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Part 22. Charity and Giving Without Strings Attached 

By Pam Garcy

Let's start with a few of the benefits of giving charity...

When we give charity, we give of ourselves. How does charity help you to start walking upon your own path?

Charity is a statement to YOURSELF that:

* you are willing to support a cause in which YOU believe
* you believe that you are abundant enough to share with others
* you recognize what YOU already have
* you trust that there is plenty to "go around"
* you understand that we are all connected, so when you do something for others, you are ultimately doing something kind for yourself as well
* you believe in yourself
Obviously, there are many ways to give. You can give of your time, of your energy, of your resources, or of your wealth. So, this discussion isn't limited to financial charity. However, there is also a spiritual concept that when you give, you will eventually experience greater gifts in return. Some traditions say that you'll be rewarded sevenfold. Abundance specialists refer to the Law of Circulation, and discuss how putting your money into circulation is of ultimate benefit to all because circulation leads to health & money in circulation leads to spiritual health.

Now a little question to consider....
When you give charity, do you give it with strings attached? If you give with the expectation of a pat on the back, a message that YOU might be giving to YOURSELF is that you need external validation for your actions. How do you know if you're doing this? You become angry or disappointed when others don't acknowledge your efforts.

When you give without expectation, this is a loud and clear message that YOU give to YOURSELF--and the message is that YOU feel free to do what you think is right and that YOU honor YOURSELF. Therefore, you do not require that others validate or acknowledge your efforts. You can still enjoy it if this happens, but you do not demand it.

Inner Guidance and Self-Directed Action.....
"How does this all fit into inner guidance?" you ask. As you take self-directed action and strengthen your belief in yourself, it becomes easier to tap into your inner guidance, because you are operating from a place of self-trust. This self-trust opens the door to your inner world. So, ultimately, charity benefits the giver as much (if not more) than the receiver.

I am not saying that you should go into hardship or give so much of your time that you are energetically wiped out. Certainly, this is not to anyone's advantage. You definitely want to take care of your own needs first, or you will not be in a position to give over the long term.

Some people advocate a tithe, which is giving 10% of your earnings to charity. If you give a percentage of your earnings, you will simultaneously help yourself and others. You may find that it strengthens your connection with your inner guidance.

Try it and let me know what emerges for you!

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