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Cultivate Life! Magazine #46

Cultivate Life!

This issue contains:

Quotes of the Week:
Reality is the only word in the language that should always be used in quotes.   
~ Anonymous

The higher we soar on the wings of science, the worse our feet seem to get tangled in the wires.  
~ New Yorker Magazine

Blessed are the flexible, for they will not be bent out of shape.  
~ Anonymous

To be fully content within the moment is a state of mind so powerful in its ability to heal and to extend peace that it cannot even be hinted at in words.  ~Jerold G. Jampolsky

Feature Articles:
Ewa Schwarz, Evaluation: How Do You Pass The Test of Self Love?
Self love, schmelf love, who cares about loving yourself. We all want answers and we want them now. Solve the problem, give me the solutions, I want the answer. We actually demand without even realizing it. Our expectations are set at the level where we want this immediate gratification, that we deserve to have it

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Dominik Lipinski, Love Yourself First
Very often I have a feeling, that one thing is completely neglected by so many people. Also by those people who are involved with personal development. Very often I can see people seeking some 'self-growth magic pills', or hyper-modern coaching methods, when they don't even have the healthy base for personal rise. Love is such a base

Cultivate Life Weekly Writers:
Guy Finley, Shatter the Suffering Born of Judging Others
Key Lesson: The cruelty or harshness with which we judge others is inseparable from how easily we forget that hidden within us also lives that which is being judged

Chuck Gallozzi, A Man Can Stand a Lot as Long as He Can Stand Himself
Frank is a 23-year-old European. He has graduated the university and started his studies for teaching credentials. Yet, rather than feeling joyful because of his achievements and a fairly comfortable life, Frank is troubled

Beca Lewis, It Only Takes One
Checking the bird feeder hanging off our third floor window I noticed that the seed had not yet been touched, and I said to myself, “It only takes one.”

Steve Wickham, Why Age Has Nothing To Do With Respect
How does it occur that an octogenarian can genuinely call a fourteen-year-old their friend - that they have such mutual respect for one another, in the fundamentals of love, they consider themselves equals?

Cultivate Health:
Bruce Kimball, Newsflash: Starving Won’t Work!
With fad diets out there telling us over and over again that to lose weight we need to deprive ourselves, it’s no wonder that so many people think that starvation is the best diet tool of all. I mean, we’re taught that food is the enemy, so it makes sense that if we cut food out of our lives then we’ll gain diet perfection, right? WRONG!

Elizabeth Rose, What Is Your Purpose? Use Meditation To Find Out Who You Are
Have you tried meditation? It's a great way to discover who you are. In an attempt to achieve a level of clarity, I have tried a few different meditation techniques. Several have been concentrative, where I would focus on one item or thought

Cultivate Meaning:

Maurine Patten, Create A Meaningful Life
Most people want their life to be meaningful. Sometimes they are successful; things just seem to fall into place. Other times they may struggle finding what will give them that special feeling of meaning

Sushil Baboo, Our Purpose, Our Ideals – A Look at Life’s Meanings
Many of us are vexed with the very thought about what we should do, to make our life more meaningful and establish a more concrete relationship with the society we live in

Cultivate Life Extras:
from, Management, How to Build Team Spirit
Without a team spirit, organizations can suffer. No matter how well-organized and planned a venture may be, without the commitment of the team behind it, the objectives will not be as effectively or as quickly met

Debbie Pincus, Adult Children Living at Home? 9 Rules to Help You Maintain Sanity
More and more adult kids are coming back home--or never leaving in the first place. In fact, if you are in this situation, you are not alone. A recent study says that nearly 53 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds in the U.S. reside with their parents. Whether your child is contributing his fair share or driving you up the wall with irresponsibility and attitude.

Alan Zimmerman, Unleash the Power of Positive Recognition
Some 20 years ago, I heard Mary Kay Ash speak at a convention that I was also addressing. At the end of her speech, an audience member asked her, "What is the key to success in business?" Without hesitation, Ash responded, "Make your people feel important."

Steven Burns, The Myth of Perfection
There is often the misconception that to be effective in the social world you have to appear like some slick, good looking, fast talking salesperson. You'll be pleased to know (unless of course you are some slick, fast talking salesperson) that this is absolutely not true

Cultivate Life Partworks:
Pam Garcy, Part 21— The Hidden Benefits of Gratitude
In psychology, you might hear the term "cognitive activation model" or "spreading activation model" mentioned. What is a cognitive activation model? It is basically a model of the thinking that explains how one thought leads to the next

A Course In Miracles, Lesson 37 plus Commentary by Allen Watson
My holiness blesses the world.
This idea contains the first glimmerings of your true function in the world, or why you are here. Your purpose is to see the world through your own holiness. Thus are you and the world blessed together.

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