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Cultivate Life! Magazine #47

Cultivate Life!

This issue contains:

Quotes of the Week:
Everything in the universe flows.  You can't get ahold of water by clutching it.  Let your hand relax and you can experience it.  
~ Wayne Dyer

Nature and natural events speak to places inside you the mind cannot reach.  
~ Bartholomew (Mary-Margaret Moore)

We learn the ropes of life by untying its knots.  
~ Jean Toomer

More than the quest for certainty is the quest for clarity.  
~ Anonymous

Feature Articles:
Abraham-Hicks, The Universal Law of Attraction
Everything in your life and the lives of those around you is affected by the Law of Attraction. It is the basis of everything that you see manifesting. It is the basis of everything that comes into your experience… An awareness of the Law of Attraction and an understanding of how it works is essential to living life on purpose. In fact, it is essential to living the life of joy that you came forth to live.

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Debi Hebel, True Freedom Lies in the Womb of Forgiveness
Not too long ago, I cried what felt like oceans of resentful tears. After a short time my oceans of tears dried up leaving behind only begrudging bitterness. Carrying this around with me, I told the story of my victimhood to anyone who would listen and sympathize. Each time I talked or thought about it, I relived it in my mind causing myself even more hostility. I went through day after day with the loathsome feeling of hate decaying me from within

Cultivate Life Weekly Writers:
Guy Finley, Five Ways to Enjoy Stress-Free Living
We are stress-free when we no longer want anything to do with sitting in judgment of others, regardless of their perceived transgression. We realize that we live in an intelligent universe whose unerring system of justice ensures that no act—good or evil—goes unrewarded.

Chuck Gallozzi, The Love of Power versus the Power of Love
In their quest for power, some people manipulate, abuse, or destroy others. Their lust for power is based on fear. They erroneously believe that they have to control others, and whatever happens to them, in order to be in control of their lives. They have yet to understand that if we wish to control OUR lives, we need to control OURselves

Beca Lewis, Judged And Frozen By Numbers
Are you judged and frozen by numbers? When I was a Certified Financial Planner, I worked in the world that makes a point of seeing and judging everything through the lens of counting numbers. Numbers of people, numbers of dollars, numbers of appointments, numbers of sales, numbers of years; it’s all about numbers. If we don’t have the right numbers then “it” must not be working.

Steve Wickham, Hard Day at Work?
If you had the sort of day that sees you miffed for want of justice then you fit with most of the rest of the world in your 'right now' moment. We all have them

Cultivate Health:
Andrew Weil, Can Chilly Rooms Promote Weight Loss?
Question: I'm wondering if turning the heat down in the winter and turning the air conditioner up in the summer would result in burning more calories and helping with weight control

Juliet Cohen, Never Underestimate The Benefits of Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy is an art that has been around for centuries that consists of using certain scents to elicit certain responses. The benefits of aromatherapy are balked at by many who can't fathom that smelling certain aromas can cause someone to feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and they certainly can't believe that certain scents can relieve pain, but it's true

Dev Sri, Ayurvedic Training Programs
Everyone who wants to lead life the healthy way, and guide others to this healthy lifestyle can take the special training programs on offer. You will learn lessons for healthy daily lifestyle management, seasonal lifestyle management, preserving your physical and mental health, and keeping your spiritual life active.

Cultivate A Positive Outlook:

Joyce Shafer, Do You Focus on Being Positive?
Who wouldn’t like to be in a positive state of mind all the time?! How’s that worked for you so far? Despite your best efforts, it’s likely that staying in a positive state of mind all the time hasn’t been your reality. Here’s an important tip about this: it isn’t realistic. So, you might want to ease up on yourself about this

Dan McKinnon, Changing Negatives to Positives
Do you ever recall a time when you felt so down that it almost seemed like nothing could bring you out of the depths of your depression? It felt as though although life was moving forward, but you were moving in reverse?

Cultivate Life Extras:
Gabriella Kortsch, How Well Have You Analyzed All Your Issues?
If you really want to get closure on all the past pain, difficult emotions, issues of abandonment, abuse and infidelity, you will need to deeply analyze them. And you will need to deeply understand why these things happened to you the way they did when they did. If not, it will be very difficult for you to overcome it all

Rob McBride, Action to Thought
In the magic of our mind we can create spectacular scenarios. The key to making these dreams come true is to convert thought into actionNormally, we know what we want and even know what we need to do to achieve it. The difference between accomplishing what we most desire and simply a nice thought is to apply Action to Thought

Per Winblad, Timeless Wisdom for Modern Leaders
King Solomon, universally acknowledged as one of the world's wisest leaders, applied leadership principles that are as relevant and powerful today as they were in biblical times. This article examines the importance of self-leadership. We will only be successful in the long run, if we grow in understanding how to effectively lead ourself

Cultivate Life Partworks:
Pam Garcy, Part 22 — Charity and Giving Without Strings Attached
Let's start with a few of the benefits of giving charity.... When we give charity, we give of ourselves. How does charity help you to start walking upon your own path?

A Course In Miracles, Lesson 38 plus Commentary by Allen Watson
There is nothing my holiness cannot do
Your holiness reverses all the laws of the world. It is beyond every restriction of time, space, distance and limits of any kind. Your holiness is totally unlimited in its power because it establishes you as a Son of God, at one with the Mind of his Creator

Charles F Haanel, The Master Key System, Part 21
It is my privilege to enclose Part Twenty-One. In paragraph 7 you will find that one of the secrets of success, one of the methods of organizing victory, one of the accomplishments of the Master Mind is to think big thoughts

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