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Moving Forward by Moving Within

By Lisa Marie Jansen

Change happens no matter what; sometimes crazy and abrupt, other times slow and purposeful. We've all experienced sudden changes in relationships, jobs, or day to day circumstances. We can move forward effortlessly through gentle inner nudges or by sudden unexpected jolts that feel as though a bomb has exploded. Personality and past conditioning affect our ability to go with the flow of change causing us to sometimes experience the force field of an energetic bomb.

In recent years there has been much written in new age spiritual texts that encourage us to move ahead and create change. We are instructed to attract what our hearts desire in order to live the life we have imagined for ourselves. When operating from the mental body, this can be easier said than done.

With the change of season I felt nudged, pushed, and guided to make changes. I found that in order to move forward with grace I had to move deep within first. Finding my anchor by connecting to the space below my naval gave me a strong and steady connection to my own source. This steered me away from outside influences, external pressures, past conditioning, unwanted fears and anxieties, and gave me ample support to make instinctual choices that were in line with my soul's purpose.

In the past (before having a strong awareness practice through yoga), when I was ready to make a change I would feel muddled. Worry and fear created mental scenarios that kept me from cruising through life in a state of grace. Practicing embodiment exercises and yoga provided a deeper connection to mind body sensations that showed me how to release fear and move forward with grace. I can now maneuver my way through life like a gazelle swiftly moving through the grass in the African jungle.

As a yogi and teacher my practice is to embrace all of life with awareness. This creates a balance between stability and openness. It builds strength in both the internal and external environments.

The meditation below can be used at any time during your day to assist in making decisions, allowing for spontaneous creativity, and opening to the flow of a productive day that fulfills the heart's desire...

1. Find Your Center, the hara, the point below the naval. Take your awareness there ....stay awhile.

2. Inhale into the hara ....exhale ....let the weight of your back body merge into the earth.

3. Continue to inhale into the hara and exhale allowing for release. Feel the energy spreading down your legs, through your feet, and down into the heart of mother earth. Stay here as long as you can. Let your mind be still. Stay in your body, notice.

4. Sense and allow for any release of held energy. Continue to feel your back body open and connected to the earth.

5. As you get quiet and feel the support of the earth make a connection to the feeling state.

Come back to this state any time it's necessary or you feel spun out.

Play with this... over time more abundance, support and contentment will fill your day as you hold your ground.

Lisa Marie Jansen (Certified Yoga Instructor and Cranio Sacral Therapist) has 13 years experience as a certified yoga insructor and energy healer. Her teaching includes both yoga and energy healing. You can find out more about her by visiting

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