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Out or In, Make A Choice

By Beca Lewis

Our third floor window looked out onto a stand of trees that during the summer provided a beautiful green curtain and in the fall a glorious riot of color. Then one day the leaves were gone and I could see what had been hidden behind them.

Some of it was pretty like the paths below the trees, previously hidden plants, and animal homes. One day I even saw branches in the middle of a tree forming a heart and blowing in the wind.

Some of what was uncovered wasn’t pretty at all. I could see the electric wires and the generators of the electric plant. I could see the lights from the parking lot next door that shone in our window at night.

Without leaves on the trees lining the highways, I could see the river that has been beside it the whole time, but I could also see the strip malls, rows of homes, and factories.

Perceptions are like the leaves of our thinking, when we lose them, the view changes. We love the glorious changing of the leaves, but are often afraid to change our perceptions.

Perhaps it is because we know what to expect when the leaves change. We know it is time to get out the winter clothes and put ice scrapers in the car. We know we can decide to either enjoy the coming season or fight it.

On the other hand, we never know what the results will be when we shift our perception and this can be frightening, because as surely as the falling of leaves are the beginning of a season shift, so the changing of any perception is the beginning of a life shift.

We may resist the fall season, and we may resist changing perception, but that won’t change their arrival. The question is, what perception do we choose and how often do we choose it.

There are only two perceptions: the worldview perception and Spiritual Perception and they are entirely different.

One begins on the outside and one begins on the inside. One promotes the game called “there is never enough” and one declares the Truth that “infinite abundance is now.” One says, “Work to get what you want, but when you do, it won’t satisfy you.” One says, “Start within and be satisfied.” .

One says, “It’s everyone else’s fault that you haven’t succeeded,” and one says, “Success is the outward appearance of your inner knowing and living of Truth.” One says, “Fight for what you want” and one says “Rest in Truth and forgive.” One says, “Be afraid” and one says, “Be at peace.” .

Whichever perception we choose produces an outside experience that we call our life. The worldview begins with the outside experience. Spiritual Perception begins within. Spiritual Perception doesn’t need us to choose It to exist. It is. Worldview perception needs us to choose it to maintain its presence in our lives.

This is why the worldview perception is so aggressive. It needs us to remain within its prison in order to maintain its illusion of power. It does everything to distract us from Spiritual Perception.

It uses fear, entertainment, advertising, and friends. It uses family, obligations, necessities, money, health, social rules, business rules, hate, separation, wars, and even love to distract us from maintaining and living in Spiritual Perception.

The only power we have is in our choice of perception. This is a stunningly simple and beautiful Truth. The basis of our perception builds the outcome.

When I was a child running in and out of the screen door my dad would always say, “Out or in – make a choice.” This is the same choice we have now. Out or In? The worldview, or Spiritual Perception? Whichever perception we choose, it will make all the difference.

About Beca Lewis
As an author and guide Beca Lewis is dedicated to bringing Universal Spiritual Principles and Laws into clear focus, to shift material perception to spiritual perception, which following the law “what you perceive to be reality magnifies™”, adjusts lives with practical and measurable results.
Beca developed an easy system to do this called The Shift and has been sharing how to use this system to expand lives, and bring people back to the Truth of themselves for over 40 years.
Beca and her husband Del Piper are constantly working to develop new ways to support and reach out to others. Much of what they have been developed can be found for free at their membership site Perception U.comThey also founded The Women’s Council with the intent of “strengthening the connection to yourself, to others, and to the Divine.”
Sign up for Beca’s free Shift Ezine and Ecourses here:

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