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Part 20. Importance of Reading

By Pam Garcy

Have you ever been in a crummy mood, then you picked up a book and everything seemed to change for the better?.

Have you ever noticed how you're drawn to certain books at just the right times in your life?.

Did you ever notice that a book won't judge you, demean you, or force you to do something you don't want to do? Ever notice that a book is just "there for you"; it is just there to give to you--and not to take away from you?.

Reading is a wonderful gift--for many it has been the road through tragedy, into survival and finally into a thriving life. If you're able to read, you can shift your consciousness and raise yourself up from your lowest points. You can learn new skills as well as gain valuable insights.

When an author writes a book, they've usually been thinking about a topic that is "near and dear" to them for many months, if not years. When the urgency to write strikes an author, it is because something has gelled for them and they want to share the ideas with others. When you read a well written book or article, you are receiving wisdom at a faster rate of speed than if you had gone through the learning, trial and error, thinking process and experiences yourself. You are receiving the consolidated version of the information--in less time and with less effort, cost and energy. So, if you really think about it, reading is a bargain!

How can reading help you to tap into your inner guidance?

The cumulative value of the above allows you to position yourself in a manner that is receptive to your inner guidance and to the abundance life has to offer.

There is value--enormous value--in reading.

It is important to be selective about WHAT you read. When you read higher quality works, you will either learn something new or you will leave the work feeling enriched in some fashion. While it is good to read about tragic issues that others are facing, it is important that you not limit yourself to negativity, pessimism, gossip or other negative writings. These writings, without balancing input, can actually become so disturbing that they detract from your ability to be helpful and productive. It goes back to what one of my dear supervisors told me years ago, "Words Have Power. Don't you forget it."

If you have not already done so, I hope that you will pick up, read and digest The Power of Inner Guidance: Seven Steps to Tune In and Turn On. The book is paperback, lightweight to carry and not costly. However, its message is heavy and of great value, in my humble opinion. I've gotten feedback that this book has saved a life & has completely improved the course of another life. This alone made the work of it worth it for me. But, what if it can help you or someone you love to--so, I keep telling you about it--not to be obnoxious, but just in case it could help you. You can buy it used on e-bay for a fraction of the cost. It is not where you buy it that matters to me, but that you get it into your hands & read it.

I would also recommend books by Jack Canfield and Stephen Chandler--they are very positive, informative and uplifiting. If you are into psychology, any books by Dr. Albert Ellis are certainly worth your time. Periodically, I send e-mails to my subscribers recommending the works of other lovely people who have shared their wisdom in helpful ways.

It is also good to get the same message from different authors. Each time you hear the message you value, it will become stronger and more alive for you.

Pam Garcy, PhD is a Psychologist and Coach in Dallas, Texas. If you'd like a partner in reaching your goals and overcoming the obstacles that seem to stand in your way, please contact Dr. Pam for coaching at Dr. Garcy offers a special 10% coaching discount to all valued subscribers of Cultivate Life and to customers of Dr. Pam's best-selling books - including the bestsellers The Power of Inner Guidance: Seven Steps to Tune In and Turn On and Wake Up Moments of Inspiration

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