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Vibration and the Family

By Annie Burnside, M.Ed.

Last week on the way to my alley loaded down with both garbage and anxiety, I felt dense and tired. I was seeking help from earthly sources on an issue that needed to be resolved. The help had not yet come through, so I was feeling slightly worried. After discarding all of my unnecessary physical baggage into its proper receptacles and neatly placing the bins on the alley, I felt a little bit lighter. I took a deep breath and walked slowly back towards my house. As I did so, while appreciating my beautiful, snow covered-yard and warm home, a higher, more peaceful energy began to spread internally throughout my whole body. I laughed out loud in joyous remembrance as I recognized my divine flow energy feeling reminding me that I didn’t actually have to do anything to resolve this issue. I suddenly felt in my interior the deep sensing that the Universe had my back, as always. I recalled that my own vibration, my energetic input/output, is the determining factor in my ability to create and physically manifest what I desire. I smiled in relief as I remembered that assistance from another human being, while much appreciated, actually pales in comparison to what I can create while offering my highest potential to the world through a sustained, high vibration. What a stress-buster! I felt empowered, joyful, loving, appreciative, grateful, and totally free in the knowledge that help could only physically show up, if I first helped myself through the unlimited power of my own vibration.

We teach our children that their interior is their most prized possession. It is to be cared for, excavated, adored, and factored into every situation and relationship. Their interior determines their unique vibration, and what they in turn emanate outward unto the world at-large. What they emanate then determines their reality and so on and so forth. Once this circle is introduced to your children and offered on a daily basis as a means of sharing and decoding life experiences, they integrate the truth of it much faster than you might imagine. It becomes simply the process called life rather than a new paradigm shift that often stymies many adults who remain much more entrenched within a victim/villain mentality.

Since we are an integral part of the infinite and eternal energy of the Universe entire, we have access to the magnificence and awesome power of universal energies at all times. We teach our children that their number one job is to remain as open and receptive as possible to the divine flow of energy of which they are very much a part. We teach them that it is not necessary to expend great effort to push something into physicality if the steps do not intuitively and readily appear. This does not mean that they do not offer up their best efforts, it simply means that they awaken to the underlying energy in life situations and relationships. Children can be taught to not only think their way, but to feel their way through life experiences to know which next step is best for them in any given situation. It takes practice, this discernment of energy, but in time becomes quite natural, as it actually is the natural way for a spiritual being to consciously create his or her reality.

Full allowance and readiness for a desired outcome through a high vibration should always be both the starting and the ending point in any given circumstance. Optimal human potential can best be expressed when appreciation, love, joy, and empowerment are the most palpable threads woven throughout the life experience at hand. These high vibration threads are your point of power. No matter what occurs in your external reality, the goal should always be to dissect, work through, process, and release what is unnecessary so that you can once again align energetically with your internal source of universal energy. Of course, earthly assistance is part of the equation; it’s just that it is not the only part or even the most important part, as many currently perceive it to be. Children will come to understand that divinely inspired and divinely directed assistance is the only kind they will ever really need if they are fully aware of their own deep, inner connection to All That Is.

Remind children on a daily, moment-to-moment basis that the Universe has got their beautiful, sacred, divinely connected back at all times. Assistance can always be found deep inside of them, as their own source of power, where physical beingness merges with spiritual beingness. Once that power center is pierced in the form of self-love and acceptance, children will come to understand that while they still have the capacity to feel and express every possible human emotion (and should), the gateway to co-creative manifestation of a true heart’s desire lies in utilizing their own high vibration to attract like energy. This understanding will bring freedom and peace to your child that is beyond what you imagined possible for yourself at that age. The children of today are ready to live in a new way; it is their destiny. All they really need from us is permission to do so. I encourage all parents to model living as a conscious, vibrational being, first and foremost, and observe your children intuitively follow suit.

Annie Burnside is an author, educator, parent, and soul nurturer specializing in conscious relationships and spiritual development. As a soul nurturer she helps others awaken to their own truth in all aspects of life by providing the tools and encouragement to experience direct divine connection in everyday reality. As a means to share her own spiritual evolution, Annie created a spiritual support practice in 2005 where she supports others in balancing the exterior world with an interior focus. Annie’s recent book Soul to Soul Parenting: A Guide to Raising a Spiritually Conscious Family (Wyatt-MacKenzie, June 2010) inspires parents to utilize everyday mediums to infuse greater spiritual awareness into daily family life. She also writes the Soul to Soul Perspective: A Little Bit of Soul Goes a Long Way blog for the Chicago Tribune and the family consciousness column for Evolving Your Spirit MagazineBesides writing, Annie speaks publicly and teaches workshops.  She lives with her husband and three children in Chicago, IL.

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