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How to Live a G.R.E.A.T. Life!

By Philip E. Humbert, PhD

There are lots of ways to maintain a positive attitude. Personally, I love humor and a bit of mischief, great books, exercise, time with friends (and my dog!), and I listen to good audio programs almost every day. I find journaling helps, and of course my coach keeps me focused and productive. You probably have your own "best practices." Remember to use them!

But a vital basis for all positive motivation is the deep- down certainty that you are building and living a GREAT life. I'm convinced a great life is no accident. It's not about "luck" or good genes, or money or education or any of that. A great life doesn't "just happen" for a few while others are condemned to mediocrity. A GREAT life is the elegant and delightful result of doing certain things, in the right way, at the right time.

I've come up with a 5-step process that turns a G.R.E.A.T. life into an acronym:

1. A GREAT life begins with GOALS. Few things in life are as meaningful, exciting and powerful as the progressive accomplishment of goals we truly desire. Powerful, value- driven goals get us up in the morning, keep us focused, and push us forward all day long. Whether it's a teenager's desire for a date or a driver's license, a young couple's desire for children, or the dream of starting your own business, goals push, pull and drive us forward.

All of us have goals, whether we realize it or not. Winners select their goals carefully, and write them down. They develop specific plans for their achievement. Their goals are well-thought-out and reflect the deepest desires of their hearts. For many people, goals have a logical quality, while for others goals are more about "direction" or "purpose" or a general "vision." However you do it is fine! The key is to know where you're going and how you'll get there. A GREAT life starts with GOALS.

2. A GREAT life is focused on RESULTS. A great life doesn't worry about whether things are easy or difficult. It's not about the approval of others. A great life is focused on getting important things done! It's about using your time, skills, tools and talents to create the life your truly want. It's about achieving the RESULTS that are important to you.

3. A GREAT life is about EXCELLENCE. A great life is not about being average. It's is not built on mediocrity or settling for second-best. A GREAT life is about having the life, the relationships, the environment and circumstances that make you feel fantastic! It's about being excellent in every thing you do, every day. It's about being a person of integrity, honesty, skill and achievement. Whether your goals relate to parenting, business, fame or fortune, it's about being a person of EXCELLENCE.

4. A GREAT life is based on ACTION. Nothing gets done until something gets done! I know, that's a solipsism, but it's also true. A great life is built! Clear thinking, careful planning, and superb strategies are helpful, but in the end, a great life is based on action that moves you in the direction you want to go. Even poor or inefficient action will move you forward. Take action! Take action every single day that moves you toward the life you desire and deserve. Take ACTION!

5. A GREAT life takes TIME. How much time depends on the goal. Meditation can bring peace of mind in moments. Training to run a marathon may take months, and building a great marriage may take years. All goals require some level of persistence over time. We are impatient creatures. Americans are famous for our desire for "instant" solutions. But the truth is that important goals, and a GREAT life, are built over TIME.

Set it as your minimum standard to have a G.R.E.A.T. life! Set appropriate, value-driven Goals, measure your Results and demand Excellence in all you do. Take the best, most strategic Action you can, and repeat it over Time. You deserve a G.R.E.A.T. life! Accept nothing less.

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