to my answer), that they want the answer to that question about how you begin to make new choices to be a one-time dealIn other words, whatever it is they have to do, they want it to happen as a result of that one time that they do it, that one major effort that they put into it. Which reminds me of Zig ZIglar’s quote: “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”

And in the case of beginning to make new choices, you make the conscious decision to remember to do it dailyEven if that means pasting numerous post-it notes to yourself all over your house, office, computer monitor and car. If you don’t make new a new kind of choice on a daily basis, nothing in your perspective will change. And it is your perspective that entirely colors how you see your world. And that means that it also colors how you feel at all times, how you interpret all events, and how you react to anything at all.

Here are some of the ways you can begin to make new choices:

These are merely some suggestions … there are myriad other ways you can discover to make new choices. But know this: making new choices will bring you towards a different path in your life. Furthermore, if by making those choices you intend to bring yourself to a place where you can see the glorious flowering growth amidst the dust and dirt, your life will change, your perspective about everything in your life will change, and the changes in you will bring about a vibration to a much greater tune tune that includes the word freedom in its title.

About Gabrielle Kortsch, Ph.D.
Dr. Kortsch holds a doctorate in psychology and dedicates herself to integral coaching, clinical hypnotherapy, relationship coaching, and energy techniques. She is an author and professional speaker and broadcasts a live weekly radio show in English that is available on the Internet or for listening on her website, and has appeared in numerous television programs in English and Spanish. She can help you move towards greater personal and relationship success with her integral approach to life and offers training and workshops in the field of self-development and choosing responsibility for the self.

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