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Ayurvedic Training Programs 

By Dev Sri

Everyone who wants to lead life the healthy way, and guide others to this healthy lifestyle can take the special training programs on offer. You will learn lessons for healthy daily lifestyle management, seasonal lifestyle management, preserving your physical and mental health, and keeping your spiritual life active.

There are different training programs arranged. They include masseur training courses, panchakarma therapy, Ayurveda pharmacology, Dravya-guna-vignan (knowledge of medicinal plants & minerals), yoga & meditation, Ayurvedic food & cooking, etc.

The courses Yoga & Meditation and Ayurvedic Food & Cooking courses are suited for everyone who cares enough about a healthy life. Think about leading a healthy life in every aspect. Managing your food, daily activities, exercises and meditation can prevent almost any disease that affects you.

You can control conditions like diabetes, arthritis, beauty care problems, obesity, high blood pressure, heart problems, lethargy, migraines, stress, and hundred other things. The most important thing is, you can pass the knowledge to anyone you choose. Maybe, you should take a dual course on Yoga and Cooking, which will manage your daily exercise and eating.

The other training courses are for people who look to find employment in the Ayurveda sector. Ayurveda treatment centres worldwide need experienced assistants, pharmacists, panchakarma assistants, treatment centre assistants, etc. A training course of 4 to 12 weeks can qualify you for the jobs of an assistant.

The certificate courses are conducted by institutes recognised by Government of Kerala. The courses are at different Ayurvedic treatment centres within Kerala. Attendees get hands on training on all different applications of treatments, therapies and procedures.

They will also learn the history of Ayurveda, its development and the underlying concepts that has been the support for several centuries. If you are interested in a job at different Ayurveda centres as assistants, the different courses can help you.

Dev Sri writes extensively about Ayurvedic practices in Kerala. She invites you to read in detail about Ayurvedic treatments, massage techniques, etc. Log on to today
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