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Cultivate Life! Magazine #45

Cultivate Life!

This issue contains:

Quotes of the Week:
Snatching the eternal from the desperately fleeting is the great magic trick of human existence.   
Tennessee Williams.

Everybody has a theory of how reality works, and every theory works.  For wherever you place conscious creation is where it appears to come from. But every theory has its price.  You don't change your theory because it no longer works.  You change it because you are no longer willing to pay the price.  And that price is RESPONSIBILITY.  
~ Lazaris (Jazch Pursel).

Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another.  
~ Juvenal.

The earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.  
~ Anonymous

Feature Articles:
Leo Babauta, Monk Mind: How to Increase Your Focus
I confess to being as prone to the distractions of the Internet as anyone else: I will start reading about something that interests me and disappear down the rabbit hole for hours (even days) at a time. But my ability to focus on a single task has dramatically improved, and that one habit has changed my life.
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Jeanie Marshall, Empowering Practice: Find the Power in Your Smile

Your inner smile is between you and yourselfSmiling at and with and for others is wonderful, too, but this empowering Practice is about touching the power of the smile within you. This is a two-minute practice that you can do standing up, sitting down, or lying down. I encourage you to spend at least two minutes to fully embrace the experience.
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Cultivate Life Weekly Writers:
Guy Finley, Step into an Unthinkably Confident Relationship with Life
Looking to the past for guidance on how to make a new beginning is like asking an echo to show you where it got startedWe do not need to think in order to know the right thing to do in the moment for ourselves, or for others! In fact, quite the opposite is true.
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Chuck Gallozzi, The Shortest Words — “Yes” and “No”
“Yes” and “No.” Two short words. Short but significant. They are like a railway switch that determines which way one goes. One student tells a companion, “Let’s steal that old lady’s purse!” If the companion says, “Yes,” he may be headed for a life of crime. If he says, “No,” he may be on the path to sound judgment, good decisions, and a bright future.
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Beca Lewis, Out or In, Make A Choice
Our third floor window looked out onto a stand of trees that during the summer provided a beautiful green curtain and in the fall a glorious riot of color. Then one day the leaves were gone and I could see what had been hidden behind them.
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Steve Wickham, When We Need Not Respond
Times when outcomes are known and all that can be ventured is innuendo and judgment, for nothing's changing that outcome, there is nothing to be gained and much potentially lost in responding to a jibe.
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Cultivate Health:
Dale Miller, Children And Sleep
Healthy sleep patterns are important for people of any age. However, when it comes to kids, instilling the right habits in them from the start can save them and you a whole host of future problems. Sleep is of vital importance for all of us, but it is particularly so for growing babies and children. Making sure that your kids get the sleep they need is an extremely important part of parenting.
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Trevor Dumbleton, Tips for Reducing Stress
With the hectic life that most people lead in today's world, reducing stress has become a vital skill. With work stress, school stress, family stress, teen stress, parent stress, and a whole host of other kinds of stress continually knocking on the door,
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Cultivate Personal Responsibility:

Gabriella Kortsch, Grow in Richness: Stop the Blaming
Isn’t it incredible how other people play a role in the way our lives don’t work out properly? If only they would not be how they are, or do what they do, because then things would be so much better for us!
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Rob Marshall, Accepting Responsibility, Without Taking The Blame
There's no escaping the truth. As Winston Churchill once said, "The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is." And when it comes to our lives the simple truth is that we are where we are in life because of the choices we've made.
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Cultivate Life Extras:
Linda Sapadin, Are You In A Rut?
You're in a groove. You're on track. You're inspired. You're confident. And then you're not. It's over - at least for now. You're out of your groove. You're off track. You're discouraged. Your commitment wavers.
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Emotional Intelligence, The Emotional Brain 
The emotional brain (EB) is that part of the human brain that generates emotions. The EB operates subconsciously, processing the same information that enters the conscious thinking brain (TB). Because the EB responds more quickly, we can find ourselves acting before we have applied any logic to our actions.
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Debra Betterly, Choosing a Journey of Consciousness
Every day you have a choice. Imagine your life as a journey, day by day, you are traveling toward a destination which represents your dreams and goals. Your destination is your desired future. Imagine also that your thoughts, feelings and behaviors are your map, your guide to your destination of choice.
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Cultivate Life Partworks:
Pam Garcy, Part 20 —Importance of Reading
Have you ever been in a crummy mood, then you picked up a book and everything seemed to change for the better? Have you ever noticed how you're drawn to certain books at just the right times in your life?
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A Course In Miracles, Lesson 36 plus Commentary by Allen Watson
My holiness envelops everything I see.
Today's idea extends the idea for yesterday from the perceiver to the perceived. You are holy because your mind is part of God's. And because you are holy, your sight must be holy as well.

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Charles F. Haanel, The Master Key System, part 20 
For many years there has been an endless discussion as to the origin of evil. Theologians have told us that God is Love, and that God is Omnipresent. If this be true, there is no place where God is not. Where, then, is Evil, Satan and Hell? Let us see:
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